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I posted this on instagram a little while ago but I liked it so much that I decided it would make a solid blog article. I’ll embellish and provide more story behind it so it’s not so repetitious for those that already read it on my instagram accounts. Basically I have this whole philosophy of making shit look EZ because that’s how I feel an ALL POWERFUL Entity would solve The Worlds problems and because I read in 48 Laws of Power that when you try hard or more so make it seem as if you are trying hard it detracts from your power. I felt that hard because in 2012 I was going like 1000% percent but everyone thought I was Crazy which led me to be like ok I try hard and I’m crazy ok Ima put on a facade to blend in because blending is the key to eventually taking control of the mixture as opposed to being on the outside trying to get people to conform to a way that is foreign to them. Another law of power is people don’t like change even if its beneficial so I have to tactfully transition the masses from stupid to enlightened in a way that feels natural to them and at their own slow pace. Which is the reason I’ve been doing things like smoking weed, eating meat and other shit I’m not particularly fond of to essentially be seen as one of the masses. I got in a habit of kind of not giving a fuk to an extent taking the make it look ez thing to the extreme. Not using every second of my free time to read chilling  watching shows occasionally etc etc. But it recently hit me hard like a ton of bricks, dude you’re about to be 30 around the corner and BIG SHIT is supposed to happen then (what my gut tells me at least) because that will be 2020 and even though I havent read the exact lines people have told me thats when the Army of God is supposed to cleanse the world of the unrighteous. Long story short I realized I have to get my shit together and FAST because I’m not going to attract the POWERFUL Inner Circle I need to accomplish my goals in the time frame that I have in mind taking blending in with the masses to the extreme.

This aha moment occurred that I need to really step my game up and it’s actually mainly prompted by the fact that I’m starting this mentor program soon and Id essentially be violating my own beliefs of the youth looking up to bad mentors by me being lackadaisical. I don’t wanna be the kind of leader that is a do what I say not what I do kind of guy, that’s incredibly lame to me and far from what #GodMode is about. The message recorded in the video has really hit my CORE HARD because I’ve dropped a few habits FAST as well as acquired some very beneficial habits and the idea of going back is completely repulsive due to the level of heightened Focus I feel. I just whipped up this little introduction super fast but without babbling on any longer on with the post, one of my favs yet

So I was thinking of the most VALUABLE piece of INFORMATION i could pass on to you all & this popped into my head to post, A video I made during my v logging sessions a few weeks ago when I was gonna start posting more on my blog (But I haven’t 4 own secretive reasons. Hehe) & I love how you can barely see my face 4 the record) so on with the lesson.

Basically you ARE/BECOME WHAT you THINK. Nothing new is really what i teach lol I’m sure you’ve heard that 1 b4.
SO with that being said I want to pass on the main thoughts dominating my mind on a regular basis.
1. Improving The Universe, Uniting The Globe, Ending unnecessary suffering etc etc etc.
But a few months ago this idea of becoming The Most RESPECTED Being on The Planet popped in my head which prompted a flurry of ideas and things i must do to gain respect from EVERYONE even those that don’t like me.
I challenge you to Envision The Most RESPECTED Person in The World, that doesn’t exist, so no don’t pick some RETARDED celebrity.
I’m saying to CREATE someone in your mind who is RESPECTED BY ALL, that person shouldn’t be liked by all because that’s somewhat impossible but were talking RESPECT & ADMIRATION. Their habits, beliefs, image etc.
Next step is to tailor that person to you personally.
Next step is to begin to acquire the habits that person possesses.
& The Final Step is to BE THAT PERSON. I’m going to have an app create/make it myself once I’m a better programmer to assist kids with this exercise but that’s the driving force behind all the ideas i have created. Improving The Universe & Becoming The Most RESPECTED Person on Earth so people want to listen to my Master Plan to Improve The Universe & so that Future Generations want to be like me which will perpetuate a cycle of kids growing up with the purpose in life to IMPROVE THE UNIVERSE.
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I should also add that this video marked the AHA! Moment I had whenever I made this. #DISCIPLINE

The Pic I just took sitting in the library hehe. Not my best pic, more so on sum NOT THE 1 to fuk wit shit. haha #swag Pix draw more attention to posts I believe like I said in the last article. A theory that isnt fully being proven by my lack of views still but in time I’m sure my theory will be proven right hehe.

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to

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