GREATNESS is a CHOICE that you make EVERYDAY not some leprechaun rainbow shit 4 the lucky. IGNORE old people saying otherwise cause THEY DONT KNOW FUKIN SHIT!!!


This is quite possibly my favorite ig motivational/inspirational post I’ve put up of the hundreds or so I’ve posted on my various accounts over the years so I figured it deserved to be transformed into a blog post. I literally copy and pasted it so disregard the short hand that I needed to fit it on instagram when I posted it lol.

YOU CAN Decide on ANY Day that YOU will be GREAT. DONT buy into the B.S lies your mind/other ppl TRY 2 sell you. Decision+Habits+Discipline=SUCCESS #LOA
Regardless of your circumstances I Truly Believe in the Depths of my SOUL that ANY one of you can RISE UP & Spark a Revolution of Consciousness WHEREVER u reside. Let’s hypothetically say u view yourself as not smart which is something that’s BULLSHIT because any smart person put in time 2 acquire the knowledge they know, it’s not like u pop out ya mommy’s vagina knowing hela shit. U can simply begin a quest 2 LEARN AS MUCH as you can fit in a day & keep on doing that Consistently Everyday. You do dis Repeatedly & U WILL 1. Attract people who assist u on your Quest of Knowledge 2. It becomes easier 2 LEARN because you’re flexing your brain & just like muscles, the more u work them the BIGGER they get 3. (& honestly there’s many outcomes 4 the results of constantly learning/READING stuff but 3 is 1 of my favorite numbers lol) YOU WILL INSPIRE OTHERS 2 DO THE SAME! Now in the event youre on sum fuk learning shit, what’s it gona gonna do 4 me I just wana have fun & bullshit. Well 1. In an exponentially progressing society which is the #informationAge we currently live in, it ensures u won’t become a dinosaur which = poor (BROKE AS FUK), lonely (excluding the company of Neanderthals & Dinosaurs) & women, unless u like stupid dinosaur women LMFAO, wont want 2 associate wit u.
Iono I was thinking of how many of u make the excuse that being GREAT is like 4 the lucky or sum leprechaun rainbow shit&it was pissing me off so I was like hey lemme break my silence & CRUSH dat DOG SHIT ideology in a ig post. GREATNESS is simply a decision u make & u must make it just about EVERYDAY. Is it easy? NO. If it was, less people would aspire 4 mediocrity. But the TRUTH is dat EACH & EVERY single 1 of u was designed 2 have the FREE WILL 2 choose GREATNESS & it’s part of my MISSION on this Planet 2 make sure Y’ALL START MAKING THE RIGHT FUKIN CHOICE 4 YA LIVES!!! With that being said u have da FREE WILL 2 whatever the hell you want so maybe being Great doesn’t interest u BUT do evil & will die a PAINFUL death. #AmunRa #SunGod #GODMODE

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