Ive made A LOT of enemies (weak minded evil male pieces of maggot SHIT) recently, so I’ve humbled myself Even More to Welcome & Talk with ALL POSITIVE GOOD PEOPLE interested in POSITIVE WORLD CHANGE.

I feel I had to write this article to partly serve as an apology as well as an explanation for all the potentially good people Ive ignored over the past years as I went in and out of the mode of “I only talk to people who pledge allegiance to world peace feeding starving children ending the abuse & exploitation of women & children & ultimately Prosperity for The Universe.” If you had good intentions, I’m sorry but I’m living & learning as i go so you can’t be too mad at me if I ignored you because after all, my Goal is World Peace/Prosperity for The Universe & im simply experimenting with different techniques to get through to y’all, which has been frustrating to say the least.


You must understand that most people that have approached me throughout my life in the streets while I’ve been on this MISSION have been on some dumb/disrespectful shit so im at a point where I’d just really not be bothered talking with most people who aren’t worth wasting breathe on which is mainly how I came up with the pledge idea to weed out the monkeys from The Gods who I want to surround myself with.

Recently I decided I’m going to talk to a lot more people that approach me seeing as I’ve made so many enemies Calling OUT these evil pieces of maggot shit in Da Town(Oakland CA) exploiting and terrorizing the weak and poor. With that being said though, keep in mind that the SECOND I feel negative judgment or disrespect I will ignore you and you’ll have to pledge to earn the right to hear a response from me.

The mindset behind this is I HAVE TO UNITE THE GOOD PEOPLE in OAKLAND/AROUND THE WORLD EXTREMELY FAST so we can JOIN FORCES & have THE NUMBERS to CRUSH evil for once & for all so they NEVER terrorize us again or influence the minds of our youth to follow in their RETARDED evil misguided footsteps.

20170727_103056 (1).png

I admit I have a HUGE ego, if that’s not already clear to see from the rear of my car so I always have to humble myself and rethink certain methods that I’ve put into practice prematurely. In time, I really will only talk to people that pledge but who knows how long it will take to get to that point. The same way I had to humble myself and choose to have Tut on board with this mentor program because im feeling pressure (mainly from myself) to REALLY START MAKING LEAPS & BOUNDS with Elevating The Youth because it’s time TO END this evil shit in our world & END IT SOON!!!


Originally I was going to go out to schools by myself but being alone would make my job that much more difficult because there’s a lot of ignorant foolish people in Oakland who consider me crazy and their kids have adopted that same JACKASS perspective. Tut is an AWESOME Soul with good connections due to all the positive work he does in the community. Hes also just really easy to talk to, has experience approaching people & honestly hes the best friend in my life right now. By people seeing two people, were only 1 short of 3 which is a small crowd. (The cool part is with Keneda who joined us today and will come around as long as work isn’t in the way we actually have that small crowd but anyways).


See, people are band wagoners, they only like to join things when they see that others have already joined because people don’t like to feel left out. So getting people on board ASAP with little-no requirements is TOP PRIORITY because once we have a solid core group OUR MOVEMENT WILL BLOW UP EXPONENTIALLY & The World will be changed for the better OVERNIGHT so to speak.

My thinking was who knows when im gona find someone who wants to pledge, there’s a good solid brother right here, THE ONLY INTELLIGENT BROTHA that approached me with my 8 foot sign who is on a Positive Conscious Hype. I need to use the resources I have & not let my ego turn away people and opportunities who can benefit the cause which is Elevating Us All. That’s the huge lesson of this article, NOT letting ego screw you over & rejecting tools within your grasp to continue building the Masterpiece you Envision.

That’s exactly what people have done and do to me many times since waking up & realizing Who I Am & my Purpose on This Planet. They reject me because of who I “think” I am but the fact of the matter is my strategy is too good to be ignored and now that my strategy is no longer just theory in writing but we’re really putting it into practice, people will realize its Brilliance & have no choice but to join or assist in some way because it’s an all encompassing plan for all 7 billion people on this planet which triumphs over any small minded plan that most people on this Planet have thought of. Fact of the Matter is I’m The Sun God Amun RA & there’s absolutely NOTHING that will prevent me from LIBERATING the poor & oppressed from evil & tyranny.



Figured it would be a good idea to add the most recent post on ig in this post which will clue many of you in to the event plans that will be replicated around the world to Enlighten & Uplift youth & adults alike EVERYWHERE.

Huge s/o 2 @_gudvybz 4bein Da FIRST fellow elder as well as Nubian Queen2join us durin dis grassroots stage as we introduce ourselves2The Youth in Oakland by showin up2their school campuses. Every Day were makin History but her presence made it Extra Special cuz we r kindred spirits in many ways&discussed future plans&growth together which really is the name of the game. Im so Excited that shes down2Join Forces wit Tut @lordtut_kdx & I wit our weekly/bi-weekly events where mentors&mentees will hav a comfortable place2meet/greet&get Free Food which will b open2EVERY1 in The Hood, see performances by Tut & I & other special guests as well as the youth who will be encouraged2perform their stuff. Ppl will b vending items &we will of course hav a variety of our own merchandise 4sale. The POWER driving the funding will b from the variety of 4profit businesses that we will pour back into our non profit programs&wen people realize wat were doin&How Committed we r, donations will b POURING IN but I’ve designed it so that theoretically we could run this with no donations but I figure I give people the opportunity2help & get recognition in The Book of Names (book of those who helped us Bring #WorldPeace) who dnt like2donate time&wud rather jus send us money4the various ventures we hav goin2UPLIFT which will b organized in2an elaborate system of gofundme pages. The end of our events will transform in2a public Forum where people can Voice ideas2UPLIFT da community&find like minded individuals interested in joinin them. All dis will rly gel togetha once I get my programming skills up&will hav da capacity2quite literally Organize7billion+ people in2a diverse set of apps by inspiring those people2hav their own organizations wit da underlying theme bein mentorship&da Free Exchange of Knowledge&Ideas which is da key2da Elevation of Our Species
#Jesus #Messiah
#oakland #bayarea #brooklyn #nyc #conscious #eastoakland #sungod  #financialFreedom #worldPeace #sf #GlobalResourceBasedEconomy #VenusProject #sanFrancisco #blackLiberation #LeaderOfTheWorld #YoungRa #FutureBillionaire #greatestRApperofalltimeTHIS IS FUKIN #GODMODE #goldenage #NewWorldOrder #ConsciousWARRIOR #AmunRa #God

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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