100+ GodLike Success Principles to Become a Billionaire & Bring World Peace

100+ GodLike Principles to Become a Billionaire & Bring World Peace

100+ GodLike Principles to Become a Billionaire & Bring World Peace

Goal Elevate consciousness of all people on earth, eliminate unnecessary suffering with a strong focus on the youth which will ensure sustained progress and transformation throughout future generations and ultimately bring world peace and ensure Prosperity for The Universe & ALL of its inhabitants.

Why We feel that too many people are living unfulfilled unhappy lives because they are not reaching their potential or even coming close to reaching for it. We believe that we can wake the most people up around by uniting all of the awakened around the world using different strategies and becoming the best teachers of success principles that even the most disconnected unconscious person in the world can gravitate towards and relate to. We feel that the world leaders of today could and should be a lot better & instead of waiting for them to become smarter & cooler we’ll just lead the world ourselves. Smarter Happier more Productive people is the key to making The World a better place.

What we can do for you Teach you the success principles known & used by the millionaires and billionaires of the world. Ensure that you achieve financial freedom and spiritual enlightenment if you follow some of our systems and teachings. If you follow all of our teachings/systems and really excel at teaching and building your own systems then you will for sure create a legacy of everlasting GREATNESS, be revered by your peers and essentially everyone around you because you will be considered a world leader aka a light worker aka a Sun God.

And Now for The actual Success Principles to Become a Billionaire and Bring World Peace

Learn Programming At minimum have some form of understanding of it

Create apps and systems for people to participate in

Always create systems and things with the potential to be scaled globally.

Be Humble Even if you feel you are the best, most talented person, even more people will respect you and want to be down with your cause if you’re not always boasting about your accomplishments which really is just a sign of insecurity. If you’re really the man or woman people will already know so just be cool about it and try to refrain from even talking about yourself unless a direct question is asked. Let your work speak for itself.

Take all blame, pass on all recognition You’re the leader so don’t let your ego get the best of you and feel the need to always shine because if your team does well most people are going to give you the credit anyways. Much smarter to do your best to deflect the shine to those on your team that worked their butts off to make shit happen which will send the message to your team that if I work hard my leader will make sure I shine. If you don’t do good your team is going to try to find scapegoats and if you’re a charismatic leader your team will avoid you and choose the weak team members so take the blame from them. This sends a message to your team that if we screw up our leader is going to take the heat and provided you’re liked they’re going to work their butts off to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Global alliances Having a connect on every continent will be very beneficial but to get even crazier with it what about every country or better yet every city. This in conjunction with language learning will work wonders

Creative events Put crazy names on your events as well to elevate your own status. A great example is the big event I’m planning on throwing which will be called something like The Future Young World Leaders Conference. People might try to ignore you at first but after the 3rd one and provided your numbers grow there will be no doubt you’re doing something HUGE especially if you have an exalted name behind it because after the 50th one in 50 years you won’t be the future young world leaders anymore because all the old people that were hating & trying to deny you will be dead and all the young people will view you as the world leaders.

Honesty is key People know that none is perfect but honesty is the #1 desired trait in leaders. People just don’t want to be deceived and gotten over on. Trust is very fragile and one lie can lead to it being permanently lost forever. But just be honest if you screwed up because people will respect that about you that you take responsibility & are accountable for your actions

Ultimate servant to your team this is key to creating an atmosphere of unity in your organization if you, the leader, is ALWAYS ready and willing to help. Your people, who aspire to be like you, will adopt that same mentality and help all those under them because it will be ingrained in them that helping others not only increases everyone else’s chances of success but their own as well.

Learn languages This is one I admit I lost motivation with because in a short time electronic translation is going to be wildly advanced but until then I figure for me it would be wise to at least learn like 7 of the most popular because I believe language learning opens up neuron connections in your brain and essentially makes you smarter and more creative because you’re expanding the potential of your brain. Language learning is kind of a comfort zone challenge for me as well.

Good Credit This is very useful for acquiring real estate and big purchases like cars and really just living a more comfortable life until we end the money system. Easily attained by only using 30% of your available credit and paying off your balance fully on each monthly due date.

