Master Key to Happiness

Volume 1

Fundamental Philosophy

Humans need to work together. This is critical to survival. Humans must stop killing each other. This is completely insane behavior and makes absolutely no sense for anyone who believes God created All of this. Humans must stop destroying The Earth. Contaminating The Planet that you reside on is another behavior that makes no sense because that will eventually lead to death once it can no longer sustain life. On top of that, God created The Earth so show your love and respect by preserving The Beauty that has been made for humans and other forms of life to enjoy. Torturing animals is another sick habit that humans have and that must come to an end. God created ALL, which means the essence of God flows through each and every life form which makes every living creature a God. A common analogy I like to throw around is Chihuahuas don’t birth elephants. Unless you believe a human created you, your spirit/soul, then that makes you a God or demi-God, whatever you want to call it.


Humans need to stop getting so attached to this material World. It is ok to appreciate material things but once you become dependent on them, you venture into dangerous territory. In the event that you lose those things then you experience suffering. You must live life with the understanding that everything comes and goes. Don’t flip out if you lose something, everything happens for a reason so if you no longer have it then you weren’t meant to possess that thing any longer. The study of Nature makes this very easy to understand. Everything eventually dies to make room for new life. If you lost something there is a good chance you are going to get something better. That is the positive mindset you must have because thoughts manifest into reality. You want to limit attachment to not only material things but essentially anything. Status and people are two things that can also bring suffering into one’s life if they are taken away unexpectedly. You want to live a life of non-resistance. Don’t fight what is happening to you or you will cause stress for yourself. Flow and adapt to your surroundings. Getting locked into beliefs and procedures is a sure way to become obsolete as we progress into The Golden Age and start progressing at an exponential rate. Question what is going on to help broaden your understanding so you always have a grasp on what is going on. Einstein claims to have no special talents, he was only passionately curious. This is a habit that will take humans to New Heights in The Future. A never ending search for Knowledge. Everyone is going to be a Genius in The Future because children will grow up not accepting the status quo. Teachers and students will work together to constantly improve the system, making learning both fun and efficient. Eliminating judgment from one’s life is key to maintaining the open mind that will help humans reach Max Potential. Nothing is ever what it seems, appearances are often times very deceiving. People change every day so basing your opinion off of what you heard or knew about someone is a sure way to make yourself look/feel like a fool. Think of it this way, if you made a mistake would you like it if people judged you forever off that one action? Fundamental lesson to be taken away is treat others how you want to be treated.

Believe in others

Believe that other people are capable of Great things. Before you can believe in other people you must first believe in yourself. Help other people with their dreams, this will make you feel good about yourself and you will bring joy to someone else’s life. The cool part about helping other people is many of them will return the favor. Be sure to not expect anything in return when you provide assistance to people or you run the risk of being let down, which is a form of suffering. Love people and love helping them progress and live better lives. That should be all you want, so when you do get extra it is a pleasant surprise not tarnished by what you thought you were going to get. We all have seeds of Greatness within us but people are groomed to think in the box and become conformists to this dysfunctional society we live in. You have to know and believe that you are capable of achieving Big things or else you will sell yourself short and succumb to mediocrity. Believing in other people and helping them is critical to humans thriving in The Future. As of right now people see someone and automatically assume they are going to fail and don’t want to waste their time trying to elevate others because they are only concerned about themselves/their inner circle. This is a very primitive ego mindset that transforms The World into a jungle where people are fighting and clawing to get ahead. Humans can easily be compared to crabs in a bucket, seeing someone on the brink of getting out and becoming successful and then a number of crabs grab that person and that person falls back into the pit of despair. It is common knowledge that multiple straws are stronger than one but our whole way of life is tailored around beefing up our one straw instead of just working with others to reach our goals. We must leave behind this scarcity mentality because there is enough for everyone once individuals stop hoarding. We must be happy when others succeed. The trick to getting people to be happy when others succeed is to redefine success. Success should be actions and ideas that benefit The Whole/The Greater Good not the accumulation of material wealth by one person. It’s hard to not want others to succeed when you know they are working to help everyone out.

Give back to the Community

You must do something every day to reach your dreams. Life is relatively short so you have to make the most of it. At the same time do not be overly consumed by your work because the key to a happy life is balance. Make sure you are having fun, exercising and constantly learning so you are always up to date in this ever changing World we live in. A critical thing to make sure is give back to others/the community. This is food for your spirit so make sure yours is always well fed. Your spirit/soul is essentially The Essence of God that is animating your body. God created all and loves all, so when you do good things you are channeling your Godliness. Once again make sure you don’t have any ulterior motives or else the act becomes stained with ego, which only wants to benefit self. Acts like feeding hungry people, cleaning up the community and teaching people provide a special kind of fulfillment for the soul unrivaled by any other act that only benefits self. Make sure you make this a regular habit because it will make you feel good and you will attract positive people.


Leadership is what this World is lacking. Leaders must live by Noble Principles or else none will really listen and hypocrisy will run rampant the way it is now. Habits must match principles; people must practice what they preach.

Great Leaders don’t go around trying to amass a huge following; they go around inspiring other people to be Great leaders. In The Future everyone is going to be a leader because everyone is going to be empowered to strive for excellence and they will adopt the new consciousness. The new consciousness (not really new, just by mainstream standard) is just working together, not causing suffering for any life on This Planet and never doing anything to harm The Earth. Kids are going to grow up understanding this and we are easily going to be able to transform our society from primitive insanity to civilized.

Shared Responsibility is key to the survival of Mankind. When a problem arises it shouldn’t be viewed as “that guy’s problem”, Whoever sees it will just go and fix it or call for help to get it fixed by someone who knows how. Letting things fester is a sure way to let a little problem grow into a huge crisis. People must be models, being what they want The World to be. Saying one thing and doing the opposite must be eliminated. Duplicity is an accepted way in this society and it has been breeding all sorts of liars and con artists for centuries. Kids must look up to honest humanitarian types, which will lead them to grow up and become the same way. The trick to transforming This World into a place where equality is prevalent is through leadership. The leaders cannot have more than the lowest members or else any talk of equality will be viewed as hypocrisy. This perspective is going to change everything. It will promote ideas helping those who are struggling instead of just leaving them behind to rot. It will create an atmosphere of cohesion and empathy and ultimately will lead to humans progressing at a rapid rate because more knowledge and ideas will be flowing that serve to benefit The Greater Good. We must work together and that is when This World will begin to see monumental change.


In The Future people will have the freedom to believe in whatever they want but the whole idea of converting and condemning people to be infidels is going to be deaded. People are going to share ideas but imposing beliefs on others is not going to exist. I doubt religion is going to last long once people realize all the carnage that has been caused in the name of it (Buddhism being one of the exceptions OFC) but once again people will be free to believe whatever stories they want. In regards to religion I will say that the books were written by men. Many of those books ideas were stolen from ancient spiritual teachings and a whole layer of fluff was added on top. Any scripture that justifies killing was created as a result of the hard times humans were living in but now that we are entering The Golden Age that stuff is irrelevant. God created All so the idea that God would want people to kill what was created is absurd. Religions have stripped women of their power reducing them to mere servants of man which I find to be very disrespectful to the beings that bring New Life into This World. God is often referred to as a he, which also doesn’t make any sense from a logical standpoint. Throughout all of Nature the creators of New Life are females but men somehow think that The Creator is a male. I personally don’t like to personify God as neither a he or she but if I were to pick one, God would be a she because men don’t give birth, women do. Once again I believe we are all Gods and Goddesses, even the animals, because we carry The Essence of The Creator in our spirits/souls. I used to pray but since becoming immersed in my spirituality by loving everything I have found that meditation and social service are a superior substitute. With prayer I was thinking with ego, that God was “out there”. With meditation I channel the Godliness flowing through me and the social service is my physical act of giving back to The Creator by helping the creations that were made. At the same time one can meditate while praying, it’s all really a matter of preference, no right or wrong.


Food that is not good for the body will not be created because humans are no longer going to be putting crap inside their systems. People are going to fast periodically to give their digestive system a breather, which will help extend Life. Food is Never going to be wasted. Instead of having some huge stockpile of food and throwing away what goes bad, people will have less food and will make all of it count. Plates will be scraped, opposed to dumping large quantities of food into the garbage. I personally am a vegan but I understand people like eating meat. I do not propose putting an end to eating meat because I am aware that would anger a number of people but I do propose and demand that the torture of animals be ABOLISHED. A heart beats in them the same way it does in us so to think it is ok for them to be living on top of each other in their own piss and feces is Despicable. God created them and their purpose is not to be treated horribly then slaughtered for human consumption.

The System

The system must be designed to benefit everyone at all levels (eventually that level will be the same) People receiving certain privileges based off of social class is similar to the feudal ages and must be abolished once and for all. Once people know and feel that the system is going to help them, people will not rebel against it because that would go against their own well-being, which wouldn’t make any sense. Quality Education, Healthcare, Housing, Food and even forms of entertainment should be provided to each and every living human being FOR FREE. The fact that these basic amenities require money to have is a testament to human insanity. People should not have to worry about these things and that will help open up humans minds to innovation and coming up with grand ideas to catapult us farther than we ever dreamed as a species. Each person must be treated like they are a Genius capable of achieving anything. This belief from others will inspire that person to believe in themselves and really reach for the stars. The fundamental philosophy is working together and becoming Powerful.


There are going to be certain jobs that need to be handled once we instill our Global Resource Based Economy. Because money will not exist there has to be some incentive to work and an idea that just popped into my head is a point system. Humans crave recognition that’s just how we are wired and the point system does just that. You can redeem your points for things like trips around The World, The space Elevator we are going to build, new electronic devices etc etc. Total Equality would make life a little mundane for those who like to really excel and this would be the perfect way to feed peoples ambitious nature. Receiving rewards for service to the community. People would be admired not for their selfishness, but for their selflessness. That would be a great way to determine who the strong leaders are and they would be granted something special that isn’t too crazy to undermine our philosophy of equality but still promotes individuality and uniqueness. All of this is just a basic blueprint, the final cut wouldn’t be until everyone put in their input and this system would of course be constantly evolving.


Scientists need to stop brainstorming ways to engineer bigger and badder bombs to kill each other and instead need to be coming up with ways to preserve The Planet and improve the lives of all who dwell here. Another serious issue at hand is the fact that fossil fuels will soon be no more so we need to really invest into Renewable Energy. That is The Future! That is what EVERYTHING needs to run on. The brilliant minds of our time need to stop competing with each other and need to join forces so we can make huge technological advancements and start chasing things that only existed in our dreams and wild imaginations. Climate change is a serious issue that we cannot ignore or Mother Nature will continue to show us with brute force how she disapproves of our foolish ways. We cannot destroy the ozone layer any longer or we will all die!!! We have the technology to make the change but we are not making the change because it isn’t “profitable.” The people in charge of this World are lunatics consumed by ego who need to be waken up or ousted out.


Government is obsolete. The time of a little bit of people ruling over a lot is a prehistoric concept that must be abolished. This is just an idea, but for each city there would be one head leader or maybe even a group. These people would be picked, actually scratch all that. People are literally going to be able to be able to govern themselves. Everyone is going to be a leader. The two basic laws are simple, do not inflict suffering on any life form unless they are/about to harm you and no mindless destruction of Earth. In the cities the leaders will be the old people like in ancient civilizations. Instead of old people being viewed as worthless, the old will be viewed as sources of wisdom. Especially the old who grew up in the Global Resource Based Economy system, they will literally know just about Everything there is to know about the past, Present and Future. They will help guide The People in the right direction. There will probably be younger leaders who emerge as well who help innovate new even better way of doing things. The leadership will be fluid and formless which will make sure that it is always in the hands of The People.


Violence on our screens makes no sense. If building a better World free of insanity is our objective then we have to take it out of our entertainment system. If most people’s desire is to watch violence then it is what it is but one thing I do demand is that our children are not subjected to the same nonsense. The younger years are what shape us as an adult so vivid depictions of war, rape and murder have colossal catastrophic effects on our children when they are little. Playing with toys that promote violence also must be put to rest. When you buy a toy for your child you have to ask yourself what message am I sending to him/her. Do not let corporations brainwash your child and then get pressured by your child to buy so and so. Until we put an end to this corporate nonsense you must maintain control in your relationship and teach them about what is going on instead of falling into the corporate traps made for you and your baby to fail. Do not fall prey and feel insecure about yourself because of the commercials on your TV screen. That is part of their enslavement game they are trying to play on everyone. Feel inadequate, buy, not be satisfied, buy more and so on and so forth. Material wealth will never bring the joy that social service brings. The media, as of right now, pumps fear through the tube. Story after story about death, natural disaster and robbery will have you thinking that’s the only thing going on. Don’t even bother watching corporate controlled media because its only purpose is to brainwash you. They know that if people are scared of each other they can’t unite and dismantle their long tentacles of corruption but we are going to fight their lies with TRUTH and WE WILL WIN!!! Use the internet to hunt for The Truth, don’t willingly take the garbage they are spoon-feeding the masses. In The Future there will still be shows and what not for entertainment but instead of commercials there would be educational clips to teach the public about improving their lives (stuff people actually want to see.) News would cover a broad range of topics and promote the beauty of humans not the ugly side.


Arguing is pointless. Even if you “win” you really didn’t because that person more than likely is going to still believe what they want as soon as you leave. Damaging peoples pride is not going to win you many friends and will only decrease your circle of influence. Another downside of arguing is it breeds enemies. People may “lose” the argument but want to come back later with vengeance. You want to win through your actions. Accommodate people’s opinions even if you know you are right to avoid arguments and allow people to save face. The example I am going to use is from 48 Laws of Power. A patron by the name of Soderini thought that the nose of a sculpture made by Michelangelo was cut out of proportion. Instead of argue he took the man to a different perspective, acted like he chiseled off some of the nose and then Soderini thought it was perfect yet Michelangelo did nothing. This is a tactic you want to use. Allow people the chance to feel like their opinion matters, like they contributed to avoid offending them and losing a potential friend/ally. Ego will want to argue and prove how it is “right”, wisdom will avoid the confrontation and maintain peace and order.

Always go the extra mile

Always go the extra mile. Never half ass your work or you will view yourself as a half ass person. Aspire for Greatness; always do things to the best of your ability. Have pride in what you do, you don’t want the reputation of someone who is lazy because that is not a good thing to be known for. Going the extra mile always pays off whether you are dealing with someone who is generous or stingy. In the event you are dealing with a giving person they will reward you for your strong efforts. If you are dealing with a stingy type you could go the extra mile to the point where they rely on you and if they still don’t properly compensate you, you could explain how you are doing x, y,z and that you will forfeit those duties unless your needs are attended to. Nothing really to do with The Future seeing as how we will all be working together and will all receive proper compensation/recognition for our duties but it will help you deal with The World in its current form. Bottom line is go the extra mile, make sure you attend to the details and success is not too far behind. Build and maintain a reputation for being a good worker, it’s a good rep to have.

Teach everything you know

Teach everything you know and everything you learn. Teaching helps one retain knowledge better and you feel good about yourself for helping someone else out. Besides yourself you are of course helping others succeed, which is the theme of how our World is going to be run. The time of hoarding knowledge is over. Instead of fearing “subordinates” rising above us, that will be encouraged because The Greater Good benefits more from that. The ego mindset of wanting to stay on top, superior to others is going to be annihilated because it will be well understood that, that type of selfish behavior is what is holding Mankind back from reaching their max potential. We have to love one another and have a genuine desire to see each other succeed. Teaching won’t be viewed as a job, but more as a fun thing to do that makes us feel good and makes others feel good. Teaching and learning are two things that must be everyone’s habit which will help Mankind reach New Heights.

Do not hold grudges

Do not hold grudges against other people. This is poison for the soul. Harboring negative energy is only going to keep you down and hold you back from achieving great things. Free yourself of this unnecessary emotional burden and learn to forgive people. People aren’t perfect; they make mistakes so have the wisdom to understand this to move on. You aren’t perfect so being mad at others for not being perfect doesn’t make sense. It is a common misconception that forgiveness is supposed to benefit the person being forgiven but the opposite is more true. Living with an emotional strain causes turmoil for your spirit that could be avoided by simply forgiving. You can’t undo the past so being pissed off in the present about something in the past makes no sense. Wise words that I got out of reading Eckhart Tolle (highly recommend you read The Power of Now and New Earth) “This will soon pass.” Something along those lines. Everything comes and goes, don’t cling on to things that are causing you to be unhappy. Free yourself and live the happy life that you wish to live. Starts with you and your mindset. The Ego loves to point the blame, but the ego is the problem.

The TakeOver

In the event that government officials and celebrities aren’t moved by the work I have already put out we have to use network marketing to raise the money to build our own cities to create The World that we want to see where war, famine and ignorance does not exist. I have a number of businesses I am involved with but I am always open to new ones as long as they are legit. Network marketing is our key to building wealth and not only building and sustaining the new cities of The World but feeding the hungry children across The Planet as well. The cool part is once people realize that we are really feeding hungry children public support is going to balloon and we are going to be flooded by donations. On top of network marketing we are going to start a number of enlightened businesses and outmaneuver the corrupt corporations. Basically we are going to beat them at their own game. The Love of Everything is going to Overpower the love of power, which is going to lead us to have the support of All The People, which is going to lead us to have more power and break apart from the madness they have been brewing for the past few decades.

The Revolution

Our primary objective, in this early stage of The Revolution is gaining the support of The People. The cool part is gaining the support of The People intertwines with the mission statement of The Future Millionaire Society which is limiting the suffering of All life and preserving The Planet. People are going to be naturally drawn to us because our cause is Noble and there are so many out there who want to make The World a better place but don’t know how. We are going to be the how. We have to be aware that the media (corporate controlled media that is) is going to try to show us in a bad light so we have to be on extra good behavior and be wary of those who engage in wild acts that do not go along with what we believe. They are probably going to try to send infiltrators to try and sabotage our Revolution but they will fail because we will easily point them out. Feeding the hungry, cleaning up trash, providing toys for the poor and providing jobs (until we are a Global Resource Based Economy) are some of the services we will provide. People are going to have no choice but to support, victory is inevitable my friends.

One person has the power to make change

One person has the power to make change in this World. You have to find your voice and express yourself to the best of your ability as much as you can. Your noble character and courage to stand up and reject conformity will inspire others to do the same. Our job is very simple, practice what we preach and express ourselves til The World hears us RAWWRR.

We must make sure we are constantly improving ourselves and adapting our techniques to effectively market our/Gods message to the masses across The World. We essentially are The Leaders of The World who are going to help piggy back Mankind out of darkness into The Light. It is a huge job with a lot of adversity but we have to do it or who else will? It was prophesied hundreds of years ago that December 21st marked the end of The World and that kicked off the official launch of The Revolution. The Future is going to be beautiful. Human insanity is going to get obliterated. We are going to travel The Galaxy.

Do not look down on other people

Do not look down on other people because everyone has a story. Everyone has a reason for being in the position they are in. Some people were born with crappy circumstances and some people were blessed with golden opportunities at birth. Is the person with golden opportunities “better”? NO, that’s absurd to think that. We all serve a purpose for being on this Earth. Some peoples purpose becomes clear earlier than others and some have suffered to such a great extent that they died not fully knowing or understanding their purpose on This Planet. A very important thing to keep in mind about people is that they are ALL important. You never know who is who and why certain people were placed into your life so it is best to treat them all with respect. Some people may appear to be on top of The World but in actuality are spiraling down about to crash and burn. There are others who seem to be at the bottom but are super ambitious and on their way skyrocketing to Success. Looks can be deceiving, keep an open mind and make it a habit to not cast absolute judgments.

Do what you love to do

Do what you love to do. Follow your dreams. Do not worry about money because The Future Millionaire Society has you covered. Focus on what you genuinely enjoy doing. Society, as of right now, grooms you to play a certain role by working some job and essentially fueling someone else’s dream. Escape this trap, dare to be different. Because of the direction business is taking and the impact FMS is going to have on this World it is not even a risk to do what you are passionate about whether it makes money or not. You don’t want to live your life with a bunch of woulda, shoulda, couldas. Try things out, experiment; don’t box yourself up into a role because that’s exactly what the corporate powers want you to do so they have more workers to choose from. Our minds are too advanced and too creative to reduce ourselves to some mundane job with little-no major decision making. It is best to just do what you want until you find something you can throw yourself into and give your all. That is part of The Master Key to Happiness, Loving what you do.

Whole person paradigm

The whole person paradigm consists of mind, heart, body and spirit. The industrial age viewed people as expenses, which led to them only being able to capture the body and some parts of the mind but was/is unable to capture what really drives humans which is the heart and spirit. The Future Millionaire Society does just that with our mission statement, which is to limit the suffering of ALL life and preserve The Planet. God created Everything so we are going to Love Everything. This is going to allow us to get 1000% out of our recruits. External motivation will not even fully be necessary because people will understand the need to work hard because children are starving and getting bombed every day. That madness NEEDS TO END!!!! At FMS we view The People in our organization as treasured assets who have the potential to go down in History as Revolutionaries, catalysts for Positive Change. Just by joining you are becoming a part of History but stepping up to the plate, working hard and becoming a leader will make your name nameless throughout Eternity.


Music will reflect what is going on and will serve a major role in teaching and inspiring people to live right. All of this nonsense promoting death and the love of material wealth is going to cease to exist because that does not tie into living one with God. Pain and suffering is going to be reduced A LOT so songs about that will be to a minimum. I Imagine songs of history teaching people to learn from the past. Overall I see music as a way to express oneself, teach and inspire others to live noble lives with wisdom. There probably will be some music that is holding Mankind back but it will die out because it won’t be popular among the masses who are interested in moving forward as opposed to staying stagnant in the same crap that humans have been dwelling in for the past few thousand years. Once people become enlightened, negative music is kind of repulsive with the exception of songs with an extremely catchy beat but even those songs get a little old. People are making songs about the same old crap, it’s going to be nice to see the music scene grow and change for the better.

Money is the root of inequality in this world. When you have a money system some people end up with more money than others. Often time’s people have more money than others solely off who their parents are. This leads to some people being given more opportunities than others which lead to huge disparities in education, health and overall happiness. When people grow up receiving the short end of the stick this leads many people to get jealous and envious of those who were born under better circumstances. People lash out at the injustice, which leads to huge prison populations and others simply break down and end up in mental institutions. A large majority end up working jobs that they don’t even like just to support themselves and survive. This whole system is obsolete because it is tailored to benefit those at the top. The system must be built to serve everyone at all levels. People should not have to worry about basic things to survive, which will allow people to think more creatively and bring their imaginations to life. The money system has people viewing The World with a very narrow lenses and is strangling human potential.

