Teaching Kids to Grow & Lead their own Organizations to Ensure Successful World Class Leaders. Our Youth Mentor Program.


One basic thing I understand about people is that they crave a few certain things. I won’t reel off all of those things but this article will focus on what I would consider the most general themes that could essentially help to organize the different variations that certain people go about achieving these major core pillars that drive the actions of our species.
People crave (some more than others) respect, notoriety, growth/creation, contribution to others/The Planet & ultimately all of that ties in to a Legacy because everyone (sane people with any tinge of ambition) wants to be remembered for being good/Great at something.
Understanding this is key to reprogramming peoples minds (easier to start with kids because their minds are more malleable & spongelike) from stupid to Genius because depending on peoples upbringing, negativity may be what merits respect or working some job they hate gains respect from whatever social circle they’re in. Contribution to others & The Planet may have you looked upon as weird or odd & get reactions along the lines of wtf is this guy smoking. Contemplating a legacy may be beyond someones thought process because theyre surrounded by people who are simply living in the moment and as im sure many of you are well aware, we essentially are the company we keep.
I write all of this because this is one of the huge problems in our society that I want to shed light on to help more of you target and fix in the weird event that joining our global youth mentor program is something you don’t want to be a part of in some way which will earn you Respect, Notoriety, a feeling of Contribution to others/The Planet as well as the growth you’ll experience personally and the growth youll assist future generations with & of course A LEGACY OF GREATNESS. We need to put serious effort into redefining success and fulfilment so that our kids dont spend 10+ years in school only to discover they dont even like what theyre doing for a career.
I believe that everyone aspires to be a leader in some way or another. The feeling of being more knowledgeable and guiding someone else through stuff they know is something many of us crave but many of us are never given the opportunity and due to lack of experience, some view leadership as for “those people.”
That is one of the many goals of the mentor program, to instill leadership into every kid starting as early as 5-7 years old so that they are at least given the taste of leading a team and helping others. The fact of the matter is some will excel more than others but at this grassroots stage the goal is simply to eliminate the sheep in our world because there are far too many “powerless” “victim” sheep walking around who dont understand just how POWERFUL they are because none ever taught them how to be leaders and spark change in their communities and they didnt take the time to read from others on how simple and relatively easy it is to do as long as youre consistent and persevere through the adversity and many obstacles youll face along the way.
Our kids are capable of so much more but until we as adults embrace that and really nurture their potential we will continue to breed more mediocrity/failures and GREATNESS/Success will be for those select few who are lucky to have mentors placed in their lives or for those who are just flat out determined to Succeed regardless of the many bricks that the mediocre people throw at you when they see that youre not trying to be mediocre like them.
This is one of the many driving forces of the mentor program because like Ive said many times, teaching the youth is the key to solving any problem in existence. We need to engage them, make it fun, interactive and not sweat them too much because thats not how you get through to kids. Kids like to figure out stuff on their own and do stuff their way which with nonobtrusive help from us will be how we breed more innovation among our youth as well as less of the same old same old.  Our job as mentors is to simply guide them and help them but not be so quick to shut them down because I know from personal experience i hated when teachers did that to me.
We must simply school them on fundamental success principles and then track their progress in their different areas of interests to help keep them going when times get rough. We should strive for our kids to have diversified skill sets so that theres no way theyll be forced to do something they hate because thats the only thing they studied. We should strive for our kids to have their own mini organizations where the kids below them make up their teams. With that being said I have a way for the kids who excel at organization building to have adults incorporated underneath them but ill save that for a future article.

Our Youth are capable of so much more and im going to spend my life ensuring that everyone around the world is aware of this fact because this is The Golden Age of Man.

Love & Blessings for Eternity.

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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