Figure Out & Follow Your Passion. What is Most Important to You?


A Time of Personal Transformation

Really humbling time in my life right now and its given me clarity as to what I really need to focus on. This time is helping me see whats truly important to me and what I need to do to go about carrying out my life purpose. I kind of had it in my head that I was supposed to blow up performing my music but now I’m thinking I need to just immerse myself in the development of kids because I feel that’s the most important thing we as a people can do to build a better world.

Somewhat kicking myself right now because there are many people and groups that don’t want to give you a shot at working with kids unless you have some credentials. I’ve had a bad experience in school ranging from conflict with professors to learning about all the ways to succeed without a college degree to me just preferring to read and learn stuff on my own without getting graded for my work and just lacking the discipline to finish and continue things which is really hitting me hard and some of my biggest motivation to improve. The other motivation killer for me in regards to school is that I view it as a broken system in need of major reform and I’ve never wanted to get a traditional job and that’s the only purpose I saw for a college education.

To many people, I’m dumb for the decisions I’ve made in my life and that’s ok. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and it is my mission in life to ensure that kids don’t make the same mistakes that I do. It really is a humbling and liberating experience to broadcast that you’ve made mistakes and aren’t as far along as you could be if you had been better and had a better plan and more clearly defined goals. It’s really annoying to me how money isn’t a huge motivating factor for me but that’s what defines success to most people in the world. I really do pray that I get an opportunity to do work I’m passionate about that allows me to simultaneously support myself. I’m going to need to work my ass off and learn A WHOLE LOT MORE than I know because I’ve wasted a lot of time under the foolish arrogant belief that I need to save the world and make it look easy (slaps self)

Going Back to School

I’m returning to school for a few different reasons.  Mainly I want to model to kids to get their education and to never stop learning & credentials will help me more easily secure some kind of teaching or counseling position. My experience with school and my new perspective will help me persevere through the challenges I will encounter because I have a deeper inner drive to finish. There’s a greater importance to me now. I wish I wasn’t realizing this so late but hey, better late than never and life is a marathon not a sprint.

Even though I’m sure I will face some resistance in regards to working with youth with no formal credentials, I figure as long as I’m studying my butt off constantly learning and creating articles and videos to help the kids and provide useful advice to those who want to help inspire and motivate the youth I will eventually be given a chance and start really making a difference.


Until I have my degree I am going to get certified in a variety of useful areas that will allow me to more effectively empower youth and adults alike. My passion for eating healthy and exercise has skyrocketed since realizing that I need to be more disciplined because I believe it is the foundation for a healthy and prosperous life. I recently purchased a course to get certified as a personal trainer and receive certifications for holistic nutrition, herbs and supplements and yoga. I’m also going to get a certification as a life coach soon. The certifications are just the beginning, I will of course be constantly reading about new material on a regular basis and sharing online. My reasons for getting the certifications are so that I can market myself as more of an authority figure in regards to health and nutrition so that potential clients have confidence that I actually know what I’m talking about. I’m thinking that having the certifications will assist me in working with the youth as well because other administrators will view them more favorably than having nothing. Being enrolled in school will go a long way in their eyes as well I’m thinking, I hope so at least lol.

I’m just sharing my own experience with figuring out and following my passion and hopefully inspire some of you to do the same if you are not already.

Love & Blessings, Never Stop Shining The Light!

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