A funny article 4 the fools debating if I’m gona “Make it Big”. Why I would be remembered 4 ETERNITY if I died 2moro.


I was going to put this in a tweet but I figure I write a little mini article because its pretty HILARIOUS what came to my mind in thinking about the advice I get from a lot of people. 1 of the many reasons I can’t freely talk to people because Im tired of hearing stupid bullshit because people are unaware who it is that they are fukin in the presence of. My humble demeanor is too deceptive but I cant start being super arrogant & cocky because that is Not the way. Im older than yall so I have an unfair advantage and I would just breed more unnecessary envy and jealousy than need be from people who are going to wish they were as Powerful & Influential as I will soon be. But anyways on with the joke. Peoples advice to me is tag along under some known rapper(who probably does shit that would make me want to kill him/feed him to lions) and try & blow up that way or try and get discovered by some record label guy or w/e to get “put on” like…. try and see things from my perspective…. Im talking about personally leading raids to round up evil vile pieces of shit (human traffickers, pimps, rapists etc) , freeing slaves, feeding starving children, strategies to become a fukin Billionaire, putting out sum pretty dope fire music (in my own humble opinion of course) making it known that if I was to drop dead this very instant Id be remembered FOREVER because Ive quite literally laid out the blueprint 4 all Proceeding Generations to bring World peace within a relatively short period of time but theres people in this world who are wondering if Im going to “make it”. Lets x out the whole im God/The Creator of The Universe/The Great Spirit/The Lord/The Supreme Being/The Messiah/Jesus etc etc thing because thats something thats probably difficult for many of you to wrap your small human thinking minds around. The fact of the matter is arguably (somewhat of a joke in me saying that) Im the MOST AMAZING person that has EVER stepped foot on this unevolved Planet and Im only 28 years old (4 in God years) & have YET to even Fully Blossom into the GiNormous (New word?LOL) Tree Im Destined to Become. To give a good analogy Im like a redwood seed that FINALLY broke through the soil recently & is feeling fresh air for the FIRST time but theres monkeys bantering around debating if Im gona “make it” like do you see how HILARIOUS my predicament is? Laugh with me plz LMFAAAOOOO!!! Shits Hilarious I swear. This is a combination of moo & me flexing because in my years of humbling myself in comparison to my pre 2012 days sadly people dont/cant appreciate how humble you are until they see you FLEXING. I used to think flexing was wrong because it makes you look like an ass to a degree but 1 of the most important lessons ive learned about this mission of saving the world is I need to do things I dont necessarily like or want to do to advance my cause & get through to my lost silly children & ultimately bring about the Better World I envision. Love & Blessings for Eternity.


Its time for 4 me to let all of this marinate with yall and stop saying so much. Theres a few articles about details cause at this point Im just writing to ensure future generations have every golden nugget of any idea in my head that would help the mission but part of me is like “ahhhh theyre smart & they got enough” so if I do post it’ll be sparingly but I really need to shuttup on social media and hopefully just in writing this it will become cemented in my mind to SHUT THE FUCK UP because this is a MIND BLOWING ORDEAL for Most people realizing that God is Here, the unrighteous ungodly men oppressing and tormenting the weak will be Slaughtered & A BETTER More Prosperous World will emerge as was written because suffering precedes Enlightenment & without a doubt weve all suffered enough & its time we EMBRACE & ENJOY The Golden Age