Ego is never satisfied

The ego always wants more and more. It wants material wealth and power and it will never have enough. This is what World leaders currently suffer from, a bad case of ego. They are on a mission to enslave us all, make as much money as they possibly can with no concern for humanity or the preservation of The Earth. The ego is a parasite that feeds on the host and eventually ends up killing the host and having nothing else to feed on, it ends up dying as well. We as the 99% have to wake them up out of their unconsciousness by stripping them of their power over us so they can see the havoc they are wreaking on This Planet. They only care about themselves and their small immediate circles but they are in charge of things on this Planet and that is DANGEROUS. Selfish leaders with huge responsibilities concerning the masses equals inevitable failure. History shows us that. To briefly explain ego and its constant pursuit of more, an example I will use is myself. When I was materialistic and got the Gucci belt I wasn’t satisfied and had to get the Louis belt. Then I had to get the burberry belt. I was never satisfied with what I got because I was looking for happiness in The Future with the next purchase.

Don’t dwell in the past

Don’t forget the past, make sure you learn from it but make sure you aren’t reliving the past over and over in your head. Use past pain as a way to grow spiritually. Without suffering, enlightenment is impossible to attain because you lack the wisdom of understanding everything as a whole. The beauty of it is once you understand suffering you don’t have to fall victim to it because you know that everything passes. Some things take longer than others but everything eventually passes so getting worked up about something that is soon going to be a memory isn’t going to make sense to you once you reach Enlightenment. Accept things for what they are. Picturing all of the different scenarios if you had done such and such is irrelevant. Focus on what you can do right now to improve your situation instead of beating yourself up about what you coulda woulda shoulda done in the past. Harboring negative resentments about the past is only going to hold you back. It is a waste time and energy, move forward with your life and build a better Future for yourself.

Seek first to understand people before trying to thrust your opinion on others. Even if you have great advice, if you don’t fully understand your subject you won’t know the best way to communicate your ideas in a way that will help them. Many altercations throughout history could have been avoided if people had taken the time to listen to each other and work out a third alternative solution. The ego always wants to lash out with a response when it hears something it doesn’t agree with but you miss The Big picture when you nitpick what someone is saying. Patience is of the utmost importance when listening to people. Sometimes it takes people longer than others to communicate their point so it is wise to allow people the chance to finish. Once you let someone express themselves fully they are more susceptible to hear you out and in the event that they try to interject you can remind them in a calm non-confrontational tone that you allowed them to speak. One cool way to hold meetings is the Indian talking stick procedure. This is me just summarizing from the 8th Habit, but when someone speaks none can interrupt. The next person speaking has to restate what the person said to their satisfaction. Once they do this, then they are able to speak. This is how meetings will be held in The Future.

See the good in people. This is the common denominator of self-made millionaires. Look for peoples strengths and help them build and grow into stronger people. People’s weaknesses will be complemented by other members of your team and will be ironed out so the weaknesses do not become a hindrance. Do not assume the worst in people or you will bring out their worst. As of right now, until the shift in consciousness occurs, there are some bad apples but you cannot bottleneck the many for the few. Some people are going to try to do you wrong but don’t take it personal because that is their problem that is getting in their way of becoming successful. Move on to the next person and maintain the same positive attitude, don’t carry past negative energy into new interactions. When you point out what people are good at and believe in them, you inspire them to believe in themselves, which is how you empower people to achieve Greatness. People are motivated to accomplish things when they feel that others believe in them and are expecting them to do Big Things. Nurture that need, which allows people to become Successful. Have faith that your team and just people in general are destined for Greatness.

Returning violence with violence makes no sense

Hitting people back when they hit you makes absolutely no sense. It is a sure way to lose control of the situation and get caught up in the moment and lose sight of The Big Picture. Returning violence with violence is an invitation for more violence. When someone hits you they are expecting to get hit back so when you refuse, this bewilders them and ultimately takes the fight out of them because they feel like they already got one up on you. Don’t worry about the bully types because even they, once they understand why you don’t fight back will have no choice but to respect your wisdom and will begin to view their own immature behavior with disdain. You really have to ask yourself, do I want to perpetuate this insanity of violence or do I want to put it to an end.

Taken in the larger context with countries that have weapons of mass destruction and are at war with each other, one country bombs a country then they get bombed then they return the act and they are bombed again. So instead of getting bombed once they got bombed twice and this vicious cycle continues until both nations are completely destroyed. The scary part is the type of firepower at their disposal can actually destroy the entire Planet. We really need to put an end to this madness or else we are all doomed.

We are going to be compulsive recyclers in The Future. This wasteful consumption is completely insane behavior. This is a finite Planet we live on but humans treat it as if it has infinite resources. We need to reuse what is here and get the most out of things. Corporations are making products to break fast so we have to go out and replace them because that is “profitable.” Global Resource Based Economy >> money based economy. We need to respect The Earth God created by not wasting and littering.

The whole sanitation system needs to be reformed. The entire system must revolve around recycling not garbage and filling up landfills. Trees are being torn down to wipe crap from our ass and to clean up stains. This is so disrespectful to trees, which are durable and made to last a long time. If trees are torn down then they should be made into things that last for a long time like boats, furniture and other things that stand the test of time. As for the products that corporations are making that break and must be replaced, instead of getting something new these things would be made to be easily repaired and last for a very very long time.

Sharpen the saw

Make sure you are always working to improve yourself. Maintain positive health by eating right and getting proper exercise. Feed your mind by reading books, watching educational videos, and observing Nature. Study history to not make mistakes from the past and learn from other peoples experiences so you don’t waste your life learning something you could have easily learned in a few minutes/hours. Feed your heart by always doing what is morally right. If you feel something causes suffering or harms The Earth don’t do it and inspire others in a non-confrontational way to not do it either. Be the change you want to see in The World. Last but not least feed your spirit by giving back to the life on this planet and The Earth. Donate your time to make things better by improving the system and helping it function. Do so with no expectation of reward and you will feel a deep bond with The Creator. Do it because you love the forces that made you and blessed us all to live in such a wonderful time of Positive Change. Do things that benefit The Greater Good. It is scientifically proven to extend life and enhance intelligence by caring about The Greater Good.

Do not link identity to material possessions, the past, status or anything for that matter. Well if you desire to link identity to something view yourself as someone who loves EVERYTHING God created. Do not start feeling superior to others because once you do, then that is ego. Ego thinks in terms of comparisons so it is constantly feeling superior and inferior to others.

Linking your happiness/identity to external factors is dangerous because those things could be stripped away at any moment, which would lead you to feel like a piece of you was taken away. A lot of nervous breakdowns are attributed to people viewing other things as “them.” You are the inner essence animating your body. You are not all of those crazy thoughts running around in your head. You are the silent awareness encompassing all of that craziness. Identifying with those thoughts is a trap many people fall into and it leads many to be held prisoner to their mind. Having “bad” thoughts does not make you a bad person. The ego loves to conjure up negative energy then make you feel guilty for having those thoughts. One important thing you have to understand about the ego is that it feeds off of problems. If you are saying I don’t have an ego that is the ego defending itself because it fears being found out. Even the most enlightened spiritual teachers have egos, the difference is they are aware of theirs and don’t let their ego screw them over. The ego points blame at everything else, which is another defense mechanism because the ego itself is the actual problem. You have the power to be happy RIGHT NOW. Ego will have you thinking you have to do x, y, z to be happy because the ego loves to look to The Future for salvation. Ego thinks in time but the fact of the matter is all you really have is the moment you live in. You never know when you are going to go and that is a fact. Live every moment like it is your last. Cherish the Present Moment, that is where the magic of life happens. Your perspective on what happens to you is your reality. Make sure you have a positive attitude, always look for the good in the situation. That is a big part of The Master Key to Happiness.

First Floating City

Our goal needs to be building the first floating city. This would be an excellent way to bypass government because the waters are unclaimed. Our cities would of course be completely self-sufficient, producing our own food and energy. They would be massive, housing as many as 10-50,000 people. I envision parts being able to break off and add on to help with maneuverability when we decide to dock. The cool thing about the floating city is we would be able to travel around The World and promote The Resource Based Economy ourselves with our own success. People are naturally going to want to come aboard and see for themselves. In the event that we are the only RBE we could probably have a tourism element but instead of them paying money to us they would have to feed starving children or maybe donate materials to help us with research onboard our gigantic vessel. I doubt we are even going to have to do that because I am confident that once The World finds out what we are up to people will be supporting and donating plenty to keep us running smooth and pressure their governments to build a city similar like ours until The World is a Global Resource Based Economy.

Sad that money is holding us back

I was watching some videos about The Future and it really is sad that money is what stands in the way of human progression. We have the technology to work miracles but lack the money to pay people to do so. Can’t wait for this retarded system that is hindering human innovation to be abolished. It will be a Glorious day when humans are working to improve The Greater Good and not concerned about their pockets. People will receive reward and recognition but it will not be in the form of money because that will not exist. If you helped engineer some ground breaking thing The World will know of it and you will go down in history. If you were selfless enough to help work on the project The World will know about it and you will go down in history. You will receive some special reward of your choosing to add to your sense of accomplishment. People will not be taken for granted in The Future. Hard work will be encouraged and peoples merits will be praised, get the attention of the masses and rewarded to that persons satisfaction while still maintaining a culture of equality. Promoting individual uniqueness is something we will constantly work towards.

Space Colonies

We need to be working towards building space colonies and colonies on other Planets. We need to push our minds to the limit and have everyone believing that anything is possible because it is. By doing things previously thought impossible we inspire the rest of the population to think BIG and outside the box. People need to have something to look up to, to help motivate them to achieve Greatness. Even though we don’t need to colonize The Universe (debatable seeing as how we shouldn’t depend on The Earth for survival because of the mass wipeouts that have happened in the past) actually just by writing that we do. We can’t accept the status quo. All of this sci-fi stuff is quite possible once scientists aren’t engineering ways to kill each other and are more focused on doing things that help society advance. People’s whole way of viewing The Universe would change if we had a colony floating in space with a space elevator and/or colony of humans on Mars. We Need to be that inspiration to help people think and dream HUGE. Imagination is one of the most valuable assets humans possess.

Feedback system

While we carry out The Revolution we need to make sure we are listening to what The People think of what we are doing and how we are doing it. This will create a relationship with The People and The Revolution. Even if people don’t want to directly participate, they can voice their opinion to help us grow and improve and of course donate to fund our endeavors. This will help counter infiltration and corporations portraying us in a bad light because of our close intimate relationship with The People. Next to our Revolution signs will be a sign saying “How are we doing, text so and so to receive updates on The Revolution and special offers.” Text marketing is going to be an important part of our campaign, that is one of the ways we will stay in communication with the masses and reach a lot of people across The World. Our forces are going to be too strong for the government or anyone else trying to sabotage The Revolution. Outside opinion is of course not the only thing we will accept, people inside the organization will feel welcome to offer their opinions as well. The theme is that ideas must flow and everyone must feel like their voice is getting heard. That will inspire more people to voice their brilliant ideas and for humans to leap and bound.

Pick up starving Children

One easy way to get public support for The Revolution from around The World is to pick up starving children from around The World while we travel on our massive floating city. I’m thinking maybe we could have several large ships following and housing all of the children who would be able to rotate time on our floating city between each other until we build more to house all. People would have no choice but to donate time/money to make this all possible unless they worshipped some demonic anti God figure. We are going to bring these children back to health and give them an ELITE education turning them into scientists or whatever they would like to be. Humans are assets and that philosophy will flow radiantly through our organization by how we treat people. We are going to amass such a massive force of the most intelligent people that the rest of The World, if they aren’t already backing us will have no choice but to easily accept us as The Leaders of The New World because of our wisdom, relationship with The Creator and knowledge of The Universe. We are going to love everything; people will have no choice but to support us whole heartedly.

Black People especially need to work together

While I believe in everyone working together I also believe that Black people especially need to work together because we are one of the most divided races on The Planet due to the destruction of our people throughout history. Black people must understand that it is no coincidence that we occupy a large percentage of the prison system. The first resource based economy should be in Africa; this will help black people feel a sense of pride in working towards building something new because there is a tremendous lack of pride throughout The Black Community because of the lack of Godly Leadership. Then we would of course put one in The Caribbean. To be honest it doesn’t really matter but that’s just an idea. If support for this simple yet profound ideology is prevalent in a certain country then they would overthrow their corrupt governments and instill a Resource Based Economy. We really don’t even need to necessarily occupy land with the exception of some outposts and factories because we are going to take to the sea. That is unclaimed territory and will make it that much easier to bypass corrupt government and put The Power back into the hands of The People. Garveyite

Outmaneuver corrupt corporations

To help us outmaneuver the corruption on This Planet with all of these multinational corporations, we need to set up our own enlightened businesses and only give them our business until corruption goes bankrupt. You must understand that without us, The People, they have no power. Once we control all of the money is when we will be able to put it to rest once and for all. For some time I wasn’t coming into contact with any money at all but seeing as how we still live in a money based economy that’s a bit unrealistic. When you do encounter money you should not physically touch it. This will perplex people when they see you dealing with money a “prized possession” by many because you will be treating it like a disease, which it is. Feel free to tell them why you are doing so when they ask and feel free to say “FMSRevolution” afterwards. We are going to grow at an exponential rate because our philosophy is simple and is the closest thing resembling the True Word of God seeing as how we believe in limiting the suffering of ALL Life on This Planet and the preservation of The Earth. A part of me thinks that this Revolution is simply going to happen overnight because people are just going to work as hard as they possibly can to make all of this happen but in the event it draws out, we are just going to beat unconsciousness at its own game.

Derogatory terms will be abolished

Derogatory terms will not be used in The Future. God created all so using words that imply some to be lesser beings is completely absurd and just a testament to one’s ignorance and lack of understanding of The Creator and Spirituality. We will help and inspire each other to rise above, not say things to tear each other down, that doesn’t even make sense. Human progression is going to be people’s top concern so the abolishing of derogatory terms should be relatively Ez to accomplish.

It is madness that women have been made to think less of themselves for so many years. Women are calling each other b’s and h’s!! This is crazy. We are in The Golden Age of Mankind and in this age women will be revered as the most sacred beings on This Planet. They bring New Life!! Their empathy and natural bond to everything is evidence of their Supreme Godliness. Women are going to be thought A Lot more highly of in The Future to say the least. Pregnant mothers are going to be treated like royalty. We need to ensure our pregnant mothers have no stress or any form of suffering to make sure our babies are born unhindered. Treating each other good and lifting each other up is a very important part of The Master Key to Happiness.

Making education enjoyable

The fact of the matter is not everyone enjoys reading (or so they think) right now. People like to be entertained so if we want to educate our population it would be wise to do it in a way that is entertaining. As much as I like to read I admit I enjoy educational YouTube videos and I imagine a great number of people are going to like that as an alternative to learning valuable lessons from history as well. When someone watches a video that deeply moves them they would be able to easily upload more written text on the subject to advance their understanding. People should be taught a wide overview of things/history/science/anything and then have the freedom to delve deeper into whatever they choose. By giving people a say in what they are learning leads to more self-motivated people hungering for knowledge instead of people being forced to learn the details of things that they don’t care to know. Giving people the power to learn what they want and giving them a broad understanding of The World past/present/future is going to revolutionize our Education system and help us breed billions of Geniuses in The Future.

Pride has been many peoples downfall

Pride has been many leaders undoing throughout history so we will make sure to avoid that trap. We will never believe we are “too good” for something because we will know that is ego. Ego tries to make the person feel like they are better than others. We are all created equal, people have been saying this for hundreds of years but in The Golden Age, people are going to Live It. People are going to be humble in The Future. We are going to have an endless supply of Brilliant Creative Minds and to those superstars something like cleaning up trash would NEVER be beneath them. There won’t be any trash to pick up because people won’t disrespect The Earth God created by littering but you get the point. This mindset is going to lead to an endless supply of volunteers to help sustain our cities that follow The Resource Based Economy system. People are going to have The Greater Good as The Top Priority rather than selfish desires. Everyone is going to be helping each other which is going to make humans a very Powerful Force that is going to progress at a rapid rate throughout The Golden Age. Ecosystem triumphs over ego system, the study of Nature for a few minutes is proof of that.

Throwing a wide range of events = Successful Revolution

Events are going to be a very important way to lead The Revolution to Success. Different types of events will help us attract a large demographic and the range of events will ensure that our loyal supporters/members never grow bored of us. We need to showcase positive music, revolutionary writing and creative artwork that is symbolic of our cause, Gods message to The People on This Planet to work together and preserve what is here. People need to identify us on a variety of different platforms, we need to be EVERYWHERE. Once again, I have a good feeling this is just going to blow up and sweep across The World but if it takes a little while then we need to make sure we are seen, heard and felt EVERYWHERE by ALL. Our message is too powerful, I really can’t imagine it’s going to take too long. We will use the internet to have a number of websites and have an official online publication documenting World Events and our progress with The Revolution for The World to read. We will promote media that reports unbiased news and we will start our own media network that covers stories promoting The Beauty of The Golden Age. Positive sensational stories to beat out all the negativity currently shown.

Women need to break free of the chains and rise above

Women really need to break free of the chains that men have them entangled in and we are going to be the ones to empower them. Women are drowning themselves in makeup, buying fake hair, nails, body parts and buying all kinds of jewelry, clothes and other material things to feel “whole.” They are doing it to attract men, the wrong kinds and to make others jealous and envious. Complete insane ego thinking that is tearing not only women apart from each other but Mankind as a whole. Women are supposed to be the anchors for Mankind and because they have been stripped of their power by the oppressive men throughout history, humans have strayed away from the path of God a long long time ago. Not all of course, just most. Make up is a sign of insecurity. The love of jewelry is a sign of immaturity. The accumulation of material wealth is a huge sign of ego and attachment. Women are going to learn to respect themselves in their natural form and reject feeling inadequate because of corrupt media. Service is going to top selfish behavior. Accents to accentuate beauty is one expressing their uniqueness but drowning your face in makeup is unnatural and unhealthy. Don’t be excessive. Love yourself.

Science dominate

I envision the sciences being the predominant subject studied in The Future. That is what our society relies on mostly so it only makes logical sense for more people to understand the sciences as well as want to be a part of making advancements and breakthroughs. Of course not everyone is going to be drawn to them so subjects like History, Literature, Architectural design/engineering, psychology/sociology, math and foreign language (until we develop /pick a World Language) would still remain popular. Subjects that carry tremendous significance that will be taught and modeled by every person on Earth will be Leadership, Spirituality/Nature and Proper Health and Nutrition. To help us develop well rounded people, young children will be exposed to art and music, which will help bring out the creativity that each person is blessed with at birth. The age of humans viewing The World through a narrow lens is Over. The Age of Wisdom is upon us, understanding everything as a whole and reaching Max Potential is part of our Future in The Golden Age. Journalism (and probably more) is an awesome subject I forgot as well as Theatre/Drama. Business is obsolete because it represents a time of primitive competition. Law is obsolete because the only laws will be no suffering and no destruction of Earth. Laws are for a minority to keep a majority in check. Equality.

Jewels obsolete

We will not wear jewels in The Future. People have been killing for them since the beginning of time; it is time to put the insanity to rest. Their beauty will be appreciated, maybe we will use glittery things as children’s toys but the wise enlightened adult person will want no connection with the cause of human suffering for the past few thousand years. The desire for jewelry makes no sense once you have an understanding of human history in The Big Picture context. I personally refuse to even touch them nor will my children but people can do as they please, I’m no dictator, I’m just laying a blue print and providing logical reasoning behind my actions. The use of fossils fuels must also cease to exist in powering our vehicles and a number of other things. Our oil supply is destroying The Earth. An awesome recipe for disaster. We need to use trains, walk, use bikes and whatever other green way to get around until electric cars are widespread. We The People need to show disdain for what the 1% views as “cool” and “successful.” For as long as people look up to and envy them they won’t see the foolishness of their actions. We need to be the ones to wake them up and take our power because they sure aren’t going to wake up by themselves and give it to us.

Animals must be loved and respected

Until we know for certain that animals are no longer being abused in this World we need to stop wearing clothes made from animals. That will wake up people who are making a profit off of the slaughter and torture of defenseless creatures. Products should be made out of already dead or sick dying animals (they should be given a painless death to put them out of their misery). I personally am not going to wear anything made from animals because we are advanced enough to come up with alternative means of keeping ourselves warm and protected from the elements. In the early stages of The Revolution I recommend you do the same because that shift will be the cause of questions from the people who know you, which will ultimately turn into more support for The Revolution. It really is sick and twisted how humans for all these years have justified the mistreatment of animals, Gods creations. Just goes to show the ego wreaking havoc on This World with no concern for anything except self and then on top of that making it seem like it’s the “ok” thing to do. We need to be The Change we want to see in The World, until we know animals are not suffering we CANNOT use them AT ALL!!!

Camping outside

Even though at the time of writing this I don’t have the tent I am going to use for the Occupy Earth Revolution, the people that leave behind their material possessions, even if only temporarily or through sale to help raise funds for The Revolution/feeding the starving children around The World, and join me camping out, will be clear evidence of their loyalty to making this World a better place and ultimately their loyalty to God. For those who know little of Spiritual Enlightenment the experience will give you understanding. Breaking free of your attachment to your “things” will help free you from the shackles this society has you locked in. In The Future you will of course love things but you need to experience loss so when you do get stuff in The Future you will appreciate the stuff that much more and you won’t be bothered when you lose stuff because you know everything comes and goes. The idea of sleeping outside may seem beneath you, camping out will help you overcome your pride because you will understand that you aren’t too good for anything, with the exception of destructive behavior of course. This will also help strengthen your bond to The Earth and The Creator. Buddha lived outside for years with no tent!!! I’m making this relatively Ez and safer for us all while still following the spiritual teaching from history.

