An Article For The Women that wish to Sleep with me Which will assist me in Enlightening The Youth/The WORLD #GodMode (with recent additions)



This is an older article from 3 weeks ago that I just updated but I figure I repost it because besides the youth women play a key role in the Elevation of Consciousness & this is my strategy to Elevate theirs which will Force men to step their game up because they gona realize they can’t get no pussy being on dat dum shit. So here’s the joke, not only will I WHOOP THEIR FUKIN ASSES but they can’t even get they dick wet being on that barbarian shit. LMFAAAOOOO!!!

So I wrote this article a few days ago. If you want me well this is how you get me. And I have the philosophy behind my thinking behind all of it. Theres actually a lot more I’m going to add to this but this is a solid start seeing as I know yall dont like to read a lot at a time. lol

So I’m writing this article for the girls that are interested in me and to keep things short want to hook up & experience a Young King firsthand.
Seeing as I already have your attention the title being what it is, I’ll start off with a little history. In 2012 I had a Revelation to Save The World & basically became celibate. Prior to that in NY I had a few women I would hook up with but in no way was I some super player knocking down hela girls all the time contrary to how I look & looked back in 2012 & before then.
I broke my celibacy in 2015 & am no longer in contact with her because she took me for granted the worst thing you can do and 1 of the many reasons why I’m realizing that I don’t really think Im supposed to let people be super super close to me due to my low tolerance for dealing with people’s bullshit which seems to.always spring up once people feel comfortable around me.
People take me for granted and start acting however and then i have to cut em off. I’m writing all of this because i dont want this to happen to you.
I have a “bad” (it’s good I’m just joking) habit of seeing the best in people and thinking they will rise (because each and every single one of you can, but anyways) & then discovering the true fuckery people are on.
The thing I don’t like the most about the few girls that I’ve had since ending my celibacy is that I don’t even talk to them anymore. It’s crazy to me we can be that intimate at one point and become distant strangers so I’ve designed a system to ensure I stay in contact with all of the lovers I take on throughout my life.
To be even eligible to lie with me you will have to pledge allegiance to feeding starving children bringing world peace ending the abuse & exploitation of women & children and ultimately prosperity for the universe and all of its inhabitants. That’s just for a one time experience but if you wish to be eligible for repeat pleasures you will have to do the pledge on one knee. There’s a lot more I’m going to add to this in time (soon) because there’s going to be too many girls that are willing to raise their hand &/or bow down & pledge to get sum Sun God D LOL!!!
Now 4 a time i was celibate and it helped focus me and discipline me to starve myself of something I love but I’m at the point where it’s kinda like why the hell are you torturing yourself and at the same time bringing pleasure to beautiful women around the world actually ties in to my goals of world peace because 1. more & more women will do what’s required to be eligible to get it and 2. those women will influence the men around them to raise up their standards because im going to influence women to stop bending over & Bowing down to these fukboy ass suckaz who don’t give a damn about them or their well being.
It also makes me more admired and respected in the eyes of the youth because society puts  men on a pedestal who are skilled at the art of arousing Gorgeous Sexy Women so I basically have to be the best at it.
See one of the major problems in our society is that the fukboy barbarians get all the girls and the ones doing the most to improve the universe aren’t which is just hilarious to me LMFAAAOOOO and perpetuating the cycle of men aspiring to be jackasses because men tend to think with their dick unfortunately.  TIME TO REVERSE DAT STUPID SHIT.
So what’s going to happen is im going to become the most desired man on the planet by women because of my ideas, strategies, talents & last but not least my appearance. Women are going to know that I will never be in 1 on 1 relationship but in flocks will still want to give themselves to me because 1. They’re sexually attracted to my look 2. They will want the prestige and respect from their friends to honestly say they felt the sun god inside them 3. They know they’re assisting in creating an admired role model for these lost young boys & ultimately helping save the world & getting their cho Chas pleased at the same damn time LMAOOO!!!
4. Most girls like a challenge and I’ll be the hardest “man” in the world to seduce & make love 2.

So to wrap up I wrote this because women have been looking at me a lot differently with looks of lust since I changed up my look and it’s time to start giving women what they want while simultaneously having fun and improving the world which really is the name of the game.
I’m on a strict regiment of learning & working so my time is pretty locked up. I don’t really like talking on the phone so please don’t be bothered by my preference to text & I’d prefer those texts be related to the work were doing together. I’m going to make an exception to the phone rule occasionally 4 my star Sun Goddesses that emerge who are heavily immersed in the organization that I both find visually & mentally irresistable. I recently cut off the last woman who I at one point was going to have be my last official gf but she 2 took me 4 granted and is now no more because she simply didn’t realize who she was fukin wit.
Some of y’all will like this, some not but that goes with just about everything so fuk it lol.
At least you girls know what y’all got a do to get sum from The Leader Of The World, Young Ra Da Sun God because I’m kinda sick and tired of being asked if I’m gay.
I’m interested to see which of you ladies will rise to the occasion. I should also add in this post that it will be optional if you want our encounter to be publicized by me posting a pic of us together or something online somewhere/social media. The thinking behind this is that some girls like to add to their name through accomplishments & with promotion so I’ll have a gallery of the women I’ve had that want the world to know they were lucky enough to feel my energy. Others will want it to be secret which will be extremely EZ for me because I learned in high school it’s a lot smarter to not kiss & tell. Bragging just makes you look weak & wack. When you’re Da Man, Everyone Knows You Da Man so going around reinforcing why you Da Man is actually destructive because it detracts from your reputation.