Leadership is a choice Stand up for what you believe in, express your ideas and you will find that other people who believe in your dream will gravitate towards you.

Learn investment skills used by the billionaires (combine with business)

Understanding of ancient cultures This will tremendously enhance your wisdom of the world because you will view contemporary society in an entirely different light and be able to easily break down all of the lies that have far too many people stuck on stupid.

Suffering leads to enlightenment This is great for understanding the past few centuries of suffering and the golden age we have recently begun as well as love and appreciate any struggle you’ve been through because you will be grateful that you were lucky to become the strong enlightened person you are.

Develop younger generations This will solidify your role as a world leader in the society of tomorrow as long as you create something that can be easily scaled exponentially & replicated in different countries around the world in a short period of time.

Mindful of self talk Be conscious of how you are talking about yourself to yourself. Always make effort to see yourself in a positive light to improve your confidence/self esteem which will greatly increase your ability to do whatever you put your mind to, to achieve success in any field you pursue.

Long term goals into short term Practice finding ways to accomplish things in a much shorter time frame than you previously thought possible. Or as a practice ask your friends what they think is going to take them years to do and figure out how they can do it in 1 year or half the time.

Anything worth doing worth doing badly It takes time to get good at something so don’t be scared that you’re going to suck at first. Practice makes perfect but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t at minimum take the 1st step & put forth strong effort to get over the hump. It gets easier & easier.

Write goals down, read throughout each day This is to really drill it in your mind so that your goals become a part of you because they are constantly on your mind.

Ask why am I doing this Many people are in a zombie like state and not even aware of why they are doing what they are doing so this is a good technique to avoid the herd mentality and be fully conscious of your actions on a daily basis.

All you need is a good idea quite literally all you need is a good idea to spark profound change in the world. This is accomplished, of course, through the use of the internet and social media which will allow you to gain support from all over the world to unite people who believe in that idea and wish to see it manifest in reality.

Don’t be mesmerized by appearances There are some people who appear to be on top and are about to crash and burn and others who appear to be at the bottom who are on their way to spiral directly to the top. It’s much wiser to take into account someones dreams, values and habits as well as of course many other things to effectively assess where someone is at. If judging people is something you can’t help but do, at least do it correctly and not be a shallow fool and jock someone solely off of their material possessions because what happens if/when they lose that?

Life of minimalism This is just a preference of mine which is to only have essential things I use on a regular. I like to get rid of things I dont use because if I don’t, there’s a whole bunch of unnecessary clutter around. I have a strategy for sentimental items which i will discuss in the book.

See the best in others This is key to bringing out the best in others which is far more desirable than bringing out their worst.

Doesn’t need to be 100% from beginning (combine with anything worth doing worth doing badly) This is what I believe prevents far too many from pursuing their dreams. GREATNESS takes time. Take the first step and keep walking til you get to where you want.

Comfort zone challenges Make a list of your fears & face them. Start small with each fear but gradually increase the intensity til you’re no longer scared of anything.

1st to offer trust Don’t be afraid to be let down if someone doesn’t come through. It’s going to happen but if you never trust people in completing tasks then none will ever trust you. Trust is a critical component of a Powerful relationship. Most People who know that you entrusted them with an important task will work hard to not let you down so it works as a nifty motivating factor once there is a solid relationship in place.

Ask big questions As Often as Possible. Trick is to have your questions centered around Improvement of The Universe.

Envision your ideal routine How do you want to spend your time? Thinking about it, writing it down and making others aware of it is the only thing that’s going to make it happen.

Start with yourself Changing yourself is the #1 first thing you have to do if you want to change other people. People have to be able to look to you as the example.

Constantly learn and teach Teaching what you learn reinforces the new knowledge in your mind. It also helps someone acquire new knowledge. A true win win situation.

Develop or adopt a grand vision The biggest vision is ensuring PROSPERITY for all in the universe so this is a pretty easy one. But if that’s too big for you because your consciousness is still young at least have a vision that helps millions around the world.

