Create a Routine & Stick to It. A glimpse into my routine & future plans


It’s funny to me how I was really going through it last night but managed to pull it together and use that pain to motivate me to search online and find a program to assist me with learning python so I can finally become a software developer and create all of the cool app/program ideas I have to help people & improve The World. One of the truest statements ever is something along the lines of when the pain of your current situation overcomes the pain of growing, that’s when change occurs.
It’s hitting me hard that I don’t have a tangible skill that I can offer right at this moment like coding, graphic design, beat making, or film editing to earn a living due to a lack of goal setting and discipline which are all things I’ve had interest in but simply never got around to learning due to it not being that important to me before. I of course have things going for me in my favor though but i just need to network more diligently and meet the right people to put my talents to good use. My most valuable skills, as far as I know, are my song/book writing abilities and showmanship with performing and the potential to inspire & motivate people to Greatness with my personal life story & knowledge of Success Principles that I need to be putting more mental energy & time into applying to my life. To really effectively attract people, I need to become a whole lot better than I am & have my principles completely intertwined with my day to day activities.
Recently i came up with a morning as well as an evening routine which I have been hitting consistently but today I realized I actually need to modify that morning routine to get the most important things of the day done early on.
The idea is to spend a little over 4 hours a day coding in the morning while mixing in exercise and guitar practice. The total routine will take about 5 hours and will basically consist of me watching the lectures or doing whatever code exercise for 25 minutes then taking a break and doing dexterity drills & practicing guitar riffs for 4 minutes followed by a minute of stretching & calisthenics. I came up with this idea because I’ve heard that we focus best in spurts so it’s best to break up learning complex material in smaller packages to have a heightened level of concentration & retention. The guitar provides a good creative break while at the same time ensures I’m improving that area of my skill set every day which will work wonders when it gets hot and im walking around with it while shirtless blasting my music filming and taking pictures of people for the website & networking on social media. Even though I’m not super good I have a feeling tutorial videos I plan on making will attract viewers and help me grow this new business as an affiliate marketer selling guitars as well as other musical instruments and really just anything that looks cool to me that im going to refer people to. The 1 minute of exercise makes sure that I get in my daily fill of body resistance workouts which are key to really building muscle mass and having a buff shredded looking body.
Upon completion of my rigorous & timed morning routine, I will run to & hit the gym for about an hour. I don’t have a timed evening thing and that’s partly because I feel some flexibility is necessary for the unexpected even though one of my goals is to be somewhat machine like in my daily routine because I’ve tried other side and it doesn’t seem to have worked for me. Thought my music woulda blew me up by now with the signs i had on my car 20170727_103056 (1)but it’s hit me I have to be smarter with it to really get it out there even tho people seem to like it whenever I play my more well made songs.
But basically my evening routine will be practicing Spanish with this cool podcast read along program for an hour, reading for 2 hours & 3-4 hours learning and applying the knowledge in wealthy affiliate to grow these new businesses which im going to start soon because I have but so much money that will last me and I need to make more for rent, food and just living and stuff.
The pressure is on and even tho it’s a bit nerve racking I like it, I like how HUNGRY I am right now. I grew far too complacent in Cali and before moving back to ny was somewhat depressed due to the struggles of living out my car combined with my piss poor diet & bad time management.
I see me winning with this plan of being a buff guy with an A1 diet, that plays some guitar, builds apps and websites for people, does motivational speaking/peak performance consulting that PUMPS UP & FIRES people up, speaks Spanish (and other languages in time) with an online store doing affiliate marketing while doing rap shows and filming our show in the streets of ny meeting & befriending loads of people while helping to feed the homeless/disaster victims and empower them out of their rut. More importantly I need to be active in the schools and group homes to help guide and mentor at risk youth.
The purpose of this article is to hopefully inspire you to come up with your own routine to grow and transform yourself. Change is possible but you have to want it. You have to be obsessed with it. Putting off your dreams can be delaying them by years. You got a start now, even if only a little bit each day.
This article is also for me because in writing this & putting it out there I’m making the vision I have for my future self more of a reality & forcing myself to live to that standard because integrity is incredibly important to me.
It’s never too late to transcend your boundaries & aspire for greatness. Become someone of value to others & Greatness will not be too far behind.
My biggest plan is to just be someone that people want around them because they want more discipline in their lives because it breeds more success. One of the many added motivating factors behind this new disciplined life is that the mission of improving the world relies on it and it will lead me to be a lot happier. The cool part is that it already has. When you work on something you know you’ve been putting off, you like & respect yourself more. You feel a sense of fulfillment that you are serving your purpose on the planet. I want people to feel the sense of accomplishment of proving to themselves that they can do it even tho they never tried or quit before. I want more people to be GREAT people of value to others but the Only Way to do that is have my (our) life be a model for others to guide them.

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