Army of God

While we are out there we are going to be educating ourselves, cleaning up The Earth, organizing people/hosting events to raise awareness and ultimately forging strong bonds with other people to help strengthen support for The Revolution. Once again people are going to associate The Revolution with Positive Change for The World. The group of people ushering Mankind into The Golden Age. There is a shift in consciousness occurring and our job is to just speed up the process. Children are starving and getting bombed as I write to name two major problems and I can’t leave out all the pollution that is destroying The Planet. The Time is NOW!!! This is not a oh, I’ll get around to it later situation. Every moment wasted is perpetuating human insanity. We need to put an end to this nonsense. We are not going to sit around waiting for other people to solve our problems. WE ARE GOING TO DO IT OURSELVES because that is how humans in The Future are going to think and operate. Shared Responsibility!! There are a number of organizations that will go down in history for helping Mankind but being part of The Future Millionaire Society is going to mark you in history as a pioneer for change. We are The Army of God.

Volume 2

The beauty of The Future Millionaire Society is we appeal to people whose only aim in life is to accumulate material wealth as well as those individuals who want to live a life with true meaning and purpose and feed their spirits with knowledge and live a life dedicated to the well-being of others and not just self. We have something for everybody. The cool part is those people who are only working for material wealth are more than likely oblivious to the fact that there is another more prosperous way to live. While we are helping them get their money or whatever other trivial glamorous items they seek, we will constantly expose them to the real goal of our organization and they will of course be somewhat intrigued to say the least. No matter what, we are going to take over The World. No matter how ignorant a person may be, we will listen to what they want to get out of life, help them get it, give them extra information to empower them to reach their max potential and ultimately show them a whole different reality that they never even knew existed. By being focused on helping people, we are going to forge strong bonds with The People of The Earth and those bonds will only grow exponentially as people tell people they know about our Brilliant organization. This Take Over is going to be 2 Ez. FMS. God Mode

Man-made lakes

We need to help the people starving and living in poverty. This will of course not only help those people and ourselves (giving back servicing others feels Amazing) but will help us gain Worldwide support for The Revolution. Giving people food is something that we will do but it will not be our primary objective. Giving people food is solving an acute problem, we need to solve the chronic problem and team them how to grow their own food and become self-sufficient. Water is lacking in many areas which is preventing people from being able to grow their own crops and even do basic things like bathe and take care of themselves properly. We need to create man-made lakes in these regions so that these people can thrive. Polar ice caps are melting and the sea level is rising, which is causing all sorts of problems for places that do not have an elevated landscape. There is an overabundance of water in some areas and a shortage in others. As human beings have a lot of technology at their disposal, this is unacceptable. Not caring about people starving to death is inhumane and for those that believe God created all of us, that indifference is a direct violation to God, The Creator. On top of having lakes in desert regions we could build tunnels that link them with the oceans. The water rushing though these tunnels could be used as hydro energy to provide electricity for these remote areas.

Base camps to feed and house poor

We are eventually going to have floating cities and pick up children/people starving across The World, nurse them back to health and then teach them how to be Geniuses but until then we are still going to get that goal accomplished by using the food we have and technology. We can set up base camps to house and feed people. We could set up screens so the kids and people in the area could be taught and learn important information to breed our army of geniuses. Until we have a huge teaching force, the beauty of it is those being taught will in turn teach others what they are learning, we will use the screens to spread our knowledge on a grand scale. Screens are not enough, people need to see and feel leadership in their life but until we have our floating cities/have this new level of consciousness prevalent in society, we will have to make it with what we’ve got. People have forgotten about the impoverished beings of The World and this is plain wrong. We are all, for the most part, blessed with the same mental capabilities. We need to nurture these people, present them with the education and living conditions of ‘”successful” people, which will result in them becoming successful. Everyone has seeds of Greatness in them, our job is to water those seeds and help them grow. People are one of the most Amazing assets This World has to offer but if they are neglected their potential will be choked. The forgotten people of This World need to feel love and I guarantee they will return that love with interest from everyone on Earth.

Model The Elevated Consciousness

It is critically important that you believe we will change The World overnight. The obsolete loser mentality will try to dissuade you from doing so because a jaded negative view of The World is all it knows. The obsolete mindset defends its piss poor attitude with claims to be “practical” and “realistic.” Humans becoming technologically advanced and then using new knowledge to better destroy each other and The Earth for eternity is probably the most ignorant thought that could ever penetrate a brain cell. Thinking that The Revolution will last a long time is lack of faith in Mankind and ultimately lack of faith in one self. YOU ARE ONE OF THE LEADERS that is going to help spread the word and help put an end to the insanity of being consumed by ego and not caring about The Greater Good. The logic of not killing each other and preserving The Earth MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE!!! Do Not view this as some impossible task, people are tired of The World screwing them over and want it to become a Better Place. They are just scared so we need to be their courage and The People that they can believe in and support until they develop into leaders themselves. Thoughts manifest into reality, the unified belief in World Peace and Equality in 2013 will make it come true. You have to have that confidence because it will rub off on other people and will make The Revolution POWERFUL. I personally view the 1% who are wreaking havoc on the environment and humanity with their destructive egotistical thinking as little children who need to be taught how to live life because they never received the lesson when they were younger. Viewing them as all powerful is absurd because their power is derived from YOU, The People. All you need to do is stop using their crap and hold them accountable for their asinine actions and their power fades away. By holding leaders accountable CONSISTENTLY, we will breed Better Leaders who have genuine concern for the well-being of The Greater Good. Basically what I want you to take away from this is to not think of this as a difficult task. Millions of people around The World are already waking up and believe in the inevitable elevated consciousness that is going to consume The Globe; they just need something to gather around. We are activists with a corporate aspect combined with creative media who value the sciences and education with a broad understanding of The System. FMS, We are The Saviors.

Care about The Greater Good

Depression will be obsolete in The Future. Depression results from only caring about self, which will soon no longer exist. Beating yourself up about the past, dwelling on the negative in your life and having no hope for The Future is state of mind that is going to be obliterated. People will constantly be developing their mind, body, heart and spirit. When you improve yourself on a consistent basis, self-esteem is lifted. As human beings, we are supposed to be progressing so when you don’t, it doesn’t lead you to feel fulfilled with your life. Read and watch educational videos to learn and expand your mental thought process. Be sure to take time to think because that leads to creation and innovation. Share ideas with others to help promote an atmosphere of learning and teach. Exercise; eat right and stretch to keep your body running optimally. Engage in activity that is morally right (helping humanity/life and preserving The Earth), follow your heart. We all have a conscience, listen to it and refrain from justifying negativity. Most importantly give back to the community and others. Everything in Nature is designed to work together. There is Great Joy that is felt when you care about and aid The Greater Good. Selfish behavior is unnatural, which leads to depression.

Have faith in yourself

We need to believe in people and their potential to be Great. The trick to this is first believing in yourself. Once you have faith in your ability and are constantly improving yourself, you will be able to be someone else’s strength/support system. People walk around hating others and trying to tear people down which makes Absolutely NO SENSE. You attract a very lame crowd of people when you engage in stupidity. Go around uplifting and Empowering people to be Better and you will draw positive people to you. There is POWER in UNITY, weakness in division. It is of dire importance that we work together. This ego nonsense, viewing ourselves as detached from everyone else is not going to get us anywhere. Even treat “haters” with love and respect because they will soon love us. When you believe in people they start to believe in themselves, which helps motivate them to really excel because they feel they have to live up to expectations. We NEED to lift The People by instilling in them our Positive Energy.

Unite All Occupy groups

There are a number of occupy groups across the country. It is good that people have the spirit for protest and creating change but the fact that the Occupy movement is not unified makes Absolutely No Sense. We need to show The People of this country and The World that we are working together and have a vision for The New World. The reason for there being an occupy group for just about every major city it seems like is that ego works against those, even with good intentions. I personally feel we need to instill a Global Resource Based Economy and create a system that gives each and every individual EQUAL OPPORTUNITY. I also think it would be a good idea to call the new Occupy, Occupy Revolution. This is a direct message that we not only desire change but we are going to make it happen close to overnight, metaphorically speaking that is. Bottom line is there are MILLIONS of people in organized groups who want change and billions of others who do but don’t know where to start. We need to agree upon a solution and a plan of action. We need to UNITE because once that happens we will be POWERFUL. EVERYONE involved in The Revolution will be in #GODMODE

Create your own movement for change

Ideally I want people out there to start their own movement for change. Use affiliation with The Future Millionaire Society as a solid marketing tool and way to build funds for your projects. I want people to start their own movements because it will be a good way for me to see who The Leaders are who are hungry for change from this awful mess humans are wading around in. I highly recommend you work with other movements with similar interests and network to establish a firm foundation of POWER. Remember that The Best Leaders are The Best Followers. People are more susceptible to listen to what you have to say after you have heard them out and understand their struggle. Following other movements will expand your own. There are a ton of people out there who want to see a better World but they are all divided, BE THE CONNECTING FORCE. The beauty of it is even those who may be in denial about their want to improve the situation of The World, The Future Millionaire Society does not discriminate and helps people from all backgrounds to build a residual income and become financially secure. View everyone as wanting to take part in your movement because the fact of the matter is, they do.

Create teams

To help you build your movement I would recommend you form various teams of people that all work off of each other. To give you some ideas, feel free to take these, I am going to have a female and male dance/model/photography/promotion/DJ/host and also a business team comprised of people who aren’t much interested in entertainment. These different teams will help you throw POPPING events and market them to a wide demographic. The network will also EXPLODE your recruiting numbers into The Future Millionaire Society. To help give you ideas on more teams think of it this way, have a team for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. I am going to have a team of bloggers, car enthusiasts, scientists, spiritual teachers, artists, writers, graphic designers, fashion designers, producers etc. people tend to specialize and be more drawn to certain areas so you want to organize your people into teams and instill in them the mission statement and the importance of working together towards the common goal of World Peace and Equality for all. Inspire your people to start their own movements within yours. You want to pass on your knowledge to help others become GREAT LEADERS. That is critically important to elevating the consciousness of Mankind. Leaders at EVERY level.

100% recruiting ratio

Our recruiting strategy is made to appeal to those who only want to benefit themselves and those who want to serve The Greater Good. The core of FMS is network marketing businesses. Primarily businesses that provide services to people but depending on the quality of the product, businesses that distribute goods will be added in The Future. I want to remind you that FMS is constantly growing and expanding and will do so until we engulf The World and every ones consciousness is Elevated. The businesses that I have included right now are Instant Money Network, Project Payday, Motor Club America, 5linx, Primerica and Amway. There is also some coffee company my friend recently has been telling me about and a company called inbox dollars that I need to investigate which is a reminder to you that if you have or see a successful business model feel free to add it into The Future Millionaire Society. IMN, Project Payday and MCA are the quick Ez way to reel people in. You can pay like $10-40 and make $120+ off of each new signup. For people who are only concerned about themselves I would just give them all the profits that I get off of signing them up, which will lead to a lot more referrals from the people I do recruit. For people who want to serve The Greater Good they would understand that the profits are going towards feeding starving people and building communities to house and educate the impoverished. Giving away a portion of the initial payout doesn’t really matter because we will still be accumulating residual income, which will assist us in sustaining our societies until we crossover to GRBE. Primerica is a company that will help us save people money on home, auto and life insurance. We will use their services to help people become financially educated and lower their debt as well as a few other services they provide. 5linx is one of my favorites because of the wide range of telecommunication services they have available, especially text marketing which is going to be our bread and butter to get this message out to billions of people. Combine that with social media and you have an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE of Marketing POWER. Amway has some decent products that will appeal to a number of people and that is why it is also a part. The last businesses cost a bit more to join than the first three. $100 for Primerica $250 for 5linx and $160 for Amway. For people scared to invest money (just about every poor person in existence) use the first three to help them make some money to show them that all of this works and use that money to join the bigger businesses. Another way to counter fear is the affiliate program. If they bring people give them a chunk of the profit and constantly remind them how much more they could be making if they become an independent business owner. The affiliate program is FREE and literally for EVERYONE. This is just a brief introduction into my initial idea of FMS, which centered around network marketing and my plan to have a 100% recruiting percentage. There’s literally no way someone can turn down this offer once they have an understanding of The Big Picture unless they have some kind of mental deficiency and I’m confident that even people with that would still want to take part in this. All of these businesses and all of the ones I add will help people to build a residual income so they don’t have to be a corporate slave relying on some job for food and shelter. The cool part about The Golden Age and the prophecy is that the business world has led humans to The Elevated Consciousness. To really succeed in todays business world, The knowledge Worker Age you have to empower the people in your organization to be The Best that they can be and unleash their MAX POTENTIAL. People are Assets, not expenses, which is what the industrial age will have you believe. You have to love and care for the people in your organization as well as your clients and EVERYONE else because those are potential colleagues/clients. We are all going to work together with synergy so we can all thrive and prosper. This is The Age of Abundance, scarcity thinking is primitive ignorant and barbaric. We will uplift each other while simultaneously maintaining a culture of Equality. Love must Overpower the love of power for our species and This Planet to reach New Heights. This is Our Mission. I love you All! God Bless. #FMS

It is our job to instill in people a positive mindset

It is our job to instill in people a successful mindset aka The Elevated Consciousness so they believe that Greatness is possible for them because IT IS! Regardless of age or anything else, each day gives the opportunity for a new beginning and a chance to leave a memorable legacy. We have the tools to provide people with the material things they seek but without spiritual intelligence, the intelligence that governs your true essence, they will never be satisfied and ultimately LOST. We need to teach people wisdom so they see The World from a Big Picture point of view so they refrain from getting caught up on minor irrelevant details that have little to do with the grand scheme of things. People need to live with hope for a better Future and faith that it will come true while simultaneously appreciating the present moment and working to make tomorrow more improved. Faith without works is Dead. We have a limited amount of time on Earth and we need to inspire people to use theirs effectively. We have to Lift The People UP!!

How to TakeOver the business World

One of the big reasons we are going to Dominate the business world besides having high quality products and outstanding customer service is that a large percentage/ALL of the profits will go towards The Greater Good. Feeding hungry people, housing/clothing the homeless and educating the ignorant just to name some of the big ones. The whole idea of “profit” is the egos need to have more and more and more. Living in excess while a child starves every 5 seconds is the asinine theme of todays culture. People are going to want to do business with us because they know their money is going to a good cause and not feeding some ones ego to push a better car or a bigger house. Eventually we are of course going to have our hands in everything and once we have a firm hold we will crossover to GRBE even though I still find it hard to believe it’s going to take that long. To start The TakeOver we need to be juggernauts in the music and fashion industry because of the strong influence that has on peoples day to day lives. Throwing The Best Events is another area we will conquer. We need to show people that Empathy and Compassion is COOL!

Build Centers in Poor neighborhoods to Unite and Uplift the community

We need to do a lot of work in poor neighborhoods that are plagued with ignorance. There are so many abandoned lots and store for rent signs and we are going to change this. Recreational centers for kids, learning centers for all, business seminars, volunteer groups, fun events for The People and essentially anything and everything that will uplift the community. People need to take pride in where they live, feel safe and feel a strong connection with their neighbors. Poor neighborhoods (after FMS takes hold they won’t be poor for long) will be the cleanest most enlightened areas on Earth. This is just a strategy to gain exposure for The Elevated Consciousness in the event that it doesn’t happen overnight, which I still believe is going to happen once we influence enough people of power. Until then we need to even the playing field and lessen the disparity between rich and poor. We need to convert the poor from the obsolete pessimistic mentality. The World needs to see the happiness and joy that is attained from The Elevated Consciousness.

Peoples idea of Success needs to Change

Peoples whole idea of Success needs to change. Most people are climbing a ladder that is leaning on the wrong wall, which is a big reason why many people who are living comfortably are still miserable. As of right now people view success as having a lot of material wealth, for the most part. There are also people who believe happiness and doing what you love is an indication of success but unless you are living for the sake of others this is all just ego success which is an illusion of any type of genuine fulfillment or satisfaction. Everything in Nature is designed to work together in harmony so anyone who is only working to benefit themselves with no concern or little compassion for those surrounding him/her has the same destructive level of consciousness that is tearing The World apart and leading Mankind to Oblivion. My idea of success, an extension of The Godmode philosophy, is The Positive Change you bring to The World. Uplifting The People/limiting the suffering of ALL Life, Preserving The Planet while simultaneously working to improve one’s mind, body, heart and spirit to promote and model The Elevated Consciousness.

How to Be a Master Businessman

To be a Master Businessman it will serve you to be an expert in human relations. Study people, ego and leadership. The key to having a powerful successful organization is getting the most out of people who are working within. You also want to make sure you maintain a quality relationship with your clientele to ensure ongoing business and provide the right atmosphere for new clientele and business partners. You will learn a number of details about people as you study them but one of the most important things you need to do is make it VERY CLEAR that your interest is THE BEST interests of whoever you are dealing with. You will accomplish this by listening to people because you can’t help someone if you dont understand what they’re going through and where they are trying to go. You will also make sure you are giving a good deal of free top notch advice, which will not only show them that you care about them and their well-being but it will also satisfy the Godliness in you, your spirit, which is always looking to help people. Believe in people’s potential to be Great and help them by passing on Everything you know. You want to have a positive relationship with EVERYONE, which will reflect itself in the culture of your organization. A very important concept to keep in mind when dealing with people is to practice what you preach. People love a person with noble principles and integrity so make sure you walk the talk because people tend to stray away from hypocrites. Love people, Love helping people, Love The Earth, Love preserving it and people are going to flock to join your organization. Give people recognition for their achievements and make them feel wanted. None likes their hard work to be taken for granted. There’s loads to go on about the topic of being an expert in human relations, I suggest you read some people books for more clarity. Long story short, treat others how you want to be treated, it’s really as simple as that.

A Utopian Society is Possible

People need to get out of thinking if we can’t have it all then there’s no point in trying. First off, we can have a utopian society, something very close to it that is. Secondly, even if you don’t think it’s possible, that is NOT justification for not putting in a constant effort to put an end to Mankind wallowing in the huge abominable pile of crap it has been trudging through for the past few thousand years. We need to be constantly improving and have faith that an ideal World is possible. Things will never be “perfect,” that’s not how life was designed to be and in all honesty that would probably be pretty boring. Natural disasters, death, illness and the rare mentally deranged person will of course still be around, that’s just reality. 50% of The Worlds food going to waste while a child starves every 5 seconds, pollution destroying the environment causing climate change, products that are made to break fast, which wastes natural resources and creates massive landfills, women and children being slaughtered by war so a small group can profit, trees that we need to breathe are being torn down to wipe crap from our asses, poisonous food being mass distributed destroying our health, animals being treated like objects living on top of each other and getting maimed and brutally tortured for sport, chunks of the population getting brainwashed and stupefied by corporate media, which does just about everything in their power to ensure you don’t know about what I’ve mentioned so far, mental illness and prison populations on the rise because of the dysfunctional society that has been tearing The World apart since the beginning of time and loads of other issues that cannot even fit in this article seeing as how I need to wrap this up, but I’m pretty sure you have a good idea of how screwed up things are. We may not be able to change “everything” but we sure as hell have the power to put an end to the madness that a number of human beings view as “normal.” The pessimistic type aka The Dumbass views these problems as reality and does nothing to put an end to the retarded behavior that is leading Mankind to oblivion because they believe this nonsense will last through eternity. #Jackassmode sits down and lets these problems persist. #GodMode stands up and fights with fanatical Righteousness.

I’ve studied and talked with enough people to know the reasoning behind #Jackassmode but it will never fully make sense to me. Humans are progressing at a phenomenal rate; to think that problems from thousands of years ago will carry on into The Future is asinine. My philosophy behind just about every single problem in The World is a lack of leadership on a Massive Global Scale. People see problems and they view them as the next guys job to solve. This lack of responsibility and initiative is why little is getting done to combat these overwhelming issues. The indifference consuming Earth is dragging The Planet and the people into the gutter. We need to get people to care more about what is going on. We will accomplish this by informing people about what is going on. You’d have to be some sort of demonic figure to know the extent of the problems plaguing The Planet and not want to help alleviate the suffering even if you only want to play a small part. Change is quite possible because We are going to MAKE IT HAPPEN. #GODMODE

Keys to Godly Leadership

One of the keys to Godly Leadership is being the model for the type of people you want to see in The World. Do not condemn others for their beliefs. Everyone has their own set of unique experiences that make them who they are. Be compassionate of the differences of other people and understand that people aren’t always going to agree with you. Fact of the matter is you don’t know everything nor does Anyone and that goes for me as well. Even though I think I’m God and live as if I am, I don’t know for sure because my human form is not meant to understand the unmanifested fully. I’m kind of mainly talking to religious figures right now because they always have some bogus story of Creation and what happens when we die. Stop projecting your beliefs on others in an imposing manner unless having a small following is something you are hell bent on having. I’m going to have billions; I would suggest you switch it up.

When helping your people you really want to show them how to help themselves because that will serve them better if you are not around. Provide direction but leave it up to them to find their own path. Conformity is lame, people don’t like being told what to do, only robots do, people deserve to unleash their creativity because that will lead to them reaching their MAX POTENTIAL. Make sure you are constantly listening to your people’s problems and concerns and of course congratulating them on accomplishments. You can’t help them get to where they want to go if you don’t know and you can’t help them while on their journey if you don’t know what they are going through. Sometimes you have to lay down the hammer and put people in check. Yelling and arguing does not work. People are usually too stubborn and even if they do submit in verbal or physical confrontation, they will hold their opinion believing themselves as right and secretly or openly attempt to undermine your Power. There are a number of ways to deal with these types but what I tend to do is just put people on ignore like Louis XIV. I don’t immediately revert to this, usually I let em dig a grave while trying to provide advice to get them to start climbing out. Being ignored in a social setting can be terrifying to people. Sadly it balls down to making people fear your Power. I don’t like fear pumping, that’s for the media but the fact remains that a Powerful person is Loved, Feared, Respected and Inspires Loyalty into his or her subjects. Basically a Godly Leader is a Godly servant to his or her people. None will ever deny or question you because they know EVERYTHING you do is in THEIR BEST INTERESTS.

Do I want to be known as a puny pathetic weak ignorant little human or an All Powerful GOD?