September 21st edit/addition Below

So I broke a few of my rules recently for a gorgeous girl i met through my brotha King Tut (even tho I been let down a lot, fact is I do have to keep trying & give chances to girls still because I can only imagine how intimidating I am) there’s so much to say about the AHA moments I had and what I learned.

The fact is I’m just 2 humble 2 people/girls & they don’t be knowing who’s exactly in front of them. I don’t want worship or ass kissing but i admit I do look forward to at least people realizing who the fuk I am & how lucky they are that I’ve taken time away from my reading/learning time to spend time with em, an experience they’ll probably cherish for the rest of their Earthly existences & so I can get basic respect not earned or deserved by most of these pussy maggot ass men who ain’t fighting or even worse enabling the problems in The World.

So on with my realizations I’d like to share & honestly I probably won’t fit all cuz im tryna keep this fairly brief. 1. Girls expect men to chase em cause they’re beautiful (problem wit dealin wit a nigga like me is being Gorgeous is just a basic prerequisite) or at least being down to kick it (not so much a new discovery but suttin worth adding to this growing article) 2. It’s a much better strategy to occasionally kik it 1 time with girls so I create this reputation for being hela coo & chill in person which I know is hard to grasp from the shit I post online which I’m posting so y’all can APPRECIATE my Humbleness 3. Girls are going to get attached to me from the 1st day and expect us to kick it more cuz the fact of the matter is & once again I don’t get off tooting my own but I’m just tryna convey the reality of the situation, there’s no way you can do “better” than me seeing as I’m The Leader of The Army/World, the 1 ALL kids will look up 2 aspire to be like & just to be a funny lil shit, I’m The Future Billionaire/Greatest RApper Off All Time & well look how I look on any given day LMFAO.

I was on sum you gona have to pledge to even be in my fukin presence and eventually I’ll get there but 4 now I should try to be chill seeing as it’ll probably take a few more years for all of you around The World to realize The Creator of The Universe Manifested & once thats known by women around The World…. well it’ll be pretty fun, I’ll put it to ya that way.

Gona be way more efficient once I design this app/hire someone and girls sign up saying they want to go on a date (as well as what kinda date cuz I do like seeing movies sometimes and having fun doing random stuff with a Stunning Young Goddess by my side) & how far they wanna go but they’ll know if they wanna go all the way they’ll have to pledge. Thought of that because I basically want to streamline and automate the process of me finding & choosing who ima sleep with. & i dont like being denied shit so id rather a woman say what she wanna do by the end of the date/night cause i know ebough about you woman to know that within like 5 seconds yall know if yall wanna have sex with a guy or not. The fact that any of you women think y’all should have me to yourselves is comical and hilarious and just a testament to how oversized y’all egos are just cuz y’all pretty.

Maybe if I heard of some celibate woman who does computer programming, speaks 7+ languages, is a master guru businesswoman, a role model for young girls & pinnacle for boys to lay with, Insane Body & DROP DEAD Gorgeous a spiritual guru makes music, art insane intellectual philosopher scholar historian and all the other shit I do that im forgetting, I’d consider having a main woman by my side but the fact of the matter is a female version of me doesn’t exist, not yet at least, because im going to have to Create the woman I really & truly want but the problem is what’s stopping me from just keep creating more? Like I’ve said in a tweet… im sorry that none of you will have me to yourselves long term because the fact of the matter is I’d get bored of you cuz you’d start giving me bullshit, that’s how you (I don’t wanna sound mean saying women because that’s just how people are when they get 2 comfortable with someone). None of you women have been through what I’ve been through so it would literally be impossible for me to feel like you deserve to have me to yourselves . Just enjoy the moment with the Sun God, I’ll make it fun, make ya laugh, wont brag & be an arrogant jackass, make ya feel sexy, give what ya need 😘, protect you 💪💪& who knows as long as you don’t irritate me & pledge on 1 knee just maybe well we’ll do it again & again & again? Lol

If you are interested in joining our network of lightworkers interested in Elevating the Consciousness of Mankind, email your name, what you do or would like to do to Shine The Light and make sure to include in your message saying “I’m IN” to

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