‘The Psychology of Selling’ by Brian Tracy My First Book Summary/review AMAZING BOOK HIGHLY recommend if you wish to Learn how to sell or Improve & become a Sales SUPERSTAR.


So I finished reading The Psychology of Selling by Brian Tracy and the book was just PHENOMENAL in regards to the sales advice that was pumped inside the 220 pages. If you want to sell more of WHATEVER it is youre selling, then this book is an excellent choice that will assist you with your goals.

There really were so many gems of knowledge all throughout from open to close but I tried to take the most juicy ones to share with you all in the event you just want to soak up some of the sales scripts that really jumped out at me that I learned that I will apply to my own business and the other helpful pointers for making selling more and ultimately becoming a better salesperson.

 For the record I’ve been taking little notes on every book I’ve read for the past few months and not posting but now that were at a different phase you all will be getting those shortly.

My plan is to read at least a book a week or longer if its a buff book like the book by Tony Robbins that I’m reading now “Awaken The Giant Within” hehe. One of my problems with blogging in the past has been a lack of consistency so I’m going to come up with a schedule and really stick to it. Its only the first week of this transformation but so far things are going great because its been days since I ate a sugary snack (I was eating way too much in cali smh slaps self) and I’ve been hitting hundreds of crunches a day, playing guitar, reading heavily and listening to hela motivational talks and just overall in a much more heightened focused mental state and it feels pretty amazing. Its time for me to get back in the groove of writing more frequently because it really is something I enjoy doing and something that will benefit those who take the time to read.

I’m sharing way more than I should seeing as this is supposed to be a book summary review but um, I’m going to start making a lot more videos like I was in 2012 soon so keep a look out for those 😀 to accompany these book summaries and really any article that I write on this blog.

The notes below were straight copy and pasted from my phone so I’ll probably come back and read them and elaborate because its very shorthandish but I’m tired and still need to do my evening workout before I sleep and its like 136 am (smh I shoulda done it earlier DUUH)

So without further delay here is the first book summary and to stress again I was trying to be picky and choosy because there was just so much good shit that I was tempted to add but I dont want my summaries to be super long which this one probably will be because it was that amazing of a book. Really did learn LOADS that I will apply in a very short time period and I’m pretty excited about it.

Image self esteem mindset


Questions inquire d

Top insurance agent said simple question asks new prospects do you feel responsible for providing for your family if something were to happen to You? Golden. If they don’t immediately say yes he doesn’t proceed with trying to convince of importance of life insurance

Desire for gain has a motivational power of 1. Fear of loss has a negative motivational power of 2.5

Name, company we’ve developed a process that can save you 20 to 30 percent of your office administration costs. It would take 10 minutes to show you how it works and you could decide for yourself if it is the sort of thing you are looking for

Talk about your product in terms of what the customer wants

Telling is not selling
Only questioning is selling

May I ask you something first take control of convo

People resist new stuff most customers late adopters combat this natural resistance describe as an “imprivement” of existing technologies

Keep spotlight on customer. More spotlight on you less a customer will buy

If you could wave a magic wand and have the perfect situation in this area how would it be different from what you are currently doing?

What would you have to be convinced of to go through with our product

80 percent of decision based on 20 percent of features. Find out what percentage client is interested in and stress those features

Uncover hot button, Mr prospect if you were to buy this product what would cause you to do it

Mr customer wanted to call and tell how much I appreciate your buying this product from us how’s everything going is there any way we can help you

You could have purchased this product from elsewhere but you got it from us could you tell me exactly what made you choose us

Tell new prospect most of our best customers say the best reason they chose us was (hot button) is this important to you

Focus on big fish

IBM example avg prod better support successful company of kind

Testimonials work wonders
Get testimonials and show to prospects
Write own testimonial if they don’t get to it

Use testimonial to overcoome common objection
Concerned about high price but since using benefits and costs outweigh top of 105 for full

Sell appointment not product

Open should trigger the response really how do you do that led to my script for prospecting

Make sure you’re talking to decision maker b4 kicking pitch.

Bottom 118
Wondering if you’d be interested in a proven method that could increase your sales (insert hot button) by 20 to 30 percent over next 12 months

We’ve developed a method to increase sales by 20 30& even 50 percent over the next few months

That is exactly why I am calling you I just need 10 minutes of your time to show you this system and you can decide for yourself if it applies to your company and salespeople

Overcoming sales resistance
That’s all right most people in your industry(name it to be more powerful) felt the same way when I first called them but now they’ve become our best customers and they recommend us to their friends
Have attention

Overcome resistance
Another company in your industry, ABC print, is already using this product and getting great results

Don’t offer two specific times, offer general times
Confirm appointments before leaving

Stand up when prospecting align energies sound stronger more confident believable & authoritative
Smile can be felt

Set stage immediately
Thank you very much for your time you are really going to enjoy what I have to show you

Refuse to talk standing up
None buy that way refuse to sell that way

Meeting 4 1st
How do you do?

Why don’t we sit at the kitchen table where we will be more comfortable
Then stand
Suggestive influence of professional waiting to be led powerful

Approach close
All I want to do in the time we have together is show you some of the reasons why so many other people have bought this product & continue to buy it. All I ask is that you look at what I have to show you with an open mind, determine whether or not it applies to your situation, and then tell me at the end of our conversation

Approach close
All I want to do in the time we have together is show you some of the reasons why so many other people have bought this product & continue to buy it. All I ask is that you look at what I have to show you with an open mind, determine whether or not it applies to your situation, and then tell me at the end of our conversation whether or not this product makes sense to you. Is that fair?

Develop 4 different sales presentations for the different types bottom page 166

What we’ve found over years is that many sales are delayed longer than need be because sales people are reluctant to ask for the order and bring the transaction to a close

Overcoming let me think it over
You know everything there is to know about this product from what you told me it looks like it’s an excellent choice for you. Why don’t you just take it?

2 step sale
4 complex products
1st call ask questions see if benefit
2nd proposal

Refuse price until finished with presentation.
That’s a good question I’ll get to that in a moment

Pause b4 reply
Convey carefully considering
Allows Hear prospect deeper level
Avoid risk of interrupting prospect

Get feedback after staying each benefit/feature

When people inquire about homes don’t give details say thank you for calling may I ask you a ? Are you looking for an ideal home in a quiet neighborhood

2 homes just listed not even in papers when would you have time to look
Doubled flow of prospects and they usually stuck with that agent until finding what looking for

Talk past sale assume buying decision already made
You’re going to love the service you get from our company
Your job is to create as many exciting pictures as possible of the customer benefiting from your product

3 percent pic goals

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