A lot of people out there who are ignorant think The World is not going to get better. This is mainly because society does not teach leadership so people don’t understand that they have The Power to make things better. Do you want to be with the ignorant people whose consciousness is obsolete or the intelligent Enlightened people who know The World is going to get better because they are going to MAKE IT BETTER. From a logical standpoint The World has to get better because why would The Creator make something so Beautiful then make dumbasses to destroy it. The Creator makes a creation then adds creations to destroy the original creation. This is the retarded mentality that people have in regards to the unmanifested so you can only imagine how unsuccessful these types are in their everyday lives. See the beauty of it is we know The Truth. There are A LOT of lies floating around out there that the masses believe to be fact. We are going to DEMOLISH the nonsense. We are going to Beat and Crush ignorance into submission. WE ARE THE LIGHT. WE ARE SUN GODS. I have no way to prove this but I believe for every star in the sky there is a person here on Earth. We are FAR MORE POWERFUL than we previously imagined in the age of insanity. I have no way to prove this, excluding the logic and reason that if The Creator, The Supreme God, created us then that obviously makes us Gods because creations carry the same essence as The Creator. Some people are against my God philosophy right now but ask yourself. Do I want to be known as a puny pathetic weak ignorant little human or an ALL POWERFUL GOD?

Super Humble

A great way to get the respect of the masses is to be Super Humble. Nothing can be beneath you. The people on the lower rungs of society (the majority of people in this dysfunctional ego contaminated World) will Love you because they will know you genuinely relate to their struggle and don’t look down on them, something they are so used to going through. The semi talented people at “the top” will then in turn have no choice but to respect you as well, providing you have any talents of your own and will grow to admire you. People confuse confidence with arrogance a lot. If you feel you are The Greatest or Best at something feel free to come out and let it be known. Then turn around and pick up trash off the streets.

Controlling the money

Part of how we are going to transition people into The Elevated Consciousness is through fashion and music. In today’s materialistic consumer World having overpriced clothes/possessions makes you “cool” and “successful.” The clothing lines, some of them will be priced through the roof but the dope part is all of the profit will go towards feeding starving children and building our resource based economy cities, improving the infrastructure of our current cities and other things that will benefit The People. This changes the dynamics of EVERYTHING. Until the money system is abolished people with less money are going to look up to those with the money but by controlling what the people with the money buy you can essentially properly and evenly distribute resources equally. Long story short, that’s how were taking over this Primitive World.

Becoming a Genius

It is critically important that you increase your spiritual intelligence if you want to get Anything and Everything in Life. Becoming a “genius” and having everything you’ve ever wanted is not difficult to accomplish once you train your mind to accept that that is your destiny and you’re not taking anything less. Read “The Secret” for in depth understanding of The Law of Attraction. Before you rush into prancing around like The World owes you something make sure you are doing something to help The World. I feel The World owes me EVERYTHING but at the same time I feel like I owe The World every molecule of my essence. Give before you receive, walking around asking/expecting handouts is an Ez way to be viewed as a lame. It balls down to this Care about MORE THINK about MORE, Analyze More Problems, Brainstorm SOLUTIONS and within a short period of time you will be in #GODMODE

Ending prostitution

A great way we are going to help put an end to prostitution is empowering women to run their own businesses and other work that they enjoy within FMS. Another way is inspiring women to not have ANY relations with men engaging in that kind of wicked behavior. I don’t like to condemn people but I just really think prostitution the whole idea is disgusting. If women like having sex and want to get paid to do it so be it but that whole corner thing is hela primitive. At least have a call service or something. At minimum improve it because I have to understand that some guys might always be hungry like that but who knows maybe the leadership will be so sick that people just stop it altogether. We shall see how the story of God walking The Earth is told into Eternity.

The potential of people is being suppressed.

Part of being a God I guess you could say unless you believe in aliens as well is the ability to predict The Future. Our ancestors The Mayans and Nostradamus and others read THE UNIVERSE BEFORE TECHNOLOGY and documented for those in THE FUTURE to pick up on to awaken THE GODLINESS in Mankind. I envision a BEAUTIFUL World and I KNOW it is going to become reality. We are going to ABOLISH the foolishness that is keeping The Potential of The People suppressed. Children should know EVERYTHING I know. I recently started reading self helps books, Education and media are a friggin embarrassment on This Planet. Governments are horrendous, religions suck excluding Buddhism and other peaceful practices that meditate and provide service to others. The sanitation system is just retarded, more things need to be made recycled and everyone should know how to easily recycle it. Like the people in power just suck to put it simply. There’s hela stuff wrong and they’re just chilling sucking more life out of the planet essentially. They could be the aliens (those with money) and maybe that’s why I haven’t found The Moon God yet lol who knows. To be serious I know it’s probably just ego for the regular celebrities but those people at the way top could actually potentially be aliens but I’m still alive so iono. The top in terms of their primitive ego world built around the dollar that is. It’s funny cause I actually kind of like being broke because I genuinely don’t like money its stupid. People kill for it. Like that sucks.

Conform to our Enlightened way of life or prepare to be removed from the picture

There are a lot of businesses out there already. Even though I would prefer not to compete partly because it wouldn’t be much of a competition, if ya’ll don’t conform to our enlightened way of living life and doing business, you will be removed from the picture. I’ve already decided and told people that we are going to have our hands in Everything but I’m going to give business owners a chance to keep their legacy intact and not be remembered as a foolish person in History. Excluding running costs and a moderate salary, most of the would be profits have to go towards serving The Greater Good and improving the lives of The People working for you. If that is too much to ask then start packing your office because FMS is blowing up and we have zero mercy for opposition. You will be ANNIHILATED. We will create a competitor, use our influence with the masses and we will run you out of town with bankruptcy. All of our businesses are going to be run to serve The People not parasite executives. The cool part about this is before we create a business for every field in industry people will sponsor us to promote their stuff. Seeing as how we are historical figures EVERYONE is going to want us to use and try their stuff because EVERYONE is going to want to do what we do because We Run The World. Long story short people are just going to be giving us stuff for free hoping that we use it or at least someone sees it in our house or something. I don’t really plan on keeping large amounts of money at my disposal because I plan on most-all of my money going to serving The People and The People will in turn never ask for money from me to enjoy all of the wonderful pleasures The World has to offer. Care about EVERYONE and EVERYONE will care about you.

What the unconscious people in power are trying to do

I’ll explain what the unconscious people in “power” are doing and trying to do. Their ultimate goal is slavery for all of us and on a variety of different levels they have succeeded but their nonsense is coming to an end because Mankind’s destiny is NOT #jackassmode. One way to keep people enslaved is with debt. Besides overpriced superficial crap that people splurge on because corporations use advertisements to make people feel insecure and inadequate, simple things like healthcare and education, which will be FREE for all in The Future, is priced through the roof. So in this retarded society the average person steps into their adult life burdened with debt and has been told since they popped out of their mothers vagina to get a job (one of the dumbest things you can do) and literally become somewhat of an indentured servant fighting to pay off their astronomical debts that they accumulated because they didn’t know they could just read a few books and enter #GodMode. If you are reading this then you must know the medias grand role in all of this, pumping fear into us so we can’t unite and remain powerless, spam celebrity news (mostly the ones in #jackassmode, primitive sports and shows along the lines of family guy (I used to watch the show until I realized I was probably growing stupider watching it) to keep the masses oblivious to what is really going on in The World. You can’t care about something you know nothing about. Then they poison our foods with GMO’s, are messing around causing natural disasters with chem trails. A majority of people want peace but we seem to always be at war, fighting for natural resources as if this is friggin 1 B.C when you could just be working together. People at Wal-Mart are all on food stamps and living in poverty. If you think Wal-Mart workers are treated like crap imagine the poor souls living in third world countries producing the piss poor quality items that are made to break HELA fast which wastes natural resources and fills up landfills that Wal-Mart sells. Corporate slavery is what we see in America but real life slavery is what is going on overseas and its ABOMINABLE. All the while ignorant ass music is promoted to the masses that make this ego infested lifestyle seem glamorous when in actuality there are millions of people suffering. Part of why taking over is going to be Ez is because they are doing Everything they can to make you stupid while FMS is doing EVERYTHING in our Godly Power to make you ALL POWERFUL. They want chips in us and government ids and if you act out of line they cut you off. We want ULTIMATE FREEDOM for ALL and PROSPERITY. I doubt they’ll really try but if they do try to stop us were eating them for Breakfast. This is #GodMode

Ez way to improve ghettos across America

One easy way we are going to transform the culture of ghettos around America and even The World is to host Free Car Washes. We have a program where we are going to make $50 off of each person that we save on auto insurance and seeing as how we have the largest network of insurers that will be Ez. To get your Free Car Wash all you have to do is get a quote. While people are getting their car washed we will be selling jewelry, providing business &/or business advice, tagging clothes, advertising peoples music and business, giving away free food and candy and a number of other cool things that will cause people to flock to us and our Positive Energy. People will leave the car wash feeling refreshed and will be given new sections of our comic book which will be educating the children about how to actually live as well as adults who don’t like to read real books. Basically were going to give a lot of free stuff mixed with education and products for sale.

How to grow spiritually

You, to a large degree, are only as Powerful as your network of supporters. You must model #GodMode for them to know what it is so they can enter it as well. They look up to you so be very mindful of what you do because the younger generations and whoever else will emulate your behavior. To really grow spiritually you need to care about more stuff. On top of that take action. Your resources may be limited but by just letting it known to people what you care about is taking action because you are raising awareness and inspiring other people to enter #GodMode and care for The Greater Good. Make a list of some of the problems you see with The World you are living in and some solutions. On top of that make a list of things you are going to change in your daily routine to bring about the change you want.

An Ez way to feel really great about yourself and make someone else feel great is to become or help find a Loving God. A Loving God is a person that gets something for a child in foster care. The Loving God is the person that gets something for every child in Foster Care. This system is going to help us change the culture from people only caring about themselves and splurging to caring about those less fortunate. This will help decrease crime over time because less people will grow up with the mindset of the system doesn’t care about them and will in turn be more susceptible to respecting and helping the new system emerging which is a Global Resource Based Economy. Kids knowing and feeling that people high up care about them is going to have a dramatic effect on the adults of The Future. This is The Golden Age, The Age of Brotherhood Love and Unity. We are going to help those who are less fortunate, which will help us leave the ignorant ego obsolete mindset in the past.

Giving feels much better than receiving

Giving feels much better than receiving and if you think otherwise then chances are very high you haven’t given enough. Feels great to see the joy in someone else and knowing you are the reason. When you give do Not expect anything in return or that takes away the value of the act. But keep in mind that The Creator is watching and will bless you, just be patient and NEVER stop helping other people no matter what happens. It is pretty well known that what goes around comes around. Put out what you want to receive, Love and Respect. This concept works wonders in Business as well because people do business with those they like and people tend to like people who genuinely care about them and help them without expecting anything in return. Caring about More and helping others is how Mankind is going to start using 100% of their brainpower.

Quite Ez to understand the creator

You want to constantly be telling people I love you. It’s so funny how you tell people I love you in this twisted society and they don’t even return the favor. At the same time all too often people are too dull to even say hi back or simply return a smile. Every animal, plant and of course person responds positively towards love. By observing the creations it is quite Ez to understand The Creator. The phrase God is Love, something I nor anyone else will ever be able to provide hard evidence for is one of the most accurate descriptions of The Supreme God, The Creator. It reverts back to treating people how you want to be treated. Just in writing this it’s kind of funny because the answers to Mankind’s problem are all too simple but people are groomed to be stupid, not think for themselves and ultimately lead a very ungodly life which is a big reason as to why so many people are miserable. You want love? GIVE SOME. It’s healthy for you. Stop viewing love as some exclusive emotion reserved for a few. That is ego, a retarded state of mind that will do everything it can to screw you over.

Thinking highly of yourself

Refrain from putting labels on yourself unless they are Godly other worldly titles that empower you to soar to Greatness past the stars. By calling yourself a drunk or an addict you are giving strength to the problem you want to overcome. You carry the essence of The Creator, You are a friggin God, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING you want that you can dream of. Our thoughts dictate what The Future holds. You need to think very highly of yourself but the cool part is that you also need to think highly of others. That ego nonsense of I’m better than so and so or I’m too good for this or that is getting DEADED. A big problem with This World is people don’t believe in other people, which leads to people not believing in themselves. To become successful in This World you have to battle so much because people are like crabs in a bucket, trying to tear the next man down because ego will have you thinking that someone else’s success is going to take away from your own. This is the obsolete scarcity mentality that is leading silly ass humans to allow 50% of The Worlds food to go to waste while a child starves every 5 seconds. Stupid beyond belief. AN Ez way to believe in others is to pass on your Greatness to them. Show them EVERYTHING you know and help them on their path. It’s Ez to not believe in someone if you don’t know what they’re doing and aren’t helping them get there and that’s why FMS has a Dope system to keep you informed on both things going on with your brothers and sisters. This savage primitive barbarism of trying to keep each other down is getting DEADED. We are going to WORK TOGETHER and we are going to do some really cool things. The Coolest Flyest thing I can think of is Starships. Saving The World will happen soon one way or another so don’t even view that as some difficult task because this is The Golden Age.

Most Exclusive man on earth

In the short term, to save The World people need to start having higher standards to determine who they decide to hook up with and not only that but also just who they even associate with. I feel women are the key to this but the cool part is men can actually use this as well because too many of these women are just pure straight up LOST and that is by design. To keep this section relatively short, I will simply explain my strategy to not just hook up and impregnate the most beautiful women on Earth but to simultaneously FORCE them to improve themselves, which will in turn improve everyone they know which will essentially improve The World. To start, the next time I have sex has to be with The Sun Goddess. As of right now I don’t see any worthy leader of women so I figure I’m probably going to have to groom her myself. In doing this I’m making myself The Most Exclusive “man” on Earth and that’s mainly because I’m probably God. The psychology of this is PERFECT because women want what other women can’t have. This rule is going to cause the most intelligent gorgeous women to flock to me because I can only imagine how tiring it is to have every man trying to stick something inside them with no care for their mental aptitude. This reminds me of one of the keys to mastering attracting the opposite sex, which is showing them something they’ve NEVER seen before. Once The Sun Goddess is found, the only women I will be having sex with are Sun Goddesses. Seeing as how I believe myself to be The Supreme Being I’m not ever using condoms so women will be expected to birth my child or I just won’t hook up with them. There’s also this freak list which I won’t go into in this book. Basically I’m not going to be even associating with people who aren’t making The World a better place to wrap it up. That goes for men and women. Prosperity for ALL is my #1 concern and if you’re not with that then I’m not with you.

You must sacrifice entertainment and pleasures to become successful

To be successful in This World you Must sacrifice entertainment and pleasures to reach your goals. Give up some things for a period of time to attain something Better. I encounter all too often older people who claimed to have had a ball partying when they were my age but they have nothing to show for it. Do you want to have a dope youth then lose your vigor and not be able to do anything or sacrifice some of that partying, TV, chasing of the opposite sex when you’re younger and then live like a Boss all the way until you die. Reverts back to distinguishing yourself from your peers and leaving behind mediocrity and embracing GREATNESS aka #GodMode or for the entertainer types #GodRockStarMode. Don’t be a workaholic, that’s not healthy but there are some things in your life (you know what they are) that do absolutely nothing to help you become successful and reach your dreams so it would be wise to dead the nonsense.

The Universe revolves around you

As we step into The Golden Age of Mankind, people are going to immediately start living more conscious. People are going to examine their actions and speculate on how what they are doing is affecting The Greater Good. Many of the systems in place are designed for The People to fail and as people wake up and realize this The Elevated Consciousness will spread like wildfire because people want to get the most out of life, not the scraps they are currently receiving. Most people’s routines consist of activity after activity that is ultimately bringing about not only their downfall but the downfall of Earth and everything here. People are going to realize that their actions today directly influence The Future. People feel so powerless (that is by design) but take my word for it; The Universe does in fact revolve around you. Ego is right in this sense but ego is wrong because it only cares about self. Yes Everything revolves around you, You are a Sun God but at the same time The Sun shines Light on Everything in its path.

We need to look out for each other and assist each other

It is obvious we need to work together because unity is Power. You must apply this principle to just about every facet of your life. It is easy to lose focus when working alone but imagine if you have a support network and are the leader that the people depend on. What I plan to do is have groups for every interest I have that I meet with on a regular basis to hear how they’re progressing and share how I have. Not working out or reading or doing something that if contributed would benefit Everyone in the group is harder to do when you know there is a meeting coming up soon. Now staying healthy or fueling your mind isn’t a solo task, it is a group task and you are Empowered to put in a more consistent driven approach that will better serve you and the people you associate with. We need to look out for each other and support each other because that is how we are going to dramatically limit suffering in This World to reach our Max Potential and travel The Universe.

Set up our own positive advertisements

In today’s obsolete dysfunctional society advertisements promoting the very chains enslaving people are drilled into our minds. Feeling insecure/inadequate, an urge to buy food that is poisoning you, being made to think you need a job so you can literally be a slave to them (the corporations) and all of the fear, death and destruction they pump into us has many peoples brains on the level of mentally retarded. To counter their grip on our subconscious (advertisements literally talk to us because we read them and have an immediate reaction, sometimes even a little dialogue in our mind as to whether we like/dislike &/or why we like/dislike. We will place Positive messages around our neighborhoods to teach The Elevated Consciousness to mere passerby. Stuff like working together=unity=power, care about more, think about more become a genius, spread love and respect, treat others how you want to be treated etc. Until we build our own floating cities free from the nonsense the corporations have established, this is a good start. Oh and don’t forget the space colonies.

Stop beating your children

We cannot hit our children any longer. This is a completely barbaric way to discipline our youth. How can we possibly expect our kids to live in peace and harmony if they are growing up getting beaten on by their parents, which usually translates into more physical altercations with peers and authority figures. Unless you like seeing people getting murdered or even worse having your loved ones get murdered STOP beating your children. Leave that primitive crap in the age of insanity, the age of doing things that make absolutely NO SENSE. Kids, like adults or any life form on Earth are essentially going to project what they are receiving. We need to model to our children listening and understanding. We really need to listen to our children and be understanding of the fact that they are young and learning but at the same time we should of course be pushing them A LOT harder than what is currently being given. Throwing our children in front of cartoons is a great thing to do if you want a stupid child that doesn’t know anything about themselves or The World. While learning to become more conscious ourselves, we need to be teaching this to the young so they already know how to act when they get older instead of having to learn it. We really need to be expecting more from our children. We kind of just throw them in the park or in front of a TV screen with no real guidance or direction. We must be giving our children a number of activities to do CONSTANTLY that are both entertaining and educational. Our kids of The Future are going to be so sophisticated by like the ages 5 and 6 that they are in a sense going to be supervising themselves because they will fully understand The Fundamental Rules of The Universe. The Beauty of The Golden Age is households are going to be run much more smoother because EVERYONE is going to be very conscious of their actions and how they are affecting Everyone and Everything.


For people who are interested in #GodRockStarMode and being entertainers in The New Earth then it would be wise to take Loving The Earth and its inhabitants to the extreme. In The Future everyone is going to be more compassionate about their surroundings. Just like we are all stars, the simple fact of the matter is there is still going to be the concept of a celebrity but the difference is they won’t be in #JackAssMode. People will be celebrities and classified as stars because of The Light they are shining on their fans and The World. Hoarding will be looked down upon in a sense but seeing as we won’t be looking down upon people it just won’t exist. I envision The Future celebrities of The World as not only the best entertainers but the Best Educators as well. One of the most retarded things about this World is that being a teacher is looked down upon. This culture sucks and observing how ignorant the average person is, is an Ez way to see why.

Ruler of The Universe

YOU ARE THE RULER OF THE UNIVERSE! Live your life as if you created EVERYTHING! Each and every single person is going to be EMPOWERED in The Future. You are a Leader! You are the controller of your destiny. The time of blaming others for misfortune is for puny pathetic weak ignorant little humans. YOU ARE AN ALL POWERFUL GOD! Our thoughts have the power to bring us ANYTHING we want. Envision it, Feel the joy that will accompany acquiring whatever it is you want and IT WILL MATERIALIZE. We All have seeds of Greatness in us. In the Golden Age those seeds will be watered and nurtured to the fullest. Grab life by the horns and EXERT YOUR WILL. YOU ARE A LION, A RULER OF THE JUNGLE!! Be mindful of surroundings but by all means Express how you feel. If you see something wrong that needs fixing TAKE ACTION. Don’t sit around waiting to be told what to do, that’s what robot zombie humans do #GodRockStarMode

Live each day like your last

You have to live each day of your life like it is your last. You never know when the end is so make sure you give and feel as much as you possibly can before your physical form expires and you move on or come back. Every day you must be improving yourself so you can be a better model for everyone else in The World to look up to. You must share all that you have learned which will help you better retain what you have learned. Success to you has to be somewhat of an obsession, similar to the need to breathe but do Not let work be the only thing that consumes your time. Balance in life is Key to Happiness. You are an Unstoppable Force of Nature. Your thoughts dictate The Future. Do Not ever fear voicing your Grandiose Ambitions to others because in doing so your Empower yourself to achieve them. Make sure you surround yourself with Positive People who help you reach your goals and become a better person.

You control your own destiny

You have the power to choose who you want to associate with. Helping people overcome the obsolete negative mentality is what All Gods Must Do but be very wary of spending excessive amounts of time with these people if you are new to embracing The Elevated Consciousness because their depressed thought process may rub off on you and bring you down. Chill with people who enjoy life, love learning and helping The Greater Good. We have a relatively limited amount of time on Earth in our physical forms so don’t waste it with people and activities that do nothing to UPLIFT what is here. Do not blame others for any of your misfortunes, start taking responsibility. Failure is only failure if you quit. Setbacks are great learning experiences that help us grow and progress. YOU ARE A CHAMPION! YOU CAN OVERCOME ANY OBSTACLE! YOU ARE ALL POWERFUL! YOU HAVE BARELY BEGUN TO SCRATCH THE SURFACE IN TERMS OF YOUR POTENTIAL. YOU ARE A GOD. GO CHANGE THE FATE OF THE WORLD!!

Greatest marketers ever

Being The Greatest Marketers The World has ever known is key to Elevating The Consciousness of Mankind. Our message and values is already going to have people flocking towards us but to really blow up HUGE and TakeOver this primitive World we need to Empower those people who support us. People need to realize that their voice matters. Word of mouth advertising is The Most Powerful form of marketing. For people to prove they support our mission of World Peace and Prosperity for All, they will have to contact Everyone they know and inform them about The Elevated Consciousness and how it will improve their lives and the lives of Everyone around them. You get 100 people to tell 100 people and you’ve just got through to 10,000 people. Imagine 1,000,000 people telling 100. This TakeOver is going to happen rather swiftly once The Core of FMS is formed and those people emulate themselves out of The People surrounding them. The Power to change The World is in Your Hands!