Develop people/communication/leadership skills Communicating ideas effectively, building leaders and leading teams of people is vital to becoming a world leader & becoming successful so take time to get good at this.

Surround yourself with those better than you This is key to expanding your mind, experience, skill set, philosophy. Also works as a great comfort zone challenge. My plan is to surround myself with the brightest scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, musician’s, artists and any other thing I want to learn because the best of the best tend to have the strongest understanding of the concepts of their field which leads to simple explanations of complicated concepts which leads to accelerated learning.

Don’t wait til you have a lot to start giving Time is free to give and often times far more valuable than any dollar amount. Never ever tell yourself the lie you don’t have anything to give.

Be grateful for what you have This is key to attracting more things in your life to be grateful for. Appreciate what you have because a lot of people wish they had what you have so don’t be foolish and lose sight of how blessed you are.

Fasting This increases life span and I find that being hungry makes you more active whereas eating a lot makes you tired and sluggish.

Remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing(Combine with one up top)

Avoid the movement of the herd fact of the matter is most people, sadly to say, are stuck on stupid and being manipulated by the many lies hindering their success. If a lot of people are doing it/believing in it, it’s safe to assume that it’s retarded to do.

Extremely selective with who you allow in your life The people you hang around with on a regular basis have profound influence on your life. You have to be ruthless with your time because too many people are on an unaware unconscious mission to have you engaging in foolery & waste yours.

Biggest wildest goals/dreams The average person should view you as completely insane upon hearing what you plan to accomplish. If people (foolish lil people that refer to themselves as feeble lil creatures such as humans) don’t think you’re crazy you’re not thinking big enough

Live as if last day Ya never know when ya gona go so do what you want people to remember you for if you were to go right this second.

Exercise eat right Have the body of your dreams, simple as that. Look like The GOD you were born to be. Exercise and nutrition is how you do it.

Ask is this getting me closer to my goals (combine with why I’m doing this)

Develop unique eye catching style This will spark interest in you which will lead to interest in your big ideas and create instant supporters just because of how you came through styling.

Diversify your skill set I of course believe in having something you’re good at & specialize in but I’m more of a fan of diversification because the more varied your skills are, the more neural connections are open in your brain which once again increases intelligence and creativity. I also think it leads to more well rounded individuals.

Mantras Drill it(Repeat) in your head til it becomes a part of you & is how you define yourself.

Understand basic concepts and principles of online marketing This is a huge topic that I’m going to have a course for people that are interested. Creating web sites, affiliate marketing, leveraging social media marketing

Choose your friends wisely (combine with who you surround self with)

Have a desire for everyone to succeed and prosper and be happy This is key to having high self esteem even though there may be people who talk shit about you because of your imperfections or the mistakes you’ve made in the past as well as of course more importantly key to improving the universe which hopefully is your life purpose by now

How can I improve this Whatever you’re doing or see being done ask how can I make this better. Constantly challenge the status quo.

Keep your problems in perspective (combine with be grateful)

Network network network Look for different groups/individuals engaging in whatever area of interest you possess and join the club/start your own club.

Start something in the world billions can engage in This is a marketing trick to make your movement go viral. Create requirements (like buying something then doing something with it or setting up a free food stand or a leadership conference) for doing something that people can do all around the world and reward people that do.

Make music There’s 3 different outcomes 1. You could be good 2. You could be ok but with time get better3 you could suck but it’s still a cool life achievement to say you have your own song/album and will assist in growing your organization I believe music is very therapeutic and works wonders for self expression which is very important to say the least.

You can do whatever you out your mind to

Dream believe achieve

Not all advice is good advice There are family and friends hoping for your downfallIf the advice isn’t lifting you up telling you that you can accomplish anything you want, it’s shitty advice more than likely coming from someone who hasn’t achieved any significant level of success and if they are successful and are attempting to tear you down then reevaluate your concept of success because truly successful people only elevate others to success.

View yourself as a world leader In the future everyone will be a world leader because success principles will be ingrained in each and every individual but until that happens be one of the shepherds training the sheep to stop walking on all fours so they can stand up and become shepherds and do the same as you.

