A Look into The Vision to Empower Youth around The World to Elevate The Consciousness of People on EARTH





One of the many goals we have for the youth mentor program is for it to take on a life of its own and for people in different cities and countries to come up with their own personal twist because people are creative and shouldn’t be crammed into a little box which is how current society treats people which stifles innovation and creativity & ultimately hinders our god given divine potential.
Im writing this tho because I feel I need to write more of this recent vision (The Youth Mentor Program) of mine which I truly feel is the #1 most important thing in the world for us as a species to focus on or at minimum support in some way or another whether it be through acquiring youth mentees to teach & guide to success, promotion on social media, monetary support or just acquiring & spreading knowledge without necessarily acquiring mentees (but honestly I envision a world of EVERYONE having At Least 1 mentee and kids having multiple adult mentors but I must stress you all have the freedom to do whatever you like as long as its not evil cause I/my army Will Be Coming Fo Yo Ass but Anyways).
The main idea I want to share is that there will be regular meetings for mentors to share their experiences and learn from eachother because none is an expert in regards to teaching youth as far as I know & none ever really will be because the struggles of being a youth morph over time as society progresses because new challenges constantly arise.
There will also be meetings for the mentees and they will be empowering because one of the messages will be that even though you are the youth, you guys are teaching the mentors how to teach better and learning from them to be better mentors for the next generation.
Without having this article get too long those are the new main ideas I wanted to share about the mentor program because its really fairly simple but the effects will be GINORMOUS (my favorite word that doesnt exist lol)
I personally plan to meet with my mentees 1-4 times a week after school(or through video if Im travelling the world at the time) to track progress and assist with learning coding and language/business/leadership/other skills. But any mentor and mentee can choose whatever schedule they like but i think it should be a minimum of once a week or once every 2 weeks? or maybe even just a video call to track progress and assist with any problems or pass on new wisdom.
Well have the weekly/bi weekly community events like Ive written about which will bring in regular people from the hood into the program & link up new mentors and mentees and serve as a forum for Anyone to Lift Up Oakland/The World.
Well have mentor meetings (maybe once a month?) where mentors get together for guidance on leading the youth which most of us havent done & get rewards and other fun stuff. Every meeting will end with a party/performance Im thinking to make more people want to attend. I recently bought two books on teaching youth which Im looking forward to devouring once they arrive hehe.
The mentee meeting would follow a similar guideline to the mentor meeting but just tailored to the youth.
Those are the main ideas I envision without going into details because once again I want all of this to take on a life of its own because even though I created it, one of my goals is for leadership to be decentralized so that in the event I disappear World Class Leaders would still spring up because of the system that was created. As Tut & I continue to get off the ground youll see how The Oakland version of the mentor program gets POPPIN & who knows maybe when Im less sleepy ill write more articles on that and what we plan to do to change The World starting with Oakland California.
Like Ive said many times, many people feel Oakland is hopeless (the hoods that is) so when we change Oakland that Miracle will be felt and reverberate throughout The Bay Area which will Shake California & Wobble The Country & Ultimately Take The World By Storm.

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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