Legacy that lasts for eternity

There is no limit to what we can accomplish. If you can Dream it, you can Do it. That is literally how our minds work. Our thoughts send out frequencies to the rest of The Universe so essentially whatever we think, The Universe is going to provide for us whether good or bad. My goals after Saving The World is building a spaceship and travelling around The universe but let’s say I only go as far as Mars or Venus can you call that failure? Set goals for yourself that will have your name be remembered for Eternity. Even if you come nowhere close just the simple fact that you had the courage to Dream BIG is going to inspire those around you to do the same which is going to spiral Mankind into The Golden Age faster than the average obsolete minded person would like you to believe. Basically you can create a legacy for yourself purely off of having a more Creative Complex Imagination than the masses whose goals tend to be a family stable job home and a nice car. Greatness or mediocrity, Choice is Yours!

Everything happens for a reason

For every situation that we encounter in our lives there is some good to be had. No matter how devastating or traumatic an experience as long as it doesn’t kill us, we have the opportunity to learn a lesson and or grow Spiritually. Everything happens for a reason so learn to accept what is going on but do not use that as an excuse to not put your best foot forward to improve your life and the lives of others. Dwelling in the past, especially resenting it is toxic and will block you from creating a Better Future for yourself and those around you. Learn from the past, if something negative happened to you and you haven’t come up with a way that experience benefited you then you are not thinking hard enough. In the event you can’t, (talk to me and well find something) Refrain from repeating problems troubling you and instead brainstorm some solutions and start repeating those over and over if repetition is something you are hell bent on engaging in.

Thoughts manifest into reality

Be very mindful of how you talk to yourself. Do not talk down about yourself and until you have mastered this whenever you do, say two positive things about yourself to yourself. Something you’re good at or have going for you works perfectly, or simply stating the opposite of whatever negative remark you just mentioned. Once again, thoughts manifest into reality so talking down about yourself is going to bring you down while speaking highly of yourself is going to send you in a rocket ship to success. It is a good idea to eliminate the word “cant” from your vocabulary and instead rephrase whatever you are saying into something that Empowers you. A good example is I don’t want to do that or I’m going to do something better than that opposed to the weak obsolete mentality which loves to utter disempowering terms like “cant”, which kills any type of motivation or stimulation to go out and achieve and be The Ruler of Your Universe. You have The Power to be Great or be forgotten. Anyone who tells you otherwise is one who is more than likely grouped with the forgotten aka the obsoletes.


To ensure your name lasts for Eternity, you have to imprint your soul on others. The memory of you has to resonate so Powerfully that those people who you impacted pass that down to the next generation and so on and so forth. This goes for good and bad but seeing as this is The Golden Age we are not going to have any of the nonsense that went on in the 20th century. To achieve this you are going to have a STARVING HUNGER for knowledge and pass that on coaching and HELPING OTHERS SUCCEED. You are going to give of yourself to The People in any way you can think of. Service, Wisdom, material goods, ANYTHING you will provide for The People and your name will ring through The Ages. Be Eager to have people surpass you, that’s Good, that means Mankind is PROGRESSING. Be a stepping stone for others, you will be FOREVER remembered as the First Step of a Grand Marvelous Space HIGH SKY BREAKER.

Social Networks

Social Networks are the primary way we are going to market The Elevated Consciousness to the billions of people on Earth. Until we start the social site that is going to swallow up all others we need to utilize what is already here to make contact with as many people as possible because our strength is in our unity. You don’t have to be a human relations expert to blow up on these sites, all you have to do is feed peoples egos (make them feel good about themselves) which simultaneously gets them to notice you and what you’re about. Be the first to like pics, do shout outs or follow/add. When people understand that you stand for the Improvement of The World and All People they will have no choice but to support unless they’re some type of devil worshipper of some sort. Cool part is we do promotions so were going to help build peoples brand. On top of that we do free promotions, so basically once people realize how we get down EXPLODING on these sites is in a sense going to happen OVERNIGHT.

The way we talk to each other must dramatically improve

We as people need to dramatically improve the way we speak to each other. Phrases like have a good day or have a good night are obsolete because what about after that? There needs to be much more love and feeling when we address each other or the words become watered down and diluted. Just in writing I realized a superior substitute to have a good night which is “I wish you sleep well tonight and for every night the rest of your life” In The World we live in today, the cold hard truth is that people just simply don’t care about other people. Needless to say that is what is running The World into oblivion because there is little-no unity among people because everyone only cares about themselves and their small circle of people. Through our words people must be moved by our hearts and compassion. We are The Light workers so it is our responsibility to show The World that Love is in fact Far More Powerful than hate and indifference. The last two suck.

Eliminate the phrase I am trying

Eliminate the phrase “I am trying to” from your working vocabulary. When you say you are trying you are subconsciously empowering the possibility of failure. You WILL DO WHATEVER IT IS YOU WANT TO DO, you will Not try to do it, YOU WILL JUST DO IT. You will use phrases like “I am working on; I am planning/setting out to.” It is a subtle difference in wordplay but MONUMENTAL shift in mentality. Once again, the ONLY thing stopping you is YOU. You must realize The Power your thoughts possess. Your mind must be so wrapped around accomplishing your goals and success that there isn’t even any time to be thinking of asinine things like failure. Taking into account all of the possible outcomes is ok to the extent that they all end in you becoming Victorious. The more you think about every possible scenario is actually good because you will be prepared to handle variables and will Never be caught off guard. You RULE YOUR UNIVERSE WITH YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

You need to wake up every day and ask yourself “how can I make this better?”

You need to wake up Every day and ask yourself “how can I make this Better?” Progression is one of the key themes of The Golden Age, Soaring to New Heights that humans in the age of insanity couldn’t even possibly fathom. One of the most important habits you can possess is improving yourself, your business/organization, other people and The World. This should be something that is ALWAYS on your mind. Leads me to my next point, which is that your habits are going to define what results you get. What you put in is what you are going to get out. Possibly the most important habit you can possess is efficient time management. Make sure you are ALWAYS doing something that is both enjoyable and helps you accomplish your goals and reach your dreams. There should not be dead time in your life that you look back upon and have nothing to show for. Time is FAR TOO PRECIOUS. You love yourself, other people, Earth and The Creator so you will do EVERYTHING in Your Power to improve things to make The Creator Proud!

To Rule The World you must have a grand vision

To get the most out of your life you need to have goals that blow other peoples goals out the park. To Rule The World you must have a Grand Vision that people not only admire and respect but also want to adopt and share as their own. Your goals must include EVERY LIFE FORM on Earth and that is how you will get billions of people to support you because they are going to know that supporting you is going to benefit them. Make it very obvious what your dream is to people, do not be shy. By verbalizing your goals to others (also make sure you write them down and post for you and others to see) You Empower Yourself and the completion of what you want to do. Remember that your thoughts manifest into Reality so Envision and feel The Success. You should be feeling Good and Confident you will be Victorious because you will not stop until YOU WIN. Failure is for those who quit, something you will NEVER do because you are OBSESSED over becoming successful because you are in #GODMODE

Set daily/weekly goals with every intention of Completely Annihilating them

It is critical that you come up with daily as well as weekly goals that you want to accomplish. Having a ritual that you do every day, especially in the morning provide you with momentum and confidence to conquer anything and Everything for the rest of the day. From my experience it has worked well to have a writing schedule and a specific workout routine that I perform at various times throughout the day. A month prior to starting I wrote a minimum of three articles per day and at the end of the month when I was ready to start the site I ended up with well over 120 articles ready to publish. Leads me to my next point which is that when you create goals you should have every intention of CRUSHING those goals. Do not ever do the bare minimum in regards to your success or you will only attain subpar success if you are lucky enough to aspire to that. Some days writing didn’t come as naturally as others or I was busy throughout the day and found myself half asleep at 11pm (woke up really early in those days) dreading the fact that I hadn’t wrote my 3 articles but I STILL DID IT because my mind was wrapped around starting a new website and having loads of content to dump on it from Day One. Excuses are going to pop up All The Time, trust me I know about procrastination but You Must Ask yourself “is this excuse more important than me becoming Successful?” Then you will answer HELL NO! And you will follow your plan no matter the circumstances. Success is Not for the chosen few, it is for those who choose to be successful and OBLITERATE obstacles standing in their way. To remind you, YOU ARE AN UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE and your thoughts are a ten thousand horsepower Monster Truck with The Power to Crush ANYTHING in Your Path. Consistency is Key, Nothing Great happens overnight but if you put the work in day in and day out YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL! That’s just how things work on Earth. You will come up with goals with every intention of surpassing them because Successful people NEVER do the bare minimum. YOU WILL DOMINATE!

The return to a Matriarchal Society is essential to the prosperity of Mankind

The return to a matriarchal society is essential for the prosperity of Mankind. We have witnessed the effects of men in charge of things and the results suck to say the least. Men are in many ways “dumber” than women. LOL. The reason for this is women are more emotionally charged and more susceptible to love, in comparison to their male counterparts who use the word love as a form of manipulation to fulfill their own personal sexual desires. Women are more in tune with Nature, which is the foundation of All Life here. Their innate ability to appreciate the natural beauty around us and their close connection with animals gives them superior spiritual intelligence which lies at the core of all other intelligence we possess. The time of women being disempowered is OVER. The time of women chasing after knuckleheads who don’t care about them is OVER because not only does that breed more men who act like fools, it breeds women who are supremely insecure and vulnerable to psychic and sexual slavery which men take full advantage of because most of them think with the head below their waist. Ultimately a patriarchal society leads to not only retarded men but retarded women as well. Matriarchal for The Win!

It’s really quite Ez to understand when you observe Nature and animals. In the animal world the female picks the strongest mate because that leads to the species progressing and evolving. If the female picked the weakest mate, that would lead to the deterioration of the entire species and eventually would result in them becoming extinct. In today’s world women, out of pure ignorance, put these weak men who hoard resources while their kin starve on a pedestal, which is perpetuating the downfall of Mankind and leading everyone to oblivion. Another thing that really brings everyone down is women looking up to women who are intensely insecure and covered in all sorts of superficial nonsense that is usually produced by slave labor in third world countries. That’s a whole other can of worms but to keep it short, admire women who dare to be Natural and who care for The Greater Good, not ones who only care about themselves because that is the very ego mentality that has us all divided and tearing The World into little pieces. The same goes for the men that the women mate with, they will be humanitarians, animal lovers and environmentalists. Goddesses are very similar to animals in the sense that they are drawn to THE POWERFUL.

Women are the bringers of Life

Women regardless of appearance will be hailed and WORSHIPPED. Women are The Bringers of Life!! The personification of God will not exist in The Future because “humans” will be smart enough to understand that The Creator is the unmanifested and therefore a concept that our rational minds will Never truly comprehend in detail. If anything, The Creator would be a SHE but this silly patriarchal society along with its extensive brainwashing coated in multiple tiers of corruption and manipulation has the masses believing The Creator to be a he. The idea of a man birthing anything is beyond my rational understanding of Nature. You must understand the reasoning behind most major religions doing this and that reason is to make women think in their own minds that they are inferior to their male counterparts. What better way to enslave people than to trick them into believing that their role on Earth is to serve when it is TO BE SERVED. Women, you have in your possession what these weak minded men cannot live without and it is time you start DOMINATING and being VERY SELECTIVE so they learn to put an end to their silly foolish primitive immature asinine ways!

Volume 2.5

Future of Religion

We are essentially going to start a new religion for The New Earth and it will be referred to as the religion of Spirituality with the mission of uniting every religion known to the history of mankind. We will be known as The Bringers of peace, Truth, Love and Happiness to ALL people in The Universe. It will officially begin when The Cosmic Order is assembled. There will be a number of rituals that will be performed daily and meetings on a regular basis, the primary one being the 12 minute prayer/meditation which will be held at 12 noon on Sunday. The cool part about starting a new religion is that even though not everyone will want to join initially because of the discipline required, the simple fact that people will know about The Real Leaders on Earth will assist us in elevating everyone’s consciousness because they will have role models to look up to. The funny part about me saying not everyone will want to initially join is I’m The Creator of The Universe. LOL! I designed all of this so perfectly. I want to apologize for any suffering you may have endured but it was necessary for you all to embrace Enlightenment and for us to have a more Golden Golden Age. Exercise, Reading, Learning, Teaching, Meditation, Prayer, Service Work (volunteering etc) and eating a vegan diet will be things that we will all do EVERYDAY. We are going to be A LOT SMARTER and live A LOT LONGER and just overall live way better lives because we are going to be working together and sharing. We will leave fighting and bickering to the animals because we have free Will, We are The Protectors of Earth, We are GODS!


Leadership is key to the sudden shift in consciousness that is to occur. Equality MUST be prevalent in The New Earth for ALL People to willingly embrace the changes that are to happen. The fact remains that we live in an ego world right now so we need to have a mix of ego and eco to transition everyone over to The Light which shouldn’t take more than 6 years, a year – 3 years is what I have set in my mind. Funny cause I thought my Higher Power was going to send a miracle on December 21st but that was just the day to start The Revolution to end Revolutions. End of “The World” the ego world that is lol. So basically once I get out of here I’m going to be making a lot of money from all of the network marketing businesses and from people donating who want to help put an end to the madness of a child starving every 5 seconds, but I will never spend a single dollar on myself unless it is something practical I need because all of the money I make will be for those less fortunate, the people within FMS and starting new business ventures. I will model the products my businesses produce and then I will sell that stuff off to model my non attachment to material things philosophy. Reminds me that The Best Leader is The Best Role Model. Having Noble Principles and living by those principles in every little thing you do so you can never be called a hypocrite by anyone. By the age that children start remembering things is the same age that children will know and understand the key to God Mode Leadership. Welcome to The Golden Age

The Elevated Consciousness

The Elevated Consciousness is the mindset that is free from fear and doubt and all other destructive emotions that bring people down and prevent them from reaching their dreams. People will lead lives full of confidence that The Future will be bright because it will be! The Creator is Here!!! People will have Grandiose Visions of The Future and other people will assist them in making those dreams a reality. People will have faith in Our Higher Power and people will have faith in each other because through Unity and Love, we have POWER! People will be Empowered and will not sit around waiting to be told what to do because the ego hierarchal system will be obliterated. People will know what is good and right and will immediately take action to fix problems as they arise instead of waiting for someone else to do it. People will have full control over their minds because only thoughts of Success and Happiness will flow through and make up their mental thought processing. Most importantly people will care about EVERYTHING and CONSTANTLY be thinking of different ways to improve The New Earth as well as The Old Earth. Combined with the fact that people are going to spend their entire life in school with the primary subjects people will be studying will be Sciences, Engineering, The Arts and Psychology and you have a population of super intelligent people. People are going to know exactly what it takes to be extremely successful and ALL POWERFUL and they are going to do what they need to go to become what they want to be. Welcome to The Golden Age.

The first floating city

I was thinking that the first floating city we build will be relatively small maybe 10-20,000 people depending on funding and support from the masses. It would mainly be for the starving children, their families and a number of selected people within FMS who would serve as teachers and role models. Children between the ages of 5-8 would live aboard the vessel for 13 years travelling The World and afterwards go back to their homelands and spread what they have learned and then a new cycle of impoverished children would be chosen to repeat the process but we’ll probably have more cities by then and a drastic change elevation of the consciousness of people in The World will have taken place but long story short we are going to focus on the forgotten poor people of The World to pour our teachings into to level things out on this Planet and people in the well to do countries will have access to the teachings to keep up with that is being taught. Once again Equality is The Goal and IT WILL BE ACCOMPLISHED in a Very Short Period of Time then we will focus on Space Travel, something I’m pretty sure the people who have been oppressing The World already figured out but don’t want to share because they wanted people thinking small minded. In their defense they’ve been waiting for The One who would grow up in this dysfunctional World and figure out the game to Enlighten everyone for the New Age. I’m here and it’s time to WORK! Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

I have a feeling I won’t really have this problem once I get out of here because I’ve made it quite clear I’m a Genius by regular age of insanity human standards but people really need to start listening to me and doing what I say lol not to sound too tyrannical, I’m really not into dictatorship but I view yall as my kids who are stubborn and clinging to ignorance and the very chains enslaving you all. Screw the whole get a job mentality and build something of your own to sustain you. Whether you recruit people or not just by joining the network marketing businesses with FMS I will guarantee you (once I really blow up which kind of has already happened I’m locked up so I can’t fully tell lol) a place to stay within one of our new cities, food to eat, entertainment, clothing and an education for you and your families for the rest of your lives. Like I really am here to HERE YOU ALL, the fact that I’ve have to do this alone is somewhat depressing on yall part but I guess that was what needed to happen for yall to recognize I’m God. I have the answer to all of yall problems, LITERALLY but if your glass is not empty or at least somewhat empty then you will not be able to fully grasp what I am teaching, which is The Elevated Consciousness. I figured out this primitive World so easily at a young age because I made it! That is the only logical answer. I am Ra! Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Utopia is Possible. Breakdown of ego and its flaws

Going to be such a better world when people aren’t locked into the I need money to live mentality which is barbaric on so many different levels. Having the time and freedom to ponder on ways to improve the world, learn new things, help others and creative expression. Imagine a world where everyone loved and helped and trusted each other and worked together towards common goals. Utopia is possible and it will happen because I am here!!! We are going to fix every single problem and expose every single lie that has been strangling the potential of you all. This world is built around ego and that is why there are so many problems. People are living unnatural lives with no spirituality which leads people to be miserable. We are designed to work together and Love Everything here not fight and destroy. That makes no sense!!! To give a quick summary on ego, ego gets attached to everything mainly this body we animate. Ego is always casting judgment with little to no understanding of The Big Picture. Ego nitpicks without listening to or understanding The Main Point. Long story short ego is why people are so small minded and not living Grandiose. To give a real world example, ego will get pissed off that I know I’m God, The Creator and Ruler of The Universe and ignore the fact that I’m advocating for World Peace, Prosperity for ALL and feeding starving children. Basically ego will lead to you looking and feeling like a jackass. LMAO!!! Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Burial and all other wasteful behavior must end

Burials will end because it is retarded to think that our true selves are this body. It is a huge waste of resources to bury someone and makes absolutely no sense. Also a huge waste of valuable land, after all what’s more depressing than land filled with rotting corpses? Not many things…Expensive costly burials are an extension of the wasteful mindset built into most people which is causing so many landfills to fill up and pollute Earth. We are going to Love The Land because we live here and that’s the ONLY logical thing to do!!! I did not make this beautiful planet and put humans here to enslave/torture the animals and even themselves and turn Earth into a wastelands, only a retard would do that and I’m NOT a retard!!! Whether you want to believe I’m The Creator or not, there is a Creator (The Higher Power) so think of me as the spokesman for that entity lol. And I’m GOOD at my job :D/ Recycle Recycle RECYCLE! The concept of garbage is just so lazy and primitive. We have the technology, we just have to use it for positive things and not engineering new ways to kill each other like c’mon think about how DUMB that is when you can work together and live in Peace and Happiness!!! Why would you want to war with each other, waste natural resources and turn a Glorious Planet into a toxic wasteland? Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Destructive addictions will cease to exist

People will not use alcohol or drugs. The idea of destroying your brain is a completely asinine concept that will be repulsive to those who are Enlightened and fully conscious of how their actions affect them and The Greater Good. By you harming yourself you’re not only hurting and dampening your own potential but you are also hurting those around you who look up to you because they won’t be able to get as much out of you because you will have less to offer. Mindfulness Productivity and Effectiveness are keys to living a life of Happiness because it feels good to get stuff done. Sitting around destroying yourself when you could be building yourself and others up makes absolutely no sense. Escaping or its better to say trying to escape from problems is foolish when embracing pain helps one learn and grow spiritually, a concept most people lack understanding of for not much longer because I AM HERE!!! I really do look forward to when EVERYONE is fully aware of what is going on in The Present because that is when The Future will become even more Golden than it already is. We Must Focus on Improving The World! EVERYONE MUST DO THIS! You live here so it is your responsibility to leave it a better place than how you came in it. Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

We need to listen to each other to better serve and help each other

People really need to listen to each other more. You can help a person if you don’t listen to what they are going through and where they are trying to get to. There needs to be A LOT more Empathy and Compassion in our organization to ANNIHILATE apathy and indifference the two destructive emotions that are ripping the world to shreds, but not for much longer!!! We need to HELP EACH OTHER!!! We need to Love each other to really get the most out of life. We are all the same kind; focusing on the minor differences is completely absurd and ASININE behavior. Love conquers hate; remember that when confronted by the foolish ignorant types who attempt to spew their negativity as we crusade against ignorance poverty and unhappiness. If you have nothing positive to say then remain silent. We will create a Better World, we will be VICTORIOUS!!! The Age of Brotherhood is upon us! It will be Beautiful when these problems that have been plaguing mankind for so long are nonexistent. People are going to be offering helping hands to each other and ears for others to be heard. One thing humans crave is to be heard by others, after all how do you feel when you are ignored? It sucks. Everyone is essentially going to be a therapist in The Future offering counsel and advice to everyone around them. Welcome to The Golden Age!!!


You all need to be hungry for The Truth. There’s no guarantee I’m going to live 150 or possibly forever and find it out myself to share with you all so yall need to be looking for it RIGHT NOW because most of what the masses know and believe is lies to keep everyone enslaved. Being miserable is wack, Happiness is WAY COOLER so please take it upon yourself to find THE TRUTH and share it with as many people as you possibly can. I’ve gotten this far alone for the most part but Saving The World is really a Group Effort after all, yall live here to! It’s time for yall to start caring as much as I do! This madness does not, should not and WILL NOT carry on because millions of people are going to crusade and uncover THE TRUTH behind what’s going on. AS much as I know I know there’s LOADS more that I don’t know that I will find out one way or another! Another thing, faith without works is Dead! It Never was alive. Put in a consistent effort EVERYDAY to help you reach your and OUR Goals. We need to be making progress and moving forward to make The World a Better Place to make the Drastic Change we want to happen overnight. Remember that balance is key to a healthy life so don’t overwhelm yourselves but GO HARD! Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Leave Everything open to Possibility. Dream BIG

What I would really like is for you all to think of yourselves as The Creator of The Universe. That would help you all get into the mode that I’m in of caring about every single little thing wrong and the imagination to believe Space Travel is possible because it is. After all we got to the moon like over 40 years ago, trust me they have loads of technology that they’re not even showing us. When they had me in their hands after I laid down on the cross they took my tooth and my pen (the one that had the pyramid and flower on it). I wouldn’t be surprised if they were sizing me up for the iron man suit that I was planning to build but who knows that could be my imagination getting the best of me. One thing I do know is they believe I am Atum, The Creator of The Universe because they let me go unharmed and wrote in my report that I was masturbating in public, an obscene vulgar act that I would Never do in my life. The point I’m getting at is I don’t want you to think of anything as impossible. Throughout the age of insanity dreamers were looked down upon as people with a mental disability and delusional crazy people but those people are and always have been the people that propel mankind forward. Dream BIG and don’t be afraid to voice your Grandiose visions to others because by doing that you empower the dream to come ALIVE. Thoughts manifest into Reality!!! Welcome to The Golden Age, if you can think it you can DO IT!

