A Quick Guide to Inspire & Motivate The Youth to GREATNESS. 3 of my favorite articles ALL in 1.



Below are 3 solid blog articles that I wanted to shed some light on for any visitors who come visit the site because I think I’m going to take a break from posting stuff on my social media accounts and on this blog unless something really burning heats up inside me to share with you all.

Its not that I don’t have loads more to share but I already have so much content out that hasn’t even been read or viewed by most people and at this point I’m thinking very strategically on how to eliminate evil from our society which more than likely wont be understood by the average person who is under the impression that evil runs the world and is supposed to carry on til the end of time.

I have a number of visions for how to carry on once we break through this grass roots stage we are in the elevate the youth/people but it would probably go over many peoples heads and that is why I think its best for me to take a break.

On top of that I really need to focus myself and learn this programming stuff and Chinese(Mandarin) and Arabic which will take me to a whole new level than what I’m on currently. Besides the fact that I believe learning languages makes you smarter because you’re opening up more neural connections in your brain I personally think that the greatest rapper of all time would be able to spit bars and sing in multiple languages so that when he travels around The World he can really sing and communicate with the many different cultures on the planet.

Road Map for The Youth To Succeed in The Digital Age, The Age of Information aka our Exponentially Evolving Society.


I wrote this with the intention to serve as guidelines for youth to be taught starting as early as 5 years old. The idea is to first start teaching it to kids in high school and middle school through our mentor programs and inspire them to mentor those younger than them and so on and so forth. So basically imagine middle school kids mentoring the 5th graders and 5th graders mentoring the 4th graders who mentor the 3rd graders and so on and so forth. The cool part is because there’s only a year difference they will be the most capable at transferring the message into a form that can be easily understood and digested. This is the beginning of the most advanced leadership development program to ensure that success principles are ingrained into each and every child. In time I will do more research/find other peoples research and come up and publish a game plan for two year olds because THAT’S REALLY where we need to be pouring a lot more attention due to the incredibly malleable state our brains are in at that age. DO NOT THROW YOUR KIDS IN FRONT OF THE TV & STOP beating them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The one possibly most important lesson I feel the youth around the world need to know is that we live in a world with an incredible amount of fluff & sugar and that it can be EZ & tempting to be consumed & mesmerized by that fluff and in doing so becoming unsuccessful & miserable. We live in an age where you can literally access anything you want to know in seconds but you can also spend hours wasted pouring over friends timelines endlessly, playing video games, binge watching  Netflix and t.v. & other detrimental activities hindering the success of many in the world today. We as a people should be smarter than ever but were not and it’s because people lack discipline in their lives as well as vision for the future & ultimately leadership in their lives. We live in an age where ignorance is a choice due to the fact that you can literally pick up your phone and search and learn ANYTHING you want AT ANY TIME so we need to be taking advantage of this amazing opportunity we are blessed with that our ancestors WISH they had at their disposal.
Our population is at a crossroads.
Most will evolve and grow with the times & others will become extinct.
The media is aware that negativity sells and that is why it is hammered into your mind’s because our minds haven’t fully evolved in relationship to our recent technological advancements. The instincts necessary thousands of years ago dodging lions & tigers in the jungle that greatly aided in survival like over attention on fear & hate are now incredible hindrances that the media exploits with its fear mongering. We will eventually develop a far more enlightened media system but until then we must be aware and make others aware and in doing so ratings for negativity will decline forcing media outlets to give the people what they crave which is positivity, inspiration & enlightenment.
The big takeaway from all this is be very conscious of what you’re devoting physical time to as well as mental energy and make small goals to ensure you’re steadily progressing intellectually in life which will guarantee more fulfillment and happiness because you will do the same for others, one of the many keys to happiness which is helping others become happy & more fulfilled in their lives.
Another big thing of note is vision and picturing where you want to be in life. Most people don’t plan to fail they fail to plan and like I said earlier if you don’t have a clear path in sight you will run around in circles and never really get anywhere and more than likely end up unsuccessful & miserable.
It is also important to note that many youth and honestly people in general are constantly listening to music but the problem is they are listening to this crap music filled with negativity which is quite literally going to war with your mind making you stupider and bringing you down. Anything talking about killing people, exploiting women/people, not caring about others or the world is not something you want to be putting into your mind even though there’s a bunch of fools at your school who are considered “cool” that do that all the time. Have NO fear tho because when I show up to your school campus everyone in your classes will know the official definition of cool instead of this RETARDED nonsense that has been eroding the minds of our youngsters for decades.

