It is time for ALL of the good people around The World to Unite and Rid ourselves of the evil scum terrorizing and oppressing innocent people. They are the minority and WE The MAJORITY! It is time that we teach ALL of our children even those that were not necessarily birthed from our loins, how to succeed to ensure everyone grows up with the proper tools to Succeed, Prosper and Thrive. It is time we set aside petty differences and work together for the Common Goal of a Better World, a Better Future for All of our children so they can avoid the mistakes that we made as well as our ancestors. It is time that we all stand up for whats right, face our fears and WIN! We have the knowledge, tools and resources to end poverty and eliminate unnecessary suffering so it is time we Organize, Unite and Overcome the problems and challenges that have been hindering the potential of our species for the past few thousand years.

Love and Blessings for Eternity. WE CAN DO THIS! Amun Ra