Transferring Energy & Effort to Sorry :/

Hey folks, hope all is well. Want to apologize for doing this. I was going to run both sites simultaneously but I’m on a concentrate my efforts kind of lifestyle right now so I have concluded that it would be best to devote the majority of my effort into growing my new primary business instead of spreading myself too thin and trying to regularly post content on this site as well.

I will be posting the same kind of content on the new site that you all seemed to like on this one, book reviews, helpful stuff to improve your life that I learn about and am applying to my own and really anything that I feel can benefit people.

Once again sorry to do this, even though this site doesnt get a ton of traffic I notice people have been regularly subscribing to it so if you’re genuinely interested in the new stuff check out

I’m learning about seo and what not and know the power of comments and backlinks and what not (known for a while but was arrogant and wasnt applying the techniques DUUUH) so if you have a blog and comment I’ll will return the favor to help you with your own rankings in google and other search engines. Just ask in your comment in a coded way or however you like that youre commenting to get a comment back and I will fulfill the rule of reciprocation and return the favor. I truly do mean that/

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