Who Wanna Be King?



This was a recent ig post which really sums up why me and Tut are The God Kings on EARTH because there is none on the planet doing what were doing as BIG as what were doing even tho it may seem small to unobservant minds because its our 2nd week because we’re still in the grassroots phase.


GREATNESS is our ONLY Outcome! Quitting is NOT an option! The plan is too simple yet BRILLIANT & ALL ENCOMPASSING and ANY evil fools in opposition will be killed in sword combat or will just be too scared to even try to fight us.

Pardon the short hand but I literally copy and pasted right from ig.

New signs on deck4our youth outreach while were still in da phase of introducing ourselves2da youth in da high schools in Oakland. U WILL C PROGRESS EACH WEEK in sum way or anotha!


Seein as theres sum kids who may b readn dis wonderin bout makin $$ wit us, we hav products&were goin2create EVEN MOR dat will b desired by adults&youth alike AROUND THE WORLD who r fans of wat were doin. Thats1EZ sales job dat we create4u by makin u kids in high school THE ONLY PEOPLE dat adults can buy our products from. Theres sum internet marketn stuff well teach u as well&gettn ya own website/app, introducin u2 investing in cryptocurrencies&otha investments, gettn ya feet wet in real estate&event plannin but most importantly witout reelin off a bunch of da otha opportunities we hav within our reach, teachin u kids how2BUILD &GROW ya own Organizations so by da time u graduate highschool youre financially independent&will NOT EVA hav2work a traditional job provided u put da Time&Effort Required2SUCCEED in our program&assist in mentoring your peers &kids in middle school&below which WILL POWER your organizations&Ensure those kids grow up wit da right SUCCESS PRINCIPLES 2SUCCEED as well. TRUE WIN WIN Situation.

I call myself KING &am WAITN 4sum1 2CHALLENGE ME but its not sum ego thing contrary2what many of u think but 2ALL of the evil ppl ive ben offending IM WAITIN&u best come SOON cuz my Swords will b arrivin SOON!!! I call myself KING cuz I hav da Best Interests at Heart OF ALL OF U, even da evil SCUM dat will b EXTERMINATED&ReBorn wit Workn Brains&StrongASouls. Kings provide4their ppl, Kings FIGHT4their people, WARRIOR KINGS I shud say. KINGS LOVE THEIR PEOPLE. But bein King means EVERYBODY wants ya spot due2da perks SO WHO WANA B KING!?!?

Ive created a way2RAPIDLY transform not jus da city of Oakland but THE WORLD&it lies in targeting the Youth&Ensuring they hav The Success Principles2SUCCEED in todays RAPIDLY changin & Progressing Environment.
#Jesus #Messiah
#oakland #bayarea #brooklyn #nyc #conscious #sungod #financialFreedom #worldPeace #sf #VenusProject #blackLiberation #ConsciousWARRIOR #AmunRa #God #FutureBillionaire
#GODMODE #goldenage #NewWorldOrder


If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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