Envision a better world Envisioning better is the key to attaining better in any facet of life.

Outsource certain work, don’t do it all alone Use online virtual assistants or students to multiply your level of productivity and focus on what you truly want to do. Have outsourcers find and train their replacements and promote those who excel at prospecting and training so you don’t have to do it yourself.

You are an UNSTOPPABLE FORCE OF NATURE You control your Destiny

Failure is necessary to achieve success You have to do things wrong to know what not to do and how to do things right

Do not be quick to judge (combine with do not be mesmerized)

Refrain from attachment (combine with minimalism)

Let it pass Whether good or bad the moment will pass and you will move on. This mainly pertains to the bad so don’t get so caught up when things don’t go your way. Better things are right around the corner as long as you believe it to be true but you might miss potential opportunities in the present and future if you are too preoccupied with what went on in the past.

Understand general business principles Understanding different business models and investments principles but even more importantly business with a spiritual TWIST which is how we will dominate and takeover the business world.

Who cares what they think As long as you are working to bring PROSPERITY for The Universe and help everyone who gives a Damn what someone thinks who is too obtuse to appreciate you and your service to the planet and all life present.

Develop interest in technology I of course advise having some technical knowledge which will hold more weight as I deepen my own understanding but at least know what’s going on because the new technology will not only become a part of your life but ya never know it may spark an idea in you that leads to more innovation in the industry.

Be passionately curious The key to solving major problems and figuring out complex theories is to first care about them. At the root of every major discovery, excluding those who stumbled upon it by chance, was a person who hungered to find out what was going on.

Noble principles and live by them Practice what you preach. People are quick to call people hypocrites so gain the respect of the people by living your message.

Majority of energy on next generations For the next few years this is key to see a radical change in our society but the cool part is it will get easier and easier to teach the youth because we’re going to inspire the youth to teach each other as well as those younger than them

Have fun Key to attracting people to you and your cause. Helping people feeling like their life is worthwhile is 1 thing but cracking them up and ensuring they have a great time as well is well GodMode lol.

Power poses Watch Amy cuddle Ted talk she put it beautifully. Ups your confidence and self esteem.

Save 10% donate 30% This is mainly for those who truly excel financially with our businesses but even 30% is going to be considered low to our overachievers really following the principles outlined in this new book.

Strive to be the best At whatever you do. View every job/anything you do as a reflection of who you are.

Quality of question The quality of question you ask yourself on a regular basis will determine your spiritual & mental growth. Ask yourself big questions to “flex your cortex”

Develop public speaking skills The ability to captivate crowds of people & effectively communicate your ideas & vision will be an incredible aid in improving the world & bringing wealth in your life if that’s what you desire.

Feedback system Two heads are better than one but what if you were able to leverage the minds of 7 billion to improve your organization. The key to this is giving recognition/rewards to people who give good ideas because people have a fear of their ideas being stolen and of course they love that kind of stuff

Reach out to influential figures Present your idea and some will respond and help, provided you have a good idea & the person is cool of course hehe

Science The coolest most respected people in the future will be scientists so if you want to be considered dope it would wise to at minimum understand some basic scientific things to not be a dinosaur as technology continues to exponentially progress.

Learn instrument I believe this is a rewarding feeling that should be shared by everyone that will help enhance your intelligence and creativity because of the neural connections you’ll be opening up. It’s also just cool.

Write a book Make an outline of things you feel would benefit people and write your ideas. Everyone has something of value to benefit other people so don’t feel like you’re not smart enough. Fact is you’re smarter than someone and who knows, maybe your writing style or approach to a certain subject matter is what resonates with them and helps them grow and learn.

Go fundmes Not just one but multiple go fund me accounts for your ventures and plans.

BLOG Keep people updated with what’s going on. People hunger for new fresh content and if you can provide it you will generate viewers which generates Power which if you choose can generate tremendous wealth.

Ignore disrespect, make them bow down This will help you to avoid many arguments, fights and quite possibly save your life. Disrespectful people are often expecting a response because they’re used to dealing with weak people who actually give a Damn what they think and feel a need to respond to their bullshit as if it matters. Just ignore their asses and when they realize what you’re about make em bow down and pledge allegiance to you and your cause before they get a response from your Godliness.

