I blocked my Instagram accounts. To follow/View the Content of Amun Ra The Sun God You Have to create a digital of “i Pledge allegiance to world peace feeding starving children ending the abuse & exploitation of women & children & ultimately Prosperity for The Universe.”


So I just blocked(made private) my accounts all 9 of em @AmunRaTheSupremeBeing @AmunRaTheMessiah @AmunRaTheKingOfTheGods @AmunRaTheSunGod @GrandioseTheGod @DrGStarlight @FMSTheGods @KingRaTheSunGod @UAPROMOTIONS & I’m not sure when/If I’m going to unblock them because I’d rather you all read the content on my blogs first and listen to my music on sound cloud and watch my videos on YouTube which you’ll be able to find once you start browsing the blogs but for people who want to read the juicy cream of the crop stuff I have on instagram you’re going to have to pledge and then I’ll accept your follow request. I try to be nice offering a way for me to follow y’all & y’all ignore the shit!!! Theme of my life I swear to you, trying to be nice and being taken for granted as if y’all are entitled to anything i do 4 y’all. The people in slavery are the ONLY ones who should feel entitlement from me because THOSE are the ones I TRULY OWE because that shit hurts my Soul knowing that they’re weak and can’t really do shit about their predicament or barbarian gorillas will beat them into submission. The exact reason why I’ll be punching & CLUBBING them UPSIDE THE FUKIN HEAD!!! GRRR
So I posted this on ig at first and it dawned on me the people who need to read this won’t be able to. See. The cool part is the most recent videos of me talking are on ig seeing as the last video I posted on YouTube was in like 2013 or so. I have to explain the purpose and effect of this. 1. I dont like how ppl just unfollow & follow me as they please as if it’s not a fukin honor and a privilege to claim ANY association with me. 2. There is some really JUICY content that people HUNGER to see and unlike most marketers who charge my ONLY price will be a digital pledge & the moment that pledge goes down the moment you will get blocked indefinitely (possibly forever #shrug


3. It just adds to my aura of mystery because people are hearing about this “crazy” guy who “thinks” he’s AMUN FUKIN RA THE SUN GOD & how he has people believing he’s the 2nd Coming so people are going to be DYING to see how in the world I accomplished this “charlatan” (quotes cuz theyre 2 dumb to realize just how amazing my work is and how charlatans are all talk but my work is A1 and ON TOP OF THAT ill go UPSIDE YA FUKIN HEAD IF YOU DISRESPECT IT OR THE MISSION to my face or even near me for me to hear cause ill just CHARGE YOU but anyways) feat & want to read and watch/listen to what I’ve been posting recently seeing as im Pretty sure I should stop now or at least take a long break.

I might be forgetting relevant stuff for this article but hopefully I can take a break from posting because it takes a lot of time from my studies creating flipagram videos and recording stuff and what not. Love & Blessings for Eternity. I’m not even gona post what the pledge is you’ll have to just read and figure it out or find out through someone following me cause y’all hard headed and probably gona take hela long to start pledging so fuk putting it in this article #swag


Dawned on me I should leave one account open so EVERYONE can see JUST HOW MUCH SHIT I BEEN TALKING. Can’t have people think we hiding. & the open account will be good ol @UAPROMOTIONS hehe

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to elevatingconsciousness7s@gmail.com

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