Just to add in case you all are not aware, my plan is to quite literally step foot on the grounds of EVERY high school and middle school in THE WORLD to officially induct you all into Our Mentor Program and so every kid in The World can say they have met me at some point in their life which I’d imagine will mean a lot to you lil ones. Love Yall.

I inserted that pic which I literally took moments before publishing this article because 1. I dont take a lot of pix anymore and 2. I know posts with pix seem to attract more attention lol.

GREATNESS is a CHOICE that you make EVERYDAY not some leprechaun rainbow shit 4 the lucky. IGNORE old people saying otherwise cause THEY DONT KNOW FUKIN SHIT!!!


This is quite possibly my favorite ig motivational/inspirational post I’ve put up of the hundreds or so I’ve posted on my various accounts over the years so I figured it deserved to be transformed into a blog post. I literally copy and pasted it so disregard the short hand that I needed to fit it on instagram when I posted it lol.

YOU CAN Decide on ANY Day that YOU will be GREAT. DONT buy into the B.S lies your mind/other ppl TRY 2 sell you. Decision+Habits+Discipline=SUCCESS #LOA
Regardless of your circumstances I Truly Believe in the Depths of my SOUL that ANY one of you can RISE UP & Spark a Revolution of Consciousness WHEREVER u reside. Let’s hypothetically say u view yourself as not smart which is something that’s BULLSHIT because any smart person put in time 2 acquire the knowledge they know, it’s not like u pop out ya mommy’s vagina knowing hela shit. U can simply begin a quest 2 LEARN AS MUCH as you can fit in a day & keep on doing that Consistently Everyday. You do dis Repeatedly & U WILL 1. Attract people who assist u on your Quest of Knowledge 2. It becomes easier 2 LEARN because you’re flexing your brain & just like muscles, the more u work them the BIGGER they get 3. (& honestly there’s many outcomes 4 the results of constantly learning/READING stuff but 3 is 1 of my favorite numbers lol) YOU WILL INSPIRE OTHERS 2 DO THE SAME! Now in the event youre on sum fuk learning shit, what’s it gona gonna do 4 me I just wana have fun & bullshit. Well 1. In an exponentially progressing society which is the #informationAge we currently live in, it ensures u won’t become a dinosaur which = poor (BROKE AS FUK), lonely (excluding the company of Neanderthals & Dinosaurs) & women, unless u like stupid dinosaur women LMFAO, wont want 2 associate wit u.
Iono I was thinking of how many of u make the excuse that being GREAT is like 4 the lucky or sum leprechaun rainbow shit&it was pissing me off so I was like hey lemme break my silence & CRUSH dat DOG SHIT ideology in a ig post. GREATNESS is simply a decision u make & u must make it just about EVERYDAY. Is it easy? NO. If it was, less people would aspire 4 mediocrity. But the TRUTH is dat EACH & EVERY single 1 of u was designed 2 have the FREE WILL 2 choose GREATNESS & it’s part of my MISSION on this Planet 2 make sure Y’ALL START MAKING THE RIGHT FUKIN CHOICE 4 YA LIVES!!! With that being said u have da FREE WILL 2 whatever the hell you want so maybe being Great doesn’t interest u BUT do evil & will die a PAINFUL death. #AmunRa #SunGod #GODMODE


Life of ULTIMATE DISCIPLINE. Possibly The Most Valuable Fundamental Piece of Information I can pass on to You All.