Create art, make things Good right side brain exercise to open up neural connections and once again it’s just fun. Cool part is ya never know if you’re good at something til you try.

Free giveaways and free services This is key to creating word of mouth buzz for your org and creating instant fans while simultaneously promoting new products/services

Start niche groups within your org Divide people up by their interests to create more cohesion among your people but then of course devise a way to get those niche groups to collaborate because division and cliques is not really what you want in your org

Read Reading is probably the most powerful thing you can do. Imagine learning lessons from the greatest people from any field of interest you have. Reading grants you that ability.  Take advantage of the experiences of others so you save time in your own life by not having to learn things the hard way.

Create your own merchandise Even if you only provide services, having merchandise will be an awesome way to promote and market your services/message/vision as well as generate brand/org loyalty

Free food stand These are what I feel are going to be a big component of our grass roots plan to transform ghettos all around the world. Trick is to be selling merchandise, teaching people and helping people make money all while doing entertaining shows and of course last but not least feeding people.

Involve people in your goals to hold self accountable When you know you’re attending a meeting with 12 other people in 5 days who will be expecting to hear about your progress that’s added motivation to make sure you have something to show and speak about.

Consistency, daily routine Greatness is achieved over a long period of consistency. Keeping this in mind will motivate you to not miss days because the only person you’re cheating and screwing over is yourself and your fans of course.

Make your brain your hobby Study it, feed it the right food, exercise it and constantly implant knowledge in it. Your brain is your everything, all you need is your brain to go into a cyborg suit to be you but SUPERCHARGED, so keep that in mind

Study the future This is what people expect from their leaders, to know what’s around the corner. Study current trends and predictions to effectively plan for the future

Remember names Trick to this is to view everyone as important. Works wonders for creating good lasting impressions and shows people that you care about them and who they are.

Give credit (combine with give recognition take blame)

Physical magazine/newspaper etc etc for those not online this is mainly to ensure that the dinosaurs of our society aren’t left behind. I’m against excessive use of paper but elevating consciousness is top priority because at the end of the day technology will allow us to create entire forests overnight so it’s not really that big of a deal to print a bunch of books and papers

YouTube channel, podcast, radio show etc etc to get your voice out there and heard. When you share your voice you inspire others to do the same. Do it on as many platforms as you can because you never know who you’re going to attract on what platform.

Use your taste to extend your influence &/or make a business Once people respect your taste/opinion in any given area it’s time to capitalize and leverage that influence to its Max potential.


Clear your mind occasionally which helps Grant you the ability to control the thoughts flowing through your mind

Create exclusive content that you charge a monthly fee and also serves as an added incentive for your custom network marketing business

Make it look Ez

I purposely appear lazy (at times), slow moving & dim witted to certain people because once they find out about what’s going on the burning question will be what if he tried harder? People will be mesmerized by your Godlike abilities & what you are truly capable of leading them to hunger for more as well as want the same mystifying power for themselves.

Share all ideas and resources

Create titles and honourable roles for people around you to fill

The Book of Names (ill explain later hehe) influenced this new edition. A legacy usually is something people are concerned about intensely so if you can add to their legacy by making them more memorable throughout history for eternity, well there’s a lot of power and influence to be had in doing so to say the least.

Promote and share positive news as well as especially from those closest to you.

Assist people close to you or people you know and like with selling their merchandise and promoting their services

Consolidate your forces

While maintaining formlessness. I was Gona save this for my principle that will house my favorite laws of power from the 48 laws by Robert Greene but it really deserves its own.

Acquire exclusive items to share among your high council or any particular Sub group you create. This fosters unity among your team and models the way for the rest of the population to not be so selfish. Perfect practice of non attachment and minimalism while at the same time providing you with the opportunity to enjoy the finer things in life.

Create/adopt exalted titles for yourself

The trick to this is to put in the work to make yourself dope and more and more people will start believing those titles. The other cool part is they will manifest into reality, provided you put in the work.

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com








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