Creative Noble Goals and NEVER stop trying

We will all use gloves when touching money until the currency system is abolished. Share in a polite non condescending way why you do what you do when asked so people understand the shift in consciousness that is happening. Where there’s a will there’s a way. As long as what you are intending to do is good you will ALWAYS become Successful. NEVER stop trying. Good things ALWAYS come to Light no matter how long it may take YOU WILL SHINE!!! NEVER stop dreaming big! It is key we live more natural, Loving respecting and preserving The Earth most importantly but also ourselves. You all can do what you like but I would like to suggest putting an end to circumcision because foreskin is there for a reason. Women dumping make up on their face and shaving their armpits and legs is another thing I would like to see ended but once again I am a firm believer in freedom and free will so feel free to do as you like as long as you aren’t hurting anything. Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Brotherhood and Working Together. Theme of The Future

Third world countries are going to be where we set up the land cities because of the space available and the need for new technology and education. These countries will essentially be the models for the rest of The World. They will be designed like circle with the center serving as the nucleus. Until a World Language is created or picked people are going to know a number of different languages because communication is one of the important areas that will be improved as we progress deeper into The Golden Age. Volunteer work is very crucial to ensuring that our cities run smoothly. I was thinking that every day I volunteer at least breakfast lunch or dinner in whatever city I’m staying in for the night to model the importance of providing service to others. By doing that there will never be a shortage of volunteers in any of the facilities that we have which I will of course lend a helping hand in as long as there isn’t some issue I have to attend to. Caring about others is one of the coolest themes of The Future aka The Golden Age. To correct myself a little, the whole concept of a country is actually coming to an end. Boundaries are going to not exist anymore because people are going to embrace the concept that we are all one because we are. Undeveloped regions will be blessed with a beautiful city that works in perfect harmony with Nature. We won’t tamper with every undeveloped area because that will be left for the animals to thrive and prosper as was designed. For the most part we will take over the seas (70% water) and build space colonies and very soon we will be colonized Mars and other planets in distant galaxies. If you can see it you can DO IT!!! Welcome to The Golden Age!!!

Have meaningful conversation and be Inquisitive

Idle chatter is something that needs to be put to rest. Talking should be meaningful or it should simply not take place. All too often people sit around talking about absolutely nothing of any real value which is a huge waste of time. Using time wisely and prosper time management is essential to achieving a life of everlasting happiness. You must, until your body expires, live a life with an empty glass mentality. Constantly remind yourself that you know nothing because that will make you hungry to learn and more open to learning new things. Be very inquisitive whenever confronted with something new; ask questions don’t just take it for granted that it’s right. Analytical but not cynical is the best way to think. If you have a gut feeling that something is good and helpful run with it, don’t sit around trying to find flaws. We have intuition and it works fairly well for the most part. Meditate regularly and have an unshakable faith that you will live a life of GREATNESS. Help Everything and Love and Care for Everything and your thoughts will come true because all that you have helped will help make your dreams come true. When you do not have any more negative thoughts is when you have reached the beginning stages of Enlightenment and have adopted The Elevated Consciousness. Taking over The World should be a yea of course thought. Welcome to The Golden Age.

We are The Creators of Our Own Universe

I believe we are all The Creators of The Universe seeing as we all stem from the same source. It is clear to see that we are all Gods and Goddesses because we all possess The Power of free Will and can quite literally create the lives we want for ourselves and others by simply using our thoughts and envisioning what we want to achieve. The Law of Attraction, The Secret. My ego thinks that I am The Creator of The Universe but my Spirit which is far more Powerful than my ego believes that we are all The Creators and that includes all plants and animals because once again we all stem from the same source. We all come from StarLight or another perspective is that we all emerge from dust aka Earth if you want to think more materially but StarLight is The True Source. The sun gives energy so the plants can grow so animals and Gods can eat. That is our bodies but our Spirits is a whole different story. That is kind of why I think there’s a good chance I’m The Creator because I seem to care more about everything than most people and seeing as how The Creator created everything one of the most important qualities would be empathy as well as of course compassion and LOVE. Even though I believe I’m The Creator I will never utter those words to another excluding songs and videos because Dr. Stephen R Covey taught me that mentioning title not only weakens the people under you but yourself as well. I say this because upon reading this I hope you have come to the realization that even though I may be The Creator, if you care about EVERYTHING as much as I do then you are The Creator as well. One Source!

View things from multiple perspectives. Be Open Minded.

People need to think more. You need to be able to put yourself in different people’s shoes and question what is going on. Question your own beliefs as well as others. Don’t be quick to assume something is true. The fact of the matter is there is a lot of deception that has been going on for the past few thousand years so whatever you see a bunch of people believing is more than likely a lie to manipulate the masses. I’m sure you already know this but there are secret societies that are hiding The Truth from us all, me included. Why and what are they hiding? They wreak of fear and that’s why they pump it into everyone because their consciousness is not evolved enough to understand that fear does not need to exist in Gods. The other scenario is that they have been causing all this harm and killing Great Leaders to awaken The One and they will share the truth once they are sure The One is here and people are ready to hear it. Yin and Yang. Seeing both sides of a picture will expand your wisdom greatly and seeing even more sides will do so Exponentially. Do not have rigid beliefs and lash out when someone offers a new perspective because that will lead you to live the life of a fool aka one living with the obsolete mindset. Think outside the box they have created because the box is how barbarians and savages have been living. Welcome to The Golden Age.

You have to be aware to shield yourself from the brainwashing

View everything you see from the mindset of, there are people high up who want me to be dumb and ill informed (the media blasting stories about celebrities who don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves, TV shows like family guy keeping people stuck on retard mode (don’t be offended I used to like it myself) and ultimately clueless about positive news happening locally and globally. There are people who want me to be as unhealthy as possible (commercials advertising fast food and all of the garbage they put in our food unnecessarily which is killing us and our children. I’m going to cut this short because it’s depressing listing all of the things they are doing to people but just take my word that there are forces at work that want you operating at your worst and the crazy part if most people are oblivious that they are being manipulated into doing so! You need to be aware of the nonsense and fight back with LOVE and RIGHTEOUSNESS!!! They will LOSE! We are The Army of God; anyone standing in the way will be OBLITERATED!!! They are Terrified of The Power we wield!!! People GENUINELY LOVE US while the only love they got is superficial delusional love which will crumble when we lay even a fingernail on it! I’m so fed up with people revering the very chains enslaving them. WAKE UP!!! Welcome to The Golden Age!


You will Master Yourself by always being in Full Control of your habits, thoughts, situations you are in and the people around you. Even if you are in a situation accidentally that you did not originally intend you will be in control of your reaction. You will find a positive element by looking on the bright side (There is ALWAYS a bright side) and only emit uplifting energy to make the predicament BETTER. Successful thoughts of helping The World and yourself is what will fill your mind when you are not meditating. The ability to be in control of what is flowing through your mind is Essential to self-Mastery. Recently I’ve taken a liking to just watching the trees bounce from the wind blowing. You have to appreciate each and every moment and you will enjoy life so much more. Getting lost in The Future will cause anxiety and stress. Everything will work itself out for The Better. The World will be saved, you will enjoy everything you ever wanted and life will be beautiful, but only if you have faith that it will. Do NOT doubt The Power of God! This World was not created to be destroyed and humans (I prefer saying Gods) were NOT meant to be dominated by ego and suffer for eternity. Live for the moment while simultaneously preventing reoccurring mistakes from the past and be mindful of how your actions today affect tomorrow. We can and we Will REACH our MAX POTENTIAL by WORKING TOGETHER!!! Welcome to The Golden Age!

King Ra Speaks

Part 1

Welcome to the Golden Age. I know times have been difficult but one thing you have to understand is that we’ve been living in a dark age which ended December 21st 2012 (Precession). You must also understand that suffering leads to Enlightenment so embrace all of the pain that you have endured and use it to grow spiritually. Everything is going to get better, I Promise! You must have Faith and believe that everything is going to get better or you are weakening yourself with negative energy, perpetuating your own misery and ultimately assisting in the downfall of The Universe by not channeling your thoughts (The Most Powerful things you possess) to envision an Improved Future World and Better Universe. The basic philosophy you need to embrace this very instant because it will give you an incredible boost of intelligence and also result in the quality of your life being dramatically improved is to Love and Care for Everything in The Universe. Throughout this book I will provide you with some advice for how you should be living your life, strategy for attaining World Peace and Prosperity for ALL, break down some widely believed dogmas and other lies and whatever else pops into my head as I write. To start off I will explain why The Gods controlling The World are not evil which is what everyone, me included until recently, believes.

Part 3

Hours later I wake up in Highland Hospital butt naked with my pyramid pen necklace and feather earring missing. The point of that story is to reveal to you that The Gods running The World are not unconscious, evil or stupid or else they would have killed me when they had me. Once again we have been living in dark times which ended December 21st 2012 when The FMS Revolution started. Consciousness has developed in cycles, which is very easy to observe by examining the megalithic structures that the ancients built that most academic scholars have no concrete agreeable answer as to how they managed to do this. Suffering leads to Enlightenment and trust me when you realize what type of technology is going to be revealed to us within the next few years you are going to be blown away. All diseases being obliterated by nanotechnology, the ability to create things out of thin air so to speak with machines that build by the atom! Imagine death not existing because scientists have/will figure out how to replicate consciousness for as long as you choose to live which will quite literally make us immortal because that is precisely what Gods are. Imagine mutants like in the comic books with Super human Power due to trans-humanism and our growing skill in modifying DNA and altering genomes. Imagine travelling The Universe with warp drives 10x the speed of light and then becoming so technologically advanced that even space ships become obsolete due to the sheer efficiency of teleportation from Planet to Planet/space colony. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg. The most powerful thing in your arsenal is your thoughts/imagination. That’s partly why people are so enslaved and brainwashed; they are mesmerized by this dysfunctional society and lack any creative thoughts to envision a better World combined with the fact that people are deprived of any quality leadership skills from the piss poor education system to go about implementing real change even if they wanted. For the record the education system is going to receive a HUGE overhaul making learning and school something that the youth as well as adults simply can’t get enough of because we’re going to fuse education and entertainment into one as opposed to them being two separate entities. I go into a fair amount of detail as to how you should live your life in volume 1 and 2 of The Master Key to Happiness Future Millionaire Society Revolution Manifesto so I will keep this portion fairly brief. Be Positive. Live a life of non-resistance, whatever happens, happens. Don’t get upset and if you do slip then remind yourself that getting upset distorts your vision and often leads to you making matters worse because you’ve compounded the previous problem you were dealing with, with the aftermath of your negative reaction. Stay Positive. Have Faith that Everything is going to get better and that everything happens for a reason. Be thankful and grateful for what you have because that energy you send out will reward you with more to be thankful for. Curse and condemn everything and that energy rewards you with more to curse and condemn, which will perpetuate your misery, something you do Not want to do! Be Positive! Use your time wisely to better yourself and your surroundings. I won’t list all the things I suggest you set aside until they get their overhaul but I personally can say that I have accomplished so much more with my life since not watching TV programs that do absolutely nothing to enhance my intelligence. Reads Books! At minimum watch educational YouTube videos. You have to feed your mind and enjoy doing so or your ability to learn will become dull from lack of practice and you will become stupid and obsolete VERY FAST because technology is going to be advancing at an incredible pace. Love and Care about Everything in The Universe, think of solutions to every problem you know of to accelerate your mental thought processing. Look for the Best in people and have faith that they can be Great because that will bring out the best in them. Be patient, not everyone is quick to notice and embrace your logic so work with people at their own pace. Do Not go around forcefully imposing your beliefs on others because people do not like that. It works better to guide people in a way that has them feel like they figured it out themselves which is better anyways because in The Future everyone will be fully capable of thinking and acting for themselves without the need of an overseer directing their every step which is just so inefficient and ridiculously obsolete. Make sure you laugh a lot when you notice yourself getting frustrated at people’s inability to listen to superior logic and all the other crazy nonsense in The World. Being frustrated and irritated is not going to draw people to you and assist us in uniting The People on Earth to work together to put an end to all the unnecessary suffering taking place. You have to model the behavior you want to see. Be the ultimate servant to everyone around you. Help others with no return expected. You sow good seed and you reap good harvest. A fair amount of people will help you in return though especially when they realize that helping you helps them because your intentions are to help Everyone. Spread Love. Make sure you are constantly building yourself because only when you are strong can you provide the strength that others need for inspiration, motivation and advice. There’s more that I will probably address as I write this book but I want to get into some of the steps we are going to take to achieve World Peace within the next handful of years if it even takes that long to wake the masses up to the atrocities being committed in the name of patriotism against Gods creations who share the same basic composition and red blood that flows through our species and even animals. It starts off with modeling the behavior we want to see in others.

Some of the baby steps we will take are free food stands in the poor neighborhoods and essentially anywhere hungry people are who can’t afford food are located. These free food stands will also be mini bases for our network marketing enterprise. As people come to get food they will be introduced to the fact that we can help save them money on their bills and also help them create additional streams of income. We will also sell our products like music, jewelry, clothing and other accessories and use all of the profits to go back into the community for the free food program and events to get everyone together to foster an atmosphere of brotherhood and love. People will be fully aware that buying our stuff and supporting us is aiding in The Greater Good, which will lead to so many people wanting to do business with us due to our spiritual philosophy as an organization. We will also promote peoples music and businesses at the free food stands as we form alliances with other people and organizations. The possibility is endless in terms of the concept of the free food stand so I won’t go in depth of what I plan on personally doing as this grows and I’ll leave that up to your creative imagination to form ideas on what you will use your free food stand to do besides the basic structure that I’ve already outlined. Remember that our #1 goal is to put an end to hunger. A large chunk of the money we make will also go to feeding people starving around The World in third World countries. What’s going to happen is the millionaires and billionaires in The World are going to notice these fairly poor people from Oakland, and wherever you are from, using their profits to help everyone and not ignoring the fact that there are children starving so we can live luxurious lifestyles. This is going to make them feel guilty and be the cause for them donating vast sums of money to feed the people and/or for our free food bases in the third World countries which will essentially be the early stages of The Venus project. At the same time a number of them know that I was coming, the dragon eating the human symbol used by Alfa Romeo and similar depictions are symbolic of the wise serpent king eating the obsolete philosophy that we are humans. We are Gods! It’s safe to assume a number of them wanted to make great efforts to put an end to something as asinine as starvation but they know that was my job probably because of whatever I wrote however many thousands or hundreds of thousands of years ago or possibly even millions of years ago in a distant galaxy that The Gods running The World came from. Your thoughts have the power to shape The Universe, you possess free will and your soul is eternal which by definition makes you gods. I won’t go in detail as to why/how ya’ll are Gods if you are in denial, but as we venture deeper into The trans-humanist Age aka The God Age aka The Golden Age and you start seeing cyborgs with Super Human strength and abilities and people flying around in iron man suits living hundreds and thousands of years it will click that we are The Gods. Got a little side tracked but basically what I’m getting at is starvation is coming to an abrupt end and it starts with our free food stands which is easily going to get everyone’s attention all across the globe especially when they realize just how much stuff is going on at The Future Millionaire Society free food stands. Once starvation has ended World Peace will be achieved. Ill spare you the details as to how that works but just take my word for it that that’s how it works. You fight hate with love and Love Always Wins. Leadership is the one thing lacking in The World so all we have to do is be The Best Leaders The World has ever seen. People will be happy to recognize us as their leader because they know we care and love everything through our actions. We live in a World where the arts, sciences, religions and philosophy are very divided which is one of the many reasons why there are so many problems. For one, religion kills spirituality because it gets people into this collective ego mentality that we are Gods chosen and everyone else is damned which is one of the most absurd things I’ve heard in my life. With that being said religion is going to be abolished because once people realize what spirituality is and that their religion originated from The Book of The Dead and other texts in Egypt and that it is scientifically proven we all originated from the same source because our bodies are composed of the same elements found in the rest of The Universe and we all possess the same red blood and at the risk of stating the most blatantly obvious WE ALL LOOK THE SAME! LOL its Hilarious I swear I’m laughing right now because ego will literally have you thinking like a complete fool. Oh and that especially applies to whites and blacks looking the same: two arms, two legs, five fingers on each hand, one head, two eyes, two ears, one mouth etc etc etc. To remind you all spirituality is Loving and Caring about Everything in The Universe and knowing and embracing the fact that The Universe is a part of you just as much as you are a part of The Universe and Everything in it due to your connection to every living organism through Infinite Consciousness. So now you have arts, science, spirituality and philosophy. Achieving max potential as a species involves being immersed in all 4 of these areas because then you are using every piece of your brain, your left logical rational side and your right creative free thinking side. I won’t tell you what you should do because I believe in free will and freedom but I will share what I am going to do with my life and why. Physicist/Engineer delving in a variety of fields because technology is fascinating especially when I think about The Future and I want to help conquer new frontiers and travel in space ships, build iron man suits to fly and build other cool gadgets and devices. Our lives are run by technology and I want to understand the details of how every single little thing works. I of course also want to figure out physical immortality or how to replicate consciousness even though I’m pretty sure The Gods figured all this stuff out already and are waiting to reveal to us the insanely advanced technology they have concealed. I’m going to use my music to entertain and simultaneously educate people and now I play guitar which adds a whole new twist. I feel everyone should know to play an instrument to experience the joy of making music. I am drawn to other art forms like film making and graphic design so Ill eventually get good with that as well. I won’t even list the other stuff but just know that so much is possible for you when you open your mind up to the fact that there’s so much more to life than money which leads many people to use such a small fraction of their brain. With that being said I’m the greatest businessman of all time because I understand the emerging trends and I’m going to leverage them in a way to put an end to the system of business by becoming a billionaire and using my wealth to build The Venus Project which will ensure Peace and Happiness for ALL.

Part 4

We need to give the youth in Oakland role models to look up to and aspire to be like. This is the main way we will turn around our city within a short period of time as those kids mature into adults and provide extraordinary leadership for the next generation. The unfortunate reality of things is our young boys have been groomed to be very simple minded and only desire money and other forms of material wealth and a bunch of girls to satisfy their bodily pleasures. Our young boys are looking up to drug dealers who are poisoning our people, killers who value material things over humanity and thieves who are perpetuating the low trust culture, which is hindering our ability to band together and form the bonds needed to overwhelm the negativity plaguing our city. They do this because they haven’t been taught any better and because criminals have what they seek so they reason they have to emulate them to get what they want to become “successful.” Young girls and women as a whole are oppressed and essentially worship and idolize their oppressors, men, and are obsessed with the superficial material crap that the criminals are so adept at obtaining. They tend to aspire to be like women who get dogged by their male celebrity counterparts and/or live very shallow meaningless lives comprised of shopping to combat their ever growing insecurities, excessive partying with drugs and alcohol and other senseless addictions as a form of escape from the brutal social pressures faced everyday and fornication with simple minded barbarians who make it blatantly obvious that money comes before them and anything else sacred and who often times abuse, exploit and discard them like dirt when their immediate needs have been fulfilled.