I posted this on instagram a little while ago but I liked it so much that I decided it would make a solid blog article. I’ll embellish and provide more story behind it so it’s not so repetitious for those that already read it on my instagram accounts. Basically I have this whole philosophy of making shit look EZ because that’s how I feel an ALL POWERFUL Entity would solve The Worlds problems and because I read in 48 Laws of Power that when you try hard or more so make it seem as if you are trying hard it detracts from your power. I felt that hard because in 2012 I was going like 1000% percent but everyone thought I was Crazy which led me to be like ok I try hard and I’m crazy ok Ima put on a facade to blend in because blending is the key to eventually taking control of the mixture as opposed to being on the outside trying to get people to conform to a way that is foreign to them. Another law of power is people don’t like change even if its beneficial so I have to tactfully transition the masses from stupid to enlightened in a way that feels natural to them and at their own slow pace. Which is the reason I’ve been doing things like smoking weed, eating meat and other shit I’m not particularly fond of to essentially be seen as one of the masses. I got in a habit of kind of not giving a fuk to an extent taking the make it look ez thing to the extreme. Not using every second of my free time to read chilling  watching shows occasionally etc etc. But it recently hit me hard like a ton of bricks, dude you’re about to be 30 around the corner and BIG SHIT is supposed to happen then (what my gut tells me at least) because that will be 2020 and even though I havent read the exact lines people have told me thats when the Army of God is supposed to cleanse the world of the unrighteous. Long story short I realized I have to get my shit together and FAST because I’m not going to attract the POWERFUL Inner Circle I need to accomplish my goals in the time frame that I have in mind taking blending in with the masses to the extreme.

This aha moment occurred that I need to really step my game up and it’s actually mainly prompted by the fact that I’m starting this mentor program soon and Id essentially be violating my own beliefs of the youth looking up to bad mentors by me being lackadaisical. I don’t wanna be the kind of leader that is a do what I say not what I do kind of guy, that’s incredibly lame to me and far from what #GodMode is about. The message recorded in the video has really hit my CORE HARD because I’ve dropped a few habits FAST as well as acquired some very beneficial habits and the idea of going back is completely repulsive due to the level of heightened Focus I feel. I just whipped up this little introduction super fast but without babbling on any longer on with the post, one of my favs yet

So I was thinking of the most VALUABLE piece of INFORMATION i could pass on to you all & this popped into my head to post, A video I made during my v logging sessions a few weeks ago when I was gonna start posting more on my blog (But I haven’t 4 own secretive reasons. Hehe) & I love how you can barely see my face 4 the record) so on with the lesson.

Basically you ARE/BECOME WHAT you THINK. Nothing new is really what i teach lol I’m sure you’ve heard that 1 b4.
SO with that being said I want to pass on the main thoughts dominating my mind on a regular basis.
1. Improving The Universe, Uniting The Globe, Ending unnecessary suffering etc etc etc.
But a few months ago this idea of becoming The Most RESPECTED Being on The Planet popped in my head which prompted a flurry of ideas and things i must do to gain respect from EVERYONE even those that don’t like me.
I challenge you to Envision The Most RESPECTED Person in The World, that doesn’t exist, so no don’t pick some RETARDED celebrity.
I’m saying to CREATE someone in your mind who is RESPECTED BY ALL, that person shouldn’t be liked by all because that’s somewhat impossible but were talking RESPECT & ADMIRATION. Their habits, beliefs, image etc.
Next step is to tailor that person to you personally.
Next step is to begin to acquire the habits that person possesses.
& The Final Step is to BE THAT PERSON. I’m going to have an app create/make it myself once I’m a better programmer to assist kids with this exercise but that’s the driving force behind all the ideas i have created. Improving The Universe & Becoming The Most RESPECTED Person on Earth so people want to listen to my Master Plan to Improve The Universe & so that Future Generations want to be like me which will perpetuate a cycle of kids growing up with the purpose in life to IMPROVE THE UNIVERSE.
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I should also add that this video marked the AHA! Moment I had whenever I made this. #DISCIPLINE

The Pic I just took sitting in the library hehe. Not my best pic, more so on sum NOT THE 1 to fuk wit shit. haha #swag Pix draw more attention to posts I believe like I said in the last article. A theory that isnt fully being proven by my lack of views still but in time I’m sure my theory will be proven right hehe.


If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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