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Wake Up & Smile. Be Thankful for Anything & Everything in your life. Appreciate the little things that are easy to take for granted. Put something Positive in your mind. Do a mini workout even if only a single pushup lol. Practice something you’ve been putting off on learning. MASTER The Morning = Mastering The Day which will lead to MASTERY of one’s life. This is advice that’s constantly repeated in these motivational talks I listen to everyday (a habit I’ve reinstalled that im soomewhat obsessed with now haha) & it’s definitely improved my quality of life I feel & been helping me feel Better as I Progress on this Life Journey. When youre feeling down or you don’t feel like doing what you know you should listen to a few minutes of a good motivating talk to FIRE YOU UP & get you out that slump. Become a person of Value to others & Be Happy & Grateful & work & learn your ass off. Success will not be too far behind doing that consistently over a good period of time.
Being Comfortable with where you’re at is incredibly dangerous territory. Stretch Yourself. Progress is one of the many keys to Happiness. Upon completion of a goal immediately set a Higher One. If you don’t care to do it for your own personal satisfaction do it for your kids, or younger relatives or really anyone that looks up to you. Be a Beacon of Light in Your Community. It may take hard work but I guarantee you’ll Love every bit of it in hindsight because you will have made a Difference .

Sculpt the body you’ve always wanted. A little bit of time each day goes such a LOONNG way in creating a More Confident Healthy Empowered Better You. Don’t cheat yourself, put in the work Each & EVERY Day, do what you need to do to PUSH 2 REACH Your God Given Divine Potential

Find Your Voice. Find Your Platform to share your message (hopefully it’s a good one? Lol) whether through music, art, writing, building, film, talking or whatever, EXPRESS yourself. Your message will Feed people’s spirit & Ignite ACTION. Were So Much More Powerful than many like to think. We Just need to Unite All The Good people around The World and be the Beacons of Light for those lost and trapped in the jungles. Our numbers will SWELL with just the slightest momentum once people realize the Vision, Strategies & Character in our favor, we just gota be Consistent.

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