I won’t bog you down with the problems because I’m sure you are well aware that the situation is grotesquely despicable. That was mainly to give you a relatively clear picture as to the root of our problems excluding the underlying fact that the system is simply not designed to cater to those at the bottom which creates a very savage jungle mindset where everyone is frantically clawing each other in pursuit of the pieces of scraps left behind in not just Oakland but ultimately every impoverished area across Earth. Our job as citizens of Oakland is to provide the people in Oakland with a system/organization that caters to them to mitigate the jungle mindset and gradually transition people to adopt the enlightened civilized mindset of working together and loving everyone and everything. There are a number of different steps to take to achieve this turnaround in a relatively short period of time with no set in stone order required so I will list a variety of methods and piece them together to the best of my ability. I want you to keep in mind that the golden key to changing people is to first change yourself. People should be able to observe you and your actions to learn how they should act. Excluding many details that is leadership in a nutshell, modeling the behavior you want to see. The most effective way to change a society is to influence the minds of the children because they are the future adult population. We must make it our mission to give them what they need and want and on top of that provide them with the knowledge to have them willingly adopt the elevated consciousness as their own. The trick is to combine all 3 into 1 to make it easier for them to grasp. The cool part is this first bit of strategy applies to and works for everyone in Oakland. Food, healthcare, housing, clothing, shelter, education and entertainment are all basic necessities for quality living. All we have to do is get kids to rely on us to provide these things they need. With the exception of shelter and healthcare and even those will be easy to provide once we have full support of the population of the city and/or wealthy investors who are eager to support our cause of making Oakland a better place and/or millions of dollars generated from our businesses, which shouldn’t take too long because this is going to spread like wildfire because good things always come to Light, we can provide all of these things. Food will always be readily available, which people will know and see because of the free food stands. People with excess food in the area will be invited to donate their food to the program to keep it going and they will receive recognition in our newsletter which will quickly become a prestigious honor that everyone desires. My vision is that whenever kids or anyone for that matter receives food they would receive a portion of the comic book I wrote which lists a number of the problems in our World as well as solutions in a captivating and entertaining way. Food, education and entertainment. At the same time, the comic book would be sold and all of the profits would go back into the community/other poor communities by providing the basic necessities for quality living. That tidbit of information would be known to the kids and everyone and assist us in getting people in the mindset of understanding what a civilized society truly is because through our tremendously high rate of success people will see that cooperation triumphs over competition by a long shot. We need to show the youth a cool new revolutionary radical style that they all want to have as their own. Once they do we will sell them the trinkets/services so they can achieve their desired look. Once again all of the profits would go back into serving Oakland with a portion going to other impoverished communities across The Globe. In the event you are wondering how we will provide things for ourselves with this business strategy, the answer is we won’t because we won’t have to because everyone will provide what we need for quality living because that’s what happens when you help everyone. Seeing as how not all youth have money to spend even if it is for a good cause there will be a number of volunteer opportunities available to obtain things and rewards given to youth who exemplify the elevated consciousness. People around The Globe are going to notice the cool new style emerging out of Oakland and want to copy us and the cool part is the elevated consciousness is going to be associated with the new fashion which is an excellent marketing technique to get World Peace, Prosperity for ALL, Truth, Love, Unity, Brotherhood and conscious behavior on everyone’s mind. Funny how Oakland is known as such a negative place, read somewhere it is rated as the third most unfriendly city in The World but soon it will be known as the city with the biggest surge in Positive Energy/the city leading The World to Peace and Prosperity for ALL. Clothing. We will use music to influence the minds of our youngsters due to its profound effect psychologically. Great beats, catchy hooks, Dope flows with a positive message. The general theme of hip hop from Oakland is negative excluding some minor exceptions and that’s partly why it all sounds the same because people are talking about the same old crap. In Oakland’s defense the entire music industry sucks so people are just doing what they think gives them the best chance to make it because they are emulating the lost souls the masses idolize and dream to be which is a monumental problem in it of itself. What’s going to happen is positive rap is going to far surpass the shoot em up bang bang nonsense people play in Oakland because people not just in Oakland are going to prefer to listen to that across the country and The World. After all anyone with half a working brain would prefer to not listen to music about killing people and living in fear of being killed/robbed upon learning that that kind of music is destructive to society as a whole and one of the reasons as to why they may be miserable due to the traumatic effect the lyrics have from the images that are conjured up upon listening. Long story short the superstars that emerge out of Oakland will be positive artists and the negative artists are going to eventually realize that living like and rapping like a barbarian isn’t getting them anywhere and that they are going to have to cross over to The Light to become successful and essentially happy. All of the profits from all of the music I sell will follow the same pattern as all of the businesses I start to promote being ultimate servants to The Universe. It is my plan to sell more records that anyone in the history of music in a time where record sales are declining because of digital downloading and this will be easily accomplished once everyone around The World is fully aware that the money goes to helping everyone in The Universe and putting an end to the use of currency, which is strangling the potential of people (the dollar sign symbol is representative of the scourge in ancient times which is exactly what it is) by instilling a Global Resource Based Economy aka The Venus Project. The spiritual element of our businesses is what is going to lead us to become the most successful businessman and ultimately put an end to business because we are spiritual beings and naturally drawn to positive energy and people/organizations that provide life and energy to everyone and everything around them because that is characteristic of God, The Ruler and Creator of The Universe who provided life and energy to us all and something that people are all too eager to emulate but up until now have not had the proper leadership to observe exactly how it’s done. The superstars that I mentioned earlier will constantly throw free events for the people, their fans, and give free performances to show that they truly care about them which will lead to their fan base and support growing exponentially. They will always be learning in some form or fashion whether it be traditional schooling or reading whenever they choose. They will make videos explaining how the elevated consciousness affects them and their actions and/or new stuff they have learned that has been beneficial to them and worthy of passing on. This will show first hand to kids and all people that giving gets you ahead not extortion and exploitation and that school is cool because that’s what their favorite entertainers, the coolest smartest most original people in The World, do. The root problem of our youth looking up to and aspiring to be like foolish lost souls will be abolished as these true stars emerge and provide Godly Leadership like never seen before. Once the general mindset of most people has transformed from negative and destructive to positive and constructive we can really make leaps and bounds in rebuilding and beautifying the city of Oakland. People won’t fear starting a business in Oakland because of the new culture present. All of the for rent store signs and vacant lots will be taken down/occupied by us The Future Millionaire Society and serve as bases for recruiting and serving the community. There’s a lack of positive activity to engage in which is part of the reason why many of our people succumb to mischief and waste their time with TV, video games and other detrimental addictions. It is our job as the leaders of Oakland to provide an endless stream of positive activity. The cool part is once people are hip to what we are doing they will be inspired to provide positive events/activity of their own so the responsibility doesn’t only fall on our shoulders to entertain educate and unite people for a common uplifting purpose. Reverts back to a common attribute of Great Leaders which is the ability to breed more great Leaders. Basically we need to get people to not aspire to be like fools, think for themselves and devise new plans to veer away from the sheep status of debt and jobs aka indentured servitude/corporate slavery, and then lead people to make those plans/dreams reality. Peoples idea of success is incredibly distorted because of the people placed in front of them and regarded as big achievers by main stream media. We will break down the illusory concept of success to get people to understand how it is failure so they stop wanting to follow asinine behavior. We will show people true success and in detail explain to them how they too can become successful in our books, videos, talks, movies, music and every and any other platform for sharing information that you can think of. We will show people true success and in detail explain to them how they too can become successful through our actions because everlasting success is a way of life.

Part 5

As much as I dislike the entire concept of money due to its horrendous traumatic effects on humanity and the environment, the fact of the matter is we have to be the absolute best generators of money to control the flow of money to ensure quality living for everyone in The Universe and ultimately rid ourselves of the currency system that is strangling our potential prohibiting remarkable technological breakthroughs because of the ridiculously primitive line “its cost too much.” I will not turn this into a rant on the asinineness of the money system but in the event you have not evolved to recognize that money is hindering our progress as a species, imagine if everyone’s needs and wants were accounted for because the system operated for The People and not a small minority of special interest groups. Imagine if because people didn’t have to obsess over something as mundane as money, people started spending more time doing what they love and enjoyed doing, which provided our population with love and joy which drastically decreased stress, hate, anger and other negative emotions degrading our culture. Imagine if the recognized leaders of The World were creative artists who were deeply immersed in science, spirituality and philosophy, which led to the general population emulating that behavior. What if the obsession over money was the reason people were using such a small fraction of their brain and eliminating it from our daily lives was one of the first steps to our species reaching Max Potential and putting an abrupt end to the problems plaguing The World. One of the very first steps to solving every known problem on Earth and achieving what was once science fiction as we begin to use more than a small percentage of our brains and come to grips with what we are truly capable of, is dominating the network marketing industry and any other industry of business imaginable. In case you are new to the concept of network marketing, think of it this way, your success is directly related to the success of the people you recruit. This is partly why it makes for such a great transition into The Global Resource Based Economy we will soon establish because people will already possess the elevated consciousness and understand the importance of helping and serving others because it is directly related to their own prosperity. To dominate the network marketing industry and ultimately lead The Universe on the right path we have to do things a tad bit different from traditional network marketers who only work one business and target middle to upper class incomes for recruiting. A quick lesson on ego that comes to mind is it thinks very small and will only lead you to failure, mediocrity at best. Ego loves to set boundaries, discriminate against people, rule things out as impossible and desire to only serve self/an exclusive group with no concern for the masses in the pursuit of material wealth. The ironic part about us, the spiritual business people, not pursuing material wealth solely for ourselves is it is going to be one of if not the single most important deciding factor as to why we acquire the most wealth, more than the average cookie cut businessman dreamed of ever even thinking was possible. Went slightly off tangent, but to get back to the point of dominating the network marketing industry and solving our problems, we need to focus our recruiting on the poor forgotten low income people of The World. The fact of the matter is they are the majority, the frightening gold mine that many marketers have not had the right pick ax for. First I will explain the dilemma of recruiting poor people because once you understand the “problem” you will devise a variety of other creative solutions that I might not list. I also want to add, I was once in a business meeting where they actually told us to target the middle class because statistically you will be more successful. Yet another reminder that spiritual intelligence and caring about everything in The Universe will lead you to be a lot smarter than those that don’t. A funny anagram I read for P.O.O.R is passing over opportunity repeatedly. This is why it is viewed as such a daunting task because poor people perpetuate their own poverty and misery with their destructive pessimistic attitudes regardless of how amazing an opportunity is that may be presented to them. The interesting part is passing over opportunity is not just for the financially crippled because there are a number of financially well off people who pass up good things because they are victims of their own success and lack vision/imagination to recognize how lucrative an opportunity is. Poor people live in the roughest parts of this jungle World so they have seen and experienced some of the harshest and cruelest behavior known, which is partly to blame for their negative obsolete mindsets. The other unfortunate reality is that there are many con artists and tricksters presenting wonderful opportunity and coming off as good people who turn out to be deceivers. This is only an observation, but it is my guess that of all things in The World people fear and dislike the most is the feeling that someone got the best of them and the feeling of stupidity/inferiority that ensues. A funny story that sums up the general thinking of the poor, and really a majority of our population starts with me on the corner playing my guitar during the free food program on 73rd and international. A Lady walks up reads the signs then walks off angrily mouthing off “I don’t mess with nothing free.” A number of interactions occurred where people asked if it was free food then even after me saying yes walked off in a combination of fear and disbelief as if I had poison in the packaged non exposed food I was providing LMAO. I won’t go on and on because I’m sure you’re coming up with a number of examples as to why poor people are poor. The point was to show you the broke mindset reacting to free food because even though there are only a handful that had the courage to let it be known the nonsense running around in their minds just imagine all those driving by who were thinking that. To wrap up everything, people pass up opportunity because of fear of failure, trying new things, a number of other things and fear of success itself. That may sound strange to you ambitious types but you have to understand and have compassion for how oppressed some of our people are. After all, if everyone you knew was unsuccessful, becoming successful would make you different and in a society that grooms you to be sheep modeling the same abnormal behavior as everyone else being unique is incredibly frightening especially because many people are simply not prepared to handle the new set of problems one must deal with that emerge from jealousy and envy upon achieving that status and becoming more powerful. Besides fear of success itself and the cold truth that too many people don’t even fully comprehend what true success is ( a topic in it of itself), the roadblock hindering the poor is fear of feeling stupid and having someone get the best of them which is a symptom of a low trust culture plagued by mischievous manipulators who prey on hopefully optimistic types who seize opportunity which results in the rise of pessimism and the decline of not just optimism but the species as a whole because without positive energy and hopefully thoughts for the future disaster and oblivion becomes the subconscious choice of destination. So the speed bumps that we will carefully traverse until it is widely known in every poverty stricken community in The World and we become the greatest network marketers ever is that people pass over opportunity repeatedly regardless of how golden it is because they don’t trust anyone. We will counter that by repeatedly showing them opportunity as we build our trust with them until they take listen and join. A serious problem with not just poor people but a number of people I forgot to add is that they think they know everything. They hear network marketing and they associate it with some piss poor pyramid scam which leads to them brushing you off. Keep in mind that wise people embrace their ignorance which motivates their drive for knowledge and understanding so have the wisdom to not snap or get irritated with the ignorance you encounter because that will not help them, you or any of us when they choose to not ever want to see you again. The primary strategy to become trustworthy with the most skeptical untrusting class revolves around the word free. Free food, free promotion, free car wash, free guitar lessons, free events, free entertainment, free knowledge etc etc and the new idea I just came up with today to make it easily digestible for people is a free labor program. We will give and give and give and continue to give until people realize that we are a rare group who genuinely wants to help them and everyone. People will be more susceptible to actually listen to us with a positive open mind and once they do we will see the type of success rivaled by none on Earth in the industry of network marketing. Part of my strategy to become the best network marketer ever is to offer to pay to anyone I recruit all of the money I personally earned off signing them up or give them the option of being recorded in my book of names and given recognition as a messiah for world peace if they send that money to feeding starving children/funding The Venus Project. People who are scared of investing money will be enticed to take part in our free to join affiliate program where they would earn 50% off of whatever I earn off of the people they referred who were recruited with the other 50% going to feed people. I would constantly remind them as to how much they were missing out on and it won’t take long to turn my affiliate marketers into independent business owners. The cool part about the network marketing system is residual income which is the true value of your wealth in my opinion, so essentially you can use your front end income gained from initially recruiting people to aid in recruiting more people as well as build a strong spiritual bond with people as they learn firsthand, upon joining, our philosophy of freedom, equality and serving The Greater Good. Freedom to take your money and do as you please or leave a legacy of lasting greatness by being recorded in the book of names as a messiah for world peace because you decided to put humanity over material wealth and contribute to our mission as an organization. So once again we will make it a habit of giving of ourselves and showing through our actions that we care which will eventually break down the massive wall of mistrust in most poor people’s minds. Recruiting more well off to do people is going to be easy because most of what I’ve explained makes perfect sense to them and they are going to be amazed when they see our rate of success recruiting in areas forbidden to most traditional marketers. A very cool easy way we are going to pull poor people into the world of network marketing that I forgot to add in this section partly because I’m pretty sure I talked about it earlier in this book and its part of my general marketing campaign is we are going to be able to save them money on their home auto & life insurance, TV, phone, internet, gas and electric bills and that’s just the start. Once we form our own legit company which will either engulf or work with every other business we will quite literally be able to provide everything a person could possibly ever want or need for the cheapest price until money is phased out. We will of course have products as I’ve stated earlier in this book but the idea of services and network marketing is the concept that too many people are oblivious of, which is what makes our job that much easier because when people do take the time to listen to us, the genius in the system will be undeniable and they’ll jump on board one way or another because that’s just how the organization is structured, to elicit the response of Yes, I want to join and take part in that. I may have missed a few things that I will probably revisit later on in this book but to wrap up everything in short to be the most successful recruiters of people we have to show to people in our actions and words that we care the most about them. Network marketing recruiting is a prerequisite because once we are famous for success in that arena we will have solved a bulk/all of the problems in our world and will be recognized as the leaders and we will travel throughout The Universe and ensure Peace and Happiness for any other life out there that we may encounter.

First I want to say that I would like you all to read this from the standpoint that I’m not Amun-Ra, God, The Creator and Ruler of The Universe. Take all of this in objectively and feel free to come up with your own conclusions. I wasn’t even going to write and release this section until later but I feel it is my obligation, due to who I am, to help inform every single individual in The Universe The Truth so everyone can break free from the lies manipulating them to suppress their potential intelligence and live a more enlightened lifestyle free from negativity and unnecessary suffering. Sooner than later that is. It is my duty and soon you will take it on as yours as well, to help people learn to think for themselves and take on a conscious existence which will lead to a tremendous boost in quality of life and overall joy. I want to remind you all that word of mouth advertising due to its viral potentiality so feel very confident in our ability as a team to change The World for the better and essentially eradicate all the nonsense taking place negatively affecting The Greater Good. All good things come to The Light and The Truth is quite good so even though people may initially cling to their obsolete beliefs they will eventually embrace The Truth and it will free them from their misery. People will take notice of a group of people who possess abnormal intelligence and are living Spiritually in tune with Nature and serving everyone in The Universe. People will have no choice but to listen to and emulate us because what is going to happen, in a very short amount of time, is people are going to want what we have, which is ultimate purpose, fulfillment and joy and satisfaction.

A lot of people get overwhelmed with the whole concept of Saving The World and that is why few choose to take it on as their mission but is actually quite a simple process that shouldn’t take too long because of the phenomenal leadership we will display that will reverberate through the entire World. Word of mouth viral marketing just to remind you all once again. Ill briefly explain how that works at a grassroots level. Our group of people, the core of FMS, which has yet to be formed as of me writing this, will help people for free. Those people will tell everyone they know that there’s a group of people helping people for free. So just by those people telling those people that there’s a group of people helping people for free, they have taken part in helping people. Eventually those people, from coming around enough/maintaining contact will possess the knowledge and resources to help people on their own wherever they’re at. So you can see how the bubble grows and grows at an exponential rate just from that basic

strategy. We are not going to hunt people down to assist them in being happy and reaching their max potential. Everyone already wants that, everyone sane that is. People are going to join in flocks once we get that small devoted core of The Future Millionaire Society. Once again, we are going to Save The World and we are going to make it look Ez in record time. Unfortunately many people are band wagoners so they wait to join something/take something seriously when they see a group so if you are reading this I invite you to make a profound mark on The Universe by creating for yourself a legacy of Everlasting Greatness by deciding to comprise the core of FMS and become a World Class Leader that helps lead the masses out of darkness to The Promised Land. We are going to continue the work of The Great Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and there is nothing in the entire known Universe that can stand in our way because as I have stated in the first section, The Gods in control of this Planet are not evil and are in fact on our side. Just a little recap, suffering leads to Enlightenment so all of the madness taking place for the past few thousand years has been to bring us to this point so Mankind can embrace The Golden Age. So seeing as how this section is mainly about breaking down absurd lies lets start with one idea believed by the masses that is just pure foolish. Too many people think that those in power are hell bent on destroying The World and enslaving everyone for their own personal benefit. That is perfectly understandable due to all of the problems that can be seen but unfortunately it is not true and makes absolutely no sense in the grand scheme of things. One way to help you really grasp this concept is keeping in mind that there are very ancient texts, which I have yet to even see for myself, that those in power have read and are following/acting out. Also keep in mind I have no concrete proof of some of the theories I have that I will share in this section, you are just reading what my intuition tells me makes sense.

Basically God walked The Earth once upon a time and he wrote some stuff. That stuff is in the possession of the most powerful beings in The Universe, excluding myself of course lol. To aid you in knowing who God is, the temple of Karnak, the largest spiritual temple in The World is essentially a memorial to Amun-Ra who is classified as The Creator of The Universe, The Lord. There are many mysteries in Egypt which many academic scholars cannot agree on even though the answers are right in front of their faces. I’ll explain a few but I’ll leave it up to you all to do your own research and come to your own conclusions. The pyramids and many of the structures in Egypt were built by what would be classified as giants. There is actually some concrete proof of this seeing as there are depictions of giant men carrying blocks for the pyramids and other megalithic structures built in the ancient world. I forget where the graphics are but it’s in some place (pyramid/temple) that starts with an a. If you YouTube giant men ancient Egypt I’m confident you will come across the images I have seen. There are also images of people putting giant necklaces on huge people proving the different in size. Just another thing to keep in mind, the massive statues are replicas of the people who existed. They weren’t to satisfy massive egos; people in ancient Egypt lived very spiritual lives in tune with Nature. People have massive egos in todays World so they project their own narrow minded perspective on others out of pure ignorance, one of the many fatal flaws of being consumed by ego. So another thing to keep in mind is Ancient Egypt is a lot older than most academic scholars would like to admit. I have no proof of this but I refuse to believe the pyramids were built when most sources like you to think. Actually there is some proof; the sphinx is a structure in alignment with The Great Pyramid and two others nearby. So essentially it would make sense if they were all built in the same general time period, especially due to their alignment with the stars even if you give or take a few thousand years. I think the time for the building of the sphinx is listed at 9000 BC. Apologies for not reviewing my past research to give more details but it kind of ties into the message of everything I teach, to look at The Big Picture and not get caught up with minor details that tend to block one from attaining Greater Wisdom and Understanding. The problem with the sphinx being built in 9000 BC is that it has rain/wet erosion on its sides. I highly recommend reading about Robert Schochs theory and John Anthony West who believes the sphinx was built some 30,000 years ago in a previous Golden Age. I won’t go on too much about this, once again you have to do your own homework, I am merely nudging you in the right direction to break free of the lies put in place to downplay the sheer Greatness and wonder of Ancient Egypt. After all the pyramids were built in a time when man was supposedly living a caveman like existence and were the tallest structures for roughly 4000 years so they are already quite amazing & extraordinary but saying that they were built thousands of years prior turns them into works of God, which is exactly what they are. Btw an entertaining belief is that the pyramids were used for tombs but no remains have been retrieved from them. On top of that some pharaohs built multiple pyramids so the question to ask is why would someone need multiple burial sites for themselves lol. It’s quite comical. To provide a more logical reason, the pyramids were sources of energy that operated kind of like a grid, energy that could be felt around The World. The pyramids have a number of other uses, I just stated what I believe is the main or at least one of the most important reasons for their existence. Ok so I’m going to conclude this brief breakdown of Egypt, for now at least, by saying that The Book of The Dead and other texts like Maat is the source of modern day religions dividing everyone to fight and clash with each other. And basically these texts were written by Amun-Ra. Once again you don’t have to believe I’m Amun-Ra, my job is not to get you to believe I’m Amun-Ra, my job as far as I’m concerned is to Save The World. The funny part is it’s so easy for me to get people to believe I am so even if I didn’t think I was, I would essentially become him in the eyes of The World. It’s kind of like Dr Martin Luther King Jr going around talking and living life, he doesn’t have to go around trying to prove he’s the real MLK because people already know. Anyways I got a little sidetracked; I like to throw in humor even if my sense of humor is a bit misunderstood by others sometimes lol. So why divide people you ask, well for one consciousness had to develop and mature. You don’t see newborn babies riding skateboards. Babies fall, hurt themselves a lot before they grow up and realize how it would be to engage in baby like behavior. So that’s how you should view all of the wars and problems taking place these past few thousand years, the mistakes of babies and in the 20th century when 100 million murders were committed in the name of genocide those babies bumped their head crawling really really really really hard and they woke up and said “hmmm, that really sucked, I’m tired of bumping my head and that’s going to be the last time I do because I’m going to start walking.” That’s how you should view mistakes, as learning experiences to turn over a new leaf, start something new and become a better person. Also keep in mind there’s a book called The Bible and in there in the first few pages it says, Promises of the coming Messiah. So basically Jesus Christ aka Horus aka Amun-Ra, they have very similar stories, who is basically God is supposed to return and set things straight. After all lets break down this concept of being “The Son of God.” The Son of God would be God because being The Son of God makes you the physical manifestation of The Creator and Ruler of The Universe. Now I’m going to start making some references to The Bible and to help you develop your own understanding I would like you to view everything in The Bible from an opposite point of view perspective. So there’s this talk of an end of days when people would be lovers of themselves which is analogous to being spiritually and even mentally oppressed because when one only cares about self they have resigned the Godliness in them and are using a fraction of their brain. Just to throw in a little tidbit Amun-Ra is the Champion and Liberator of the weak troubled poor and oppressed. Turn on your TV, I don’t recommend watching this until we revise its functions it’s just an if you do, and images of celebrities who act only for self gain flood the set. Celebrities are leaders, even if poor leaders, who the masses aspire to be like which results in the masses acting only for self gain living parasitical lives destroying Earth as well as themselves with their unconsciousness. So we can conclude we are either in the end of days or they have already passed but we’re still just experiencing some of the disgusting aftermath of people being stuck on stupid for thousands of years. I would like to remind you all the best way to emulate God, The Creator and Ruler of The Universe is to give of yourself to others by providing light and energy for others to enjoy, precisely what The Sun does hence the name Sun God. To live a selfish existence with little or no concern for others is the most effective way to stray away from the way of God and choose loneliness misery and suffering for your reason of existence. Ok so there was this big hype about this whole 2012 thing and hopefully I will help you understand why. For starters there are a number of coincidences that all fall around this time period. 26,000 year cycle Precession of the equinoxes marking the beginning of what many believe to be a Golden Age. After all dark ages precede Golden Ages and 100 million murder victims is what you could think of as pretty dark. Think of it this way, why would God or whoever/whatever you believe created The Universe create people who fight and hate each other and unconsciously destroy Earth and themselves for Eternity. That would be something a jackass would do so to believe that is to believe yourself to be a jackass because you are a product of God/the beginning/whatever you believe. To believe that is to believe everything is retarded and always will be and that you’re a retard because you have the ability to mold The Universe to your ideal preference by means of Law of Attraction but you choose not to because of whatever nonsense excuse you may come up with. In the event you are reading this that wasn’t directed towards you because I’m assuming you are coming to grips or even better have embraced the idea that you can be a World class Leader that helps steer Mankind off the track leading to oblivion. That piece was just my stance on people who are consumed by negative energy and think the world sucks and always will suck. A stance I have yet to put in anyones face because I’m aware of the negative reactions that I would encounter but I figure it would be nice to have it in writing because I want people to share this same stance because it ties in very well with the whole Be Positive, Elevated Consciousness, God is on our side not a demented psychopath that wants us to suffer for eternity mentality. On with coincidences like how in Vedic scripture it is said that this is the time when we are destined to know God/The Way of God. The Mayans predicted this to be the age of consciousness. The age of Love, Truth and Brotherhood. The Mayan calendar which can trace back to the beginning of The Universe, roughly 13.7 billion years ago which coincidentally is very close to 14 billion years, the time that scientists are estimating the age of The Universe. The Mayan calendar is phenomenal in its own regard so I invite you to research it for yourself seeing as how I don’t even know that much about it yet, I just know its friggin Amazing. The huge coincidence is that this calendar stopped on December 21st 2012. Hmmm a calendar that dates back 13.7 billion years to the beginning of The Universe, people with the ability to read the stars with no modern equipment, a people who predicted the duration of their own civilization, a people who were quite technologically advanced whose calendar ended 4 months prior to me beginning to wake up from my own unconsciousness with the Revelation to end all problems in The Universe on a day when I marched around Oakland with occupy Earth signs covering my body yelling “Occupy Earth The Revolution.” The coincidence I’ve already addressed but I will reiterate that a 26000 year cycle fell on that very day December 21st 2012. This goes without saying but The Mayans, quite literally could read The Universe and knew Precession occurred on that exact day and they knew this thousands of years ago with no modern equipment. If light bulbs aren’t going off in your head with this information then lol and smh. December 21st 2012 marked the day that The Universe took a deep breath and began to exhale again. I learned that from The Hunab Ku. Break down the depictions of the devil and you will find that they are all very similar to the depictions of Amun-Ra who is, regardless of any nonsense slander, a good guy or good God I should say lol. Red, btw I highly recommend you read The Hunab Ku 77 sacred symbols for balancing body and spirit to learn the significance of this color, is the color of their skin. Native Americans were referred to as red skins and were/are a very oppressed people, at the risk of stating the obvious, and victims of the largest known genocide in the history of Mankind. Jesus came in the form of an oppressed Jew. The question you need to ask yourself is “who are the oppressed people today?” If Jesus were to return like he’s supposed to, what ethnicity do you think would make sense for him to be if we were applying the story of The Bible to modern times? Yellow is a color that represents higher consciousness, that’s something that really stuck out to me from the Hunab Ku that I wanted to share with you. (Please read for yourself) Long story short the devil is depicted as this fiery evil person, but fire aka light is what provides the energy for all known life to grow. Funny. Another funny thing and I do pray you maintain a mindset of equality after reading this, but they say it’s a white mans world but if a dark black man and pale white man were to lie under The Sun during the summer from dusk to dawn with no sunscreen or protection, one would leave with a sun tan and possibly a minor sunburn while the other would have to be hauled off to the hospital for medical attention. Another funny lie I have to address is this concept of ignorance is bliss and nice guys finish last. Apologies for getting sidetracked, I’ll get back to Amun-Ra and how the devil does not exist momentarily which brings up another foolish belief that the greatest trick the devil played was getting people to believe he doesn’t exist. I’m laughing right now cause it wouldn’t surprise me, even after all the good things I’ve done and positive inspirational writing I’ve published there’s people out there who think I’m the devil because their mindset is so clouded by negativity that their brain lacks the initial ability to even register and embrace a positive concept like God coming down and saving The World. In terms of ignorance is bliss, then why are ignorant people who know nothing about their true history, spirituality or the law of attraction so incredibly miserable, unsatisfied with their life and clueless of their true life purpose. In terms of nice guys finish last; two names immediately come to mind. Dr Martin Luther King Jr and Jesus Christ, while all of these foolish egotistical tyrannical oppressors the masses idolize will soon be forgotten but those two names will ring through Eternity. Sure they were killed and died (or did they? Lol) but they are GREAT. I’m going to spare you my insight on the story of Jesus and ill share that later. So back to Amun-Ra and his resemblance of this figure known as the devil that everyone loves to believe in to personify unconsciousness. Depicted with a tail, a pitchfork or is it the holy trinity or is it the ankh, a long beard with no hairs on the cheeks, very muscular and wearing what looks like a kind of skirt. I’ll come back to all this once I post this, having typed and reread it but I’ll leave you off with this. What if most of what the masses believe is nonsense designed to brainwash people to be foolish. What if we have crossed over into the age of Love Truth Brotherhood and Unity and all negative manipulation is coming to an end because there is a God that is going to free Mankind from the shackles enslaving them and suppressing their potential with The Power of The Truth. Everything is going to get better I Promise!

February 12th edit

Some points I forgot to add when I first posted this is that horns are symbolic of Gods Power and fertility. Have to give credit once again to The Hunab Ku for me knowing that. In an age of lies and manipulation think about why you would be conditioned to believe that horns represent evil. evil is something that wont even exist because people will grow up in an atmosphere of righteousness which will force them to conform the way of righteousness. I’m not one for conformity unless its for a good cause but of course I want people to be unique in their own way because diversity and differences is what makes life so much more exciting. And in the odd event someone does not wish to be righteous then we will banish them until they wake up and realize and say to themselves “hmmm righteousness is the way” LMAOOO. Banishment is something that will not be necessary because the leadership we exhibit will just be far too powerful but I figure I let you have an idea of what punishments/consequences will be seeing as how I’m against killing people and solitary confinement. The cool thing about banishment is people will be free to roam and do whatever, the punishment is that they wont have anyone to spend time with, excluding possibly other banished people lol. I’m laughing right now because this will not be necessary, I’m just thinking in hypotheticals because I always like to think things through from multiple perspectives, something I very much would like all of you to do as well because it will lead you to higher states of Consciousness.

Another thing I learned from The Hunab Ku is that the 26000 thousand year cycle Precession is essentially when The Universe takes a deep breath and starts over again. The Lord appears around that time, the person many refer to as Jesus Christ. Really put all of this stuff together because basically whether or not you believe I’m The Lord or not, all of the facts point to the fact that The Lord is here and he is about to SET SHIT STRAIGHT because THIS IS THE GOLDEN AGE!!!

So it’s March 2nd and I was thinking of what I could publish that would benefit the inhabitants of Earth and ultimately The Universe the most. When I first started writing this portion of the book series I had planned to be breaking down lie after lie because I do not like people being misled to think and act foolishly. I’m kind of undecided if I’m going to do what I first envisioned around the time I rebirthed myself in 2013 because to an extent it would be a waste of time to go through such lengths when it would be far more efficient to teach you all how to think and essentially access your hidden potential by using a larger percentage of your brain. My ultimate goal, to a degree, is to get you all to think like me, which consists of Loving and setting out to improve Everything in The Universe to put it in a nutshell. Love and like are two completely different things trust me, there’s a number of things I don’t like but the fact remains that we all originate from the same source so the only sane approach to life is to love everything including things you don’t like because you are also well aware that everything happens for a reason so everything here essentially has some form of divine purpose that should be respected. So before I actually get started into some of the more detailed approaches to thinking like a genius and in turn becoming one there’s some stuff I want to say on this subject. If you’ve already read a lot of my writing I want to apologize for any repetition but I approach each individual section I post with the newcomer in mind and at the same time me reiterating things is good review. The main point I’m about to address is being humble while simultaneously having supreme confidence in your ability to do whatever it is you want to do. After all, some people will probably be quick to jump on me and call me arrogant or whatever other foolishness that arises in the primitive obsolete mindset upon seeing the title how to think like a genius prior to reading and/or understanding the details of my philosophy. Being a genius isn’t about being some intellectual guru and hoarding knowledge and looking down on people and acting like an asshole. Many people who are not yet geniuses have this idea of being a genius and how they would carry on if they were geniuses which is exactly why they are speeding down the path opposite of geniusdom lol. In my opinion a true genius is one who helps others to rise to their elite level of intellect which would continue to carry on until there would be no more geniuses because everyone would be a genius. Genius or God lol I’ll leave that up to ya’ll to think about. So now let’s hypothetically say I wasn’t a genius but I kept telling myself every day that I was a genius and read a lot of books on progressive subject matter and was constantly thinking of all the problems in The Universe and solutions to them. Because of the law of attraction I would eventually become a genius because thoughts manifest into reality. Because of exercising the Godliness in me, my spiritual intelligence, which gets its workout from devising solutions to problems as well as feeding on more knowledge which increases overall wisdom and understanding. Basically what I’m getting at is anyone can become a genius by simply using thoughts to believe in one self and serve The Universe, which will unleash a higher level of consciousness in the individual. Another thing I’m getting at is whether you believe that I’m a genius or not, this knowledge will help everyone elevate their consciousness and become Godlike which will lead to the abolishing of all unnecessary suffering and a brighter future for the entire universe because people operating under this enlightened mindset will naturally illuminate and crush the darkness without even really trying too hard.

So to get more in depth I’m going to share some of the basic concepts you need to adopt if being considering a genius or to put it better a God is something you are interested in. You have to care about everything in The Universe and want everything to get better. That’s the overarching philosophy which I really can’t stress enough. This will result in you finding problems that unconscious people aren’t even aware of and consequently leading you to find solutions because after all, what’s the point of thinking of a bunch of problems if you’re not thinking of ways to solve them. That’s something that people who aren’t geniuses do lol. Imagine how you come across to someone who wasn’t even aware there was a problem when you present the dilemma then immediately turn around and present a solution. Do this enough times and people will look at you as if you are a genius/someone with superhuman intelligence. Just to add this in that’s what this whole elevated consciousness I refer to so often is all about, thinking effectively about relevant issues pertaining to the prosperity of The Universe. I could go on and on about the details of this in action but I do not wish to bore you, you’re just going to have to put it into practice and experience the genius of this yourself. But on second thought I should give you at least one example and before I say this, there’s a line that’s got me smiling right now “there’s a fine line between crazy and genius.” After all look at those who people considered geniuses in history, many people considered them crazy. When surrounded by lunatics, it’s an honor to be considered crazy so keep that in mind in regards to whatever ridicule you may face once your consciousness begins to soar higher and higher. People use toilet paper, which needless to say is a very serious problem, forests (mind you we need trees to breathe) are being cut down and destroyed at an alarming suicidal rate to wipe crap off of our asses. If that’s not bad enough, to add the cherry on top were filling up landfills to dispose of our crap stained tree skeletons that could have been providing us with oxygen so our bodies could operate efficiently. I don’t really want to go into details about this because if that doesn’t make sense then you wouldn’t be reading this book because your consciousness would be too low to even hunger for knowledge. That’s my guess at least. Now for the solutions part because after all this is how to think like a genius, not how to cry about problems and carry on like everyone else laughing and giggling in a car speeding 200mph into brick wall. I personally haven’t used toilet paper since about November 2012 when I read Principle Centered Leadership by Stephen R. Covey. Something in the book along the lines of have noble principles/values and have actions that match those principles and values motivated me to do so. Around the same time I stopped touching money as well due to the fact that money causes so many of the problems that I’m on a mission to extinguish but that’s a whole story in it of itself. Before I go into how I get around keeping a clean booty while simultaneously not using toilet paper I want you to think about what you could do to do the same. My first strategy was using rags and washing them but that didn’t last too long because it’s smelly and cumbersome. It’s much easier to time my bowel movements with my shower time and I simply water my booty down and then once I feel any poo poo residue (LOL) is gone I wash my butt with a soap rap and/or my hand with hand. I had an idea in 2012 to have water from toilets spray our butts and reusable rags would be available in stalls for us to dry off our butts but that’s more of a future Venus project kind of idea, until we get there we still need to be doing something right now because wasting trees that we need to breathe is one of the biggest slaps in the face to The Creator of The Universe that I can think of.

Loving and Improving everything in The Universe may be a bit overwhelming for you depending on your level of consciousness so I will give you an example of an idea I had when I was in my unconscious state. This idea was formed because of my desire to help other people around me succeed as well as building a sustainable business to help me live and support myself with the need of a primitive obsolete thing like a job. @UAPromotions the promotional company I started, which I didn’t get to do nearly as much as I wanted to with yet but the little I did do had a significant impact I’m sure. I was going to go into all sorts of details but I’m just going to wrap this up relatively fast because I don’t like to toot my own horn but basically what I’ll say is I personally feel that all of you out there who are serious about bringing positive social change to The World on a massive scale should start your own marketing/promotional organization to reach and help as many people as possible. Some of you reading probably equate intellect/genius with financial wealth so Ill also add that I read somewhere and I’m sure it’s well known that the wealthiest people in the world look to join networks of people. March 3rd add, Contradicts what you hear from celebrities constantly talking about keeping their circle tight like a cheerio right? Well having a few million is small potatoes to the hundreds of millions/billions that I had intended to create even in my unconscious state by studying truly wealthy people not puppets set in front of the masses to dilute intelligence with retarded statements like “keep my circle tight like a cheerio” Let me continue lol I had to add that in though, I’ll break down lies as they come to me I guess hehe. Networking is Power. Ok so let’s get into the genius of the promotional/marketing company or at minimum some organization centered around helping a very large demographic of people. People are going to be grateful for the assistance they received from you and are going to remember that you helped them. I forgot to mention that it’s also very smart to do free promotions/help with your company/org. This ties into the whole power of the word free with your marketing campaign because you offer the free stuff, which is analogous to bait, something very tasty but only a mouthful. By making the free stuff so delicious you have their mouthwatering and eager for the full course meal or appetizers which you can price at stages. I kind of realized I was going in too much about business and money just now, the very things were putting an end to. IF someone were to request it I guess I’d write something separate but seeing as how I lack the technical knowledge/resources/time and overall interest to singlehandedly display all of what I know involving affiliate marketing, internet marketing, text marketing you’ll probably end up waiting until I have a solid little core group of people to realize I know what I’m talking about. I’m going too far off tangent, which I will end by saying the cool part about being a spiritual guru is, armed with all of the new marketing trends emerging you will easily become a business juggernaut. Ok so back to the promo company. You go around proactively helping other people with free promotion. A certain percentage of those people will blow up which results in you blowing up because a certain percentage of them will help bring you up by mentioning you or wanting to carry on working with you long term. When you give free promotion you put out positive energy into The Universe and essentially plant seeds. Many of those seeds till turn out to only be grass but some of those seeds will turn out to be apple and orange trees and if you envision it at least one of the trees will be a Great Oak Tree or a Massive Redwood. I don’t want to go on too much about this well actually Ill add that you mine as well start creatively expressing yourself to promote your own stuff as well. That’s basically what happened with me and this is key to being a genius as well, the ability to come up with your own work whether it be drawings, pictures, music, literature, sculpture literally anything. If you think you can’t do it start telling yourself you can and practice and then eventually you will because once again thoughts manifest into reality. Law of Attraction. I’m giving ya’ll brief intros into this stuff, I could go on about these topics but not enough people are even reading this stuff so I figure I use my time for practicing/doing other stuff but at the same time I feel I must give ya’ll more information as my own understanding of what I’m talking about becomes clearer. I also just love writing and the idea that my books will be read hundreds/thousands of years from now by future generations is really cool to me and that’s why I write my stuff by hand then retype it onto the computer. I’ve said this many many a time but believe in your potential to be great. Believe you can be listed among the Martin Luther Kings, the Albert Einstein’s, the Gandhi’s, the Mother Theresa’s etc etc. And of course make sure you are humble about it which will make you appear even greater in the eyes of your fans and admirers.

Ok so unless something else pops in my head Ill conclude this piece by saying that besides Loving and Improving everything in The Universe or to put it better on top of loving and improving everything in The Universe your mindset should revolve around figuring out ways for everything in The Universe to coexist more harmoniously. To phrase it different you should be constantly brainstorming to fuse different things together into one because after all everything is one because we all stem from the same source so any division you may see is a mere illusion to your senses. In terms of on a Global Scale the most genius idea I’ve come across in my short time walking Earth this time around is The Venus Project. This idea was formulated by Jacques Fresco. My most genius idea of saving the world, something I received a great deal of ridicule for, led me to discover The Venus Project and become an instant supporter. Great Minds think alike. That was more destiny so I can’t even really lay claim to that for myself to an extent while at the same time I could but I’m not because well I’m just not.

I will share with you the most, well one of the most genius ideas I’ve ever had. Just realized I’m going to have to add another section lol. The idea of the core of The Future Millionaire Society. By this point you have to either joined a successful network marketing business or know someone who has who is trying to get you down or heard about people making money online and what not. When you have the mindset of fusing different things together you realize hmmm, there’s all these successful business, why pick one when I could just work them all and create an umbrella organization out of them to make the task of recruiting less overwhelming. Because there are constantly new businesses I designed it so that we would just add more successful businesses as we came across them. March 3rd edit You want to allow for evolution and growth when you create your long term plans because whether you decide to evolve and change everything around you is so it’s wise to account for any changes and its even wiser to actually involve that into your plan as opposed to trying to stay rigid when there’s weeds breeding through your cracks. It’s funny how simple it is and its amusing how many people have tried to talk me out of it partly because I have yet to recruit anyone and make any money but when I do start recruiting it’s going to be friggin sick because I’m going to get all of my recruits to think like me, on some we are The Leaders of The World, future billionaires, the next Martin Luther Kings, the builders of the Venus Project, The Saviors of mankind. An interesting thing about genius that I should add is that people actually work hard to dissuade people from being geniuses because there’s this crabs in a bucket I’m a conformist and look up to conformists therefore its only right you be a conformist as well type of atmosphere which is stifling the potential of our people and limiting the amount of geniuses prevalent in our society which will soon be 100% once we break down these silly invisible mental blockades preventing people from releasing The God within. I decided I’m going to save that last section for some other time after all I’m getting kind of tired and I’ve written enough this evening and I can’t make it look like I’m trying too hard because that would make me look too human. After all when it boils down to it, I’m not a Genius, I’m a God.

March 3rd edit There’s something really important that I couldn’t go without adding. You want to set the most sky high goals that benefit you and The Universe and then you want to ask yourself everyday “Is this helping me reach my goals?” This will lead to you using your time effectively which is what separates successful people from those who are not successful. Being a productive member of society is one of the Keys to Genius.

Basically you need to be telling yourself “I am a God/Goddess.” The trick to being a genius is to be an incredibly self motivated & driven individual who is operating under such an enlightened unique consciousness that the only person you can compete with is yourself because there is no one in the entire Universe doing what you are doing the way you are doing it. Excluding Loving & Improving Everything in The Universe, conformity is for robots. Your thoughts for yourself should consist of ways for you to do what has never been done before because that is how the innovators throughout history who have helped our species progress were thinking. Once again, if you’re saying “I can’t” then start telling yourself you can and because of The Law of Attraction, YOU WILL! Where there’s a will there’s a way. I’m sure you’ve heard that at least once in your life time but by now or hopefully soon you will realize its not just some bs statement that people throw around but there is in fact a science to it. Tying in well with the first line of telling yourself that you are a God/Goddess is the fact that you need to be speaking to yourself in a positive uplifting way. Constantly remind yourself that you are a Leader of The World with the responsibility of eliminating all unnecessary suffering in The Universe. Leadership is a choice not a position, anyone of you could & eventually will be a World Class Leader by simply caring about Everything in The Universe then taking action to Improve Everything in The Universe. The consciousness of those who adopt this philosophy sooner than later is going to skyrocket instantly & there is going to be a noticeable difference in intelligence & overall joy & productivity between those individuals who tell themselves that they are Gods/Goddesses who Love & Improve Everything in The Universe & are on a mission to eliminate all unnecessary suffering in The Universe & all other people who are only concerned about themselves & what tv show they’re going to waste time watching to distract them from living a life of Ultimate Purpose.
One cool thing I do sometimes, to give you some imagery, is I envision my thoughts/consciousness flowing with the consciousness of all other life forms/matter in The Universe. I quite literally constantly think of how we are all made up of the same atoms aka ingredients & I was just thinking of how cool it is that we & everything here is essentially the same thing. I kind of said that in the first part but I really can’t stress it enough because of the unfortunate reality that a majority of people know & more or less understand the Big Bang theory/the theory that God created all of this therefore everything is God but seem to be oblivious to the only sane practical logical approach to interacting with & perceiving The Universe & everything in existence.
I was going to go on about this & break down some nifty strategies to being an ALL POWERFUL BEING but after writing that I was just thinking of how lost people are & how sad it is that people hear & read this kind of stuff then turn around continuing on with their unGodly psychopathic hate filled destructive lives. This ish is so ridiculously simple, its quite fascinating that more people… I got a bit lost in thought. It’s kind of funny because I can’t ask why to questions I already know the answer to. That last bit made me realize its time for me to stop writing for now because that core philosophy, upon embracing, is the single idea needed to become a genius, To BECOME A GOD & I don’t want to overwhelm ya’ll with information which would dilute that Big Picture Concept. Ill save the details of how to be ALL POWERFUL for my disciples aka The Cosmic Order unless I change my mind & decide to do otherwise. Love & Blessings for Eternity.