BodyBuilding & Better Nutrition. My Quest To Eat & Live Better.

20180106_151745.jpgI’ve been back on my body building regiment but this time instead of just working out

like a beast in the gym and doing calisthenics periodically throughout the day, I have been on a much healthier diet. I

have axed sugary and processed foods from my diet with the exception of the protein bars that I will ocassionally eat post

workout to assist with muscle recovery. Its been a few days and I havent had one slip. To share a bit of my story, I was

eating a lot of sugary crap in california and just not good food in general even though on a number of occasions I was very buff and in shape when heavily immersed in my workout routine. I want to share my experience with eating bad

food because I imagine many of you will relate and hopefully it pushes at least one of you out there to put that crap down

because it is toxic and literally killing you slowly. Food is either healing us or damaging our bodies, so be very mindful

of that with every meal/snack/drink that you put into your body.

I’m the kind of person that likes to try new things, so I would try some new sugary snack and many a time I wouldnt like it

as much as I thought I would so it would be somewhat of a letdown in regards to taste. On top of the taste, it wouldnt

make me feel good in my mind that I was eating it because I’m smart enough to know that the nonsense aint good for you but

my lack of discipline couldnt resist & the fact that I was on a I’m going to eat like the masses hype. Then there was the physical effect of just not really feeling good if too much of it

was eaten and the small pains in your teeth screaming STOP EATING THIS SHIT YOU FOOL.

There are so many different foods that I used to like but I dont eat them and what helps is that I spend a lot of the day

envisioning the Super Buff 6 pack ab having guy that I need to be to inspire and motivate other people to GREATNESS. So

to relate that to you, I recommend envisioning the body you want multiple times throughout the day. Right before you feel

tempted to indulge in that destructive craving, think about the body you want and how that snack/food/drink will take you

steps back from achieving that goal. You might justify it with oh its only 1 snack, BUT  Remember that small acts repeated consistently

over time lead to Monumental Change. Discipline Discipline Discipline, you will like and respect yourself a lot more each time you resist something that is

taking you away from your goals.

The other thing that helps is that I dont even view a lot of the shit I used to eat as food. I view it as poison because quite literally thats what it is. Theres a


of debate about what a healthy diet is but one thing that nutritionists do NOT debate is that sugar and processed foods are completely detrimental to ones mental and

physical health. I wont go into the details of sugar but it was a rare treat for our ancestors that gave us energy but now it is Overloaded into our food and is the

primary reason for the huge increase in cancer and diabetes in our society. Sugar is highly addictive and its just somewhat evil as far as I’m concerned. Processed

foods are designed to be highly addictive and affect your biochemistry and your brain and basically trigger people to keep eating more even when they are full. Its

really sick. These foods are worse than drugs in many cases due to their ease of accessibility and how they lie to consumers saying it has vitamin blah blah or

good source but it all just BS. Its Not real food and the sooner that sinks into your mind and you become disgusted with the thought of putting that garbage

into your body (if youre eating that stuff), the sooner you will refrain from craving or buying it.
My view of a super healthy diet was to be vegan but after consulting with my mom she has a completely different view after being a vegan for 30+ years. I still

do believe in a plant based lifestyle but its hard to dispute with the points she makes about the agricultural system and the cases of malnutritioned vegans who arent

getting enough protein which is incredibly important for living healthy and even more essential for someone who is bodybuilding. I want to stress that even though

my mom is on a carnivore diet, she only eats high quality free range meats and eggs and the shit is expensive I tell ya lol.

For now I’m going to eat like her because 1. shes a really Bomb cook 2. meat definitely will aid me with my body building goals 3. all of the stuff she makes is

made from animals that were properly cared for and 4. I havent seen or been around my mom in awhile and I want us to be closer. At the same time Ive started adding

salads to accompany what she makes and I got various nuts (almonds, walnuts, pistachios and peanuts) to eat in small doses each day for an added protein, fat & source

of the other great stuff that nuts provide that I will provide in a future article. I also got a few fruits (apples and bananas) but the painful part is that apparently

fruit isnt quite as good for

you as many people like to believe, modern fruit that is. The reason that it isnt quite so good is because its damn near processed food the way they are growing fruit

in many places.

Ill go more into fruit in a another article but fruit eaten that is grown locally and in season is ideal if youre an avid fruit lover not too concerned about the

diabetes/cancer that is likely to ensure from overindulgence in fruit from what I have learned on this quest to eat and be healthier. If it doesnt match that criteria

then be wary.
This article got really long and I’m sure I missed some points I wanted to cover seeing as I didnt reread or edit this but I’ll end by saying wanting to eat healthy

is somewhat of a pain in the ass with all of the garbage that big businesses push and all of the conflicting opinions on whats healthy & whats not but my goal is to sift out

for you the real from the fake and share my journey of healthy living and hopefully help a few of you do the same and hopefully you will do the same for those

around you. That repeated over and over will allow us to have a much more healthier disciplined future adult population free from disease and all of these retarded

health problems that didnt even exist years ago.

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