My 1st Public Speaking Presentation for high/middle schools, group homes, rec centers & really Anywhere that allows me to share this message to Inspire & Motivate Our Youth/People to GREATNESS


I’m at a big turning point in my life. It’s hitting me hard that I need to put more effort into following my biggest passion and do what is the most important thing that I can do and the thing that I believe I’m destined to naturally excel at. All I have to do is speak from the heart sharing my own experiences with failure, poor mentality, inconsistent work ethic and the strategies I’ve recently instilled into my life to overcome those obstacles to ensure that the younger generations do not fall victim to the same problems that I and many other adults succumb to.

One of the things that inspired me to take on this task of public speaking is that it is the key to me reaching and helping the most people. If I want to make the impact I want then people need to Feel my Energy flowing my Soul. The idea of it is somewhat scary and intimidating but I know It MUST BE DONE for me to become who I want to be and achieve what I plan to achieve.

We MUST ALL break out of our comfort zones because it will ruin us. We MUST Stretch ourselves and Keep Reaching FARTHER and HIGHER or else we wont grow and live up to our potential. We MUST ALL follow what we are Passionate about and what is important to us. I know from experience that not doing so leaves one feeling unfulfilled and depressed.

So without further delay, here is the presentation I’ve crafted that I am going to give to kids in school, group homes, rec centers and any meeting that is interested in me sharing. Depending on if its for adults I’ll modify it and once I get comfortable doing this I’m going to of course craft more presentations. I figure seeing as I don’t have much experience public speaking its a good idea to have an outline that will more effectively engage the kids

First and foremost I want to start by saying this is a learning experience for me just as much as it is for you so I’m going to be asking a few questions to learn more about you all. For the next 15-20 minutes  I just ask that you participate and feel free to speak up or raise your hands when I ask questions. All I request is that you don’t talk too much while I’m talking because this stuff can really change your life because it has changed mine. I wish someone had come to me when I was your age and shared these concepts so I didn’t have to learn it the hard way.

My guess is you guys are wondering who the heck I am and why am I in your class today wearing all red. Well to introduce myself. I go by StarLight Ra but my name is Noquisi Khepera. I grew up in Brooklyn with a single mother and an unwanted step father off and on. I didn’t meet my father til I was about 13, which is around the time I moved in with him, which is when I left New York & moved to Oakland California but even after living with him, he didn’t really teach me anything about success. For a number of years, I was quite resentful of that fact but now that I’m older I appreciate the shortcomings of my life because it allows me to relate to most of the people in the world because it is the minority that grow up with success principles taught to them at an early age. The shortcomings of my life are why I am taking the time out of my day to stand here talk and connect with you all today. That anger and passion is the driving force behind my life and why I have created a way for kids all over the world to succeed with the youth mentor program I’ve created. You kids are the future, so as far as I’m concerned investing in yall is the biggest investment we as a society can make to the improvement of the world.

Without going into too much detail about my life, I started hanging around with the wrong crowd when I was younger after suffering a football injury which led to me getting into trouble. I eventually woke up and had a life changing event that opened my eyes to my true life purpose in the world, which is to fight the many injustices and ultimately make the world a better place for everyone. I’ve struggled and been off and on with discipline, one of the most key things that you can work on that will aid to your success, but recently it has really clicked and has improved my quality of life tremendously and is one of the many areas of your lives that I hope to personally work with you on or at least inspire you to improve whenever you are ready to embrace it and become successful.

Now I got a question for you all and I’d like to learn some of your names in the process so if you could raise your hands and wait to be called on that would help me a lot.

Question Do any of you know or have any idea why we are here on this planet?

There’s really no right or wrong answer, I just want to see how y’all are thinking because when I was your age I don’t really remember even thinking about that question which is partly why I got into some of the trouble I did.

My theory is that we are here to Progress in our areas of interest and Contribute to others and the planet. Whatever specific areas are entirely up the the individual and whatever contribution regardless of how big or small is something that truly feeds the spirit and leads one to feel more fulfilled and happy because it just feels good when you give back. Having a purpose in life is like the most important thing in the world as far as im concerned because it will help guide you as to the direction you will travel in life but its up to you to define what that purpose is. Coming up with a solid purpose will set you apart from many of your peers and even many adults for that matter who are just kind of drifting through life trying to survive and get by without any clear goal on getting ahead

Question How many athletes do we have in here? What sports do you play?

Yall know the best that the pain is when the growth occurs. When youre in the gym training or on the field running and you feel that pain kicking in, THATS when you are growing stronger and faster and better. That physical discomfort is what is taking you to the next level but theres mental discomfort as well and that is paramount to your psychological, emotional and spiritual growth as a person. Your comfort zone will kill you. You have to stretch yourself if you really want to advance in life. Complacency is dangerous in a rapidly evolving world where everyone around you is learning because you increase your chances of being left behind and becoming obsolete. If thats not scary just imagine not being able to find work because your skills are outdated because you failed to keep up with the latest trends of your chosen industry.

Do any of you have a morning routine? Select a few to share their morning routine

I might have looked at you as if you were weird or laughed if you asked me this when I was younger because it was a battle for me just to get out of bed and be on time on several occasions. But do any of yall have something that yall have to do every morning, maybe some responsibility walking a dog helping with a younger sibling or if youre doing some kind of workout anything, do any of yall have something that yall have to do every day when yall wake u.

If not, if you can develop a little morning routine you will not only surpass many of your peers but youll be light years ahead of most adults as well who wake up angry, worried and ungrateful and that negative energy carries on throughout the rest of their day and essentially throughout the rest of their lives until they break that destructive cycle.

From what I’ve studied from successful people they all have morning routines, some longer than others, that start off with being grateful for the blessings they have in their lives. You dont have to have a lot to be thankful that you are alive, thankful that you can walk, thankful you have running water, friends, family, food, electricity, the opportunity to access information and learn whatever you want online and in libraries, thankful that you can literally achieve anything that you want to in life.

Who has heard of the Law of attraction just a show of hands. What is it? What does that mean to you?

Too often people focus on what they dont have and that clouds their vision as to what they do have which will ultimately attract more into their lives. Theres a lot more on this huge subject and its called the law of attraction which I invite you all to check out and read about yourselves because it is quite literally what every successful person believes in and uses to their advantage to manifest the lives of their dreams. In short success is all about mindset and forcing your mind to envision what you want but more importantly being happy and grateful for what you already have.

One of the keys to hacking your mind to have a Success mentality is destroying limiting beliefs and staying away from negative people who belittle you and your dreams

Does anybody here have negative people hanging around telling you what you can or cant do? Do you EVER feel good listening to these people or even being around them?

You have to AX negative people from your life if you want to improve your quality of life and get ahead and achieve your goals of becoming Successful. Spend time with people who support your dreams and inspire and motivate you to do better. The company you keep will determine your outcome in life. Its makes it THAT much harder to push through those hard times when things get rough with everyone around you telling you that you cant. For many its impossible, its the rare chosen few who do, so why make your life extra difficult by keeping those ball and chains around you? Fighting through those challenging moments is hard enough but you can make it easier for yourself but surrounding yourself with people who offer encouraging words or maybe even a helping hand.

Personal This next piece is a hard pill I had to swallow but I learned that some of my friends, whether they were conscious of it or not, didnt want me to succeed for a number of reasons I wont go into. There are people around you who love you but because they had their dreams killed when they were younger by friends/relatives they think thats what they should do to you. Theyre trying to help you not be let down and hurt by having big expectations but growing up with regrets for not doing so and so or at least trying so and so is one of the biggest pains that you can feel as an adult. In a few years youll be much happier and satisfied knowing hey, I tried and gave it my ALL because guess what YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW FOR IT. You put in work CONSISTENTLY and LEARN and HELP OTHERS and YOU WILL HAVE SOMETHING TO SHOW FOR IT PERIOD! You shoot for the stars and you GO HARD and worse worse case scenario you end up on the moon. But you shoot for the top of the building and only make it to the 3rd floor and youll be wondering why didnt I have a bigger goal that would have pushed and stretched me to reach farther and become more. Regret is what many old people feel, I wish I would have or why didnt I and you can avoid that by TAKING ACTION RIGHT NOW! Put 110% into your life with SUPER GOALS OF GREATNESS and you will have no regrets!

Question So Now do any of you have a future vision of yourself? Where you see yourself in 5 years? What skills will you have? What accomplishments? This is incredibly important or else you’re floating at sea with no sail, no rudder, no motor and leaving your life to chance and ultimately failure

People dont plan to fail, they fail to plan

If you are serious about who you want to become then YOU GOTA WORK. I cant put it any other way. Every successful person you know that has had to build their own success, put in an insane amount of work to get to the level that they are at. There are no shortcuts to success. When things get tough remind yourself of your goals, remind yourself that you have what it takes to push through and make your dreams a reality. You have GREATNESS within you but you have to believe and you have to work.

Its time for me to wrap up this little presentation but before I do I want to find out what Success means to you all.

Question What do you have to do to be considered a success? There’s no right or wrong answer.

(if theres a pause and none raising hand) Depending on if none in your family graduated high school or college, getting those diplomas could make you a success in the eyes of yourself and your family. Or maybe having a bunch of money or a nice car & nice clothes or on tv or whatever.

Question What does success mean to you all?

For me, Success is being a person of value to others. Success is making a positive impact in the world. Success is inspiring people that they can be better and motivating them and giving them the tools to do better. One of the most powerful insights on success that I read was that Success doesn’t create Happiness, Happiness creates Success. There are people with loads of money who are completely miserable. Often times people get so caught up in the future and what they want to get and achieve that they don’t ever learn to appreciate the everyday beauty of life and grow an addiction to the pursuit of the “next big thing” that will finally make them happy. These people have never learned to appreciate what they have in the first place so regardless of how much they acquire or achieve they are simply never satisfied and miserable because they have no practice being grateful and appreciating what they have in the first place.

I cant speak on the personal lives of the people who founded companies like amazon, google, facebook, or youtube because I don’t know them very well but I know that they created enormous amounts of wealth because they created something of value for others. Look at Amazon, an easy way for people to find products that they want and get it super fast. Google, an easy way for people to access relevant information instantly without reeling off the huge amount of other services they provide. Facebook, an easy way to connect people to each other. And without naming off a bunch of other major corporations that many people use on a regular basis, Youtube an easy way to find and upload videos that teach and entertain people.

The 3 questions I want to leave you all off with is what are you going to do or create  that provides value to other people? What difference are you going to make in The World? How do you want to be remembered?

Take Care Love and Blessings, Thank you for your time

(Offer to perform a song or two or more if they’re interested)

If you know of anyone interested in having me speak please let me know. I’m going to practice living this disciplined life for about 3 more weeks to help give myself the confidence to get up and talk in front of people about success and living better. That 3 weeks will also help me internalize the message because I need to practice my delivery. I want to start doing talks in February to help celebrate Black History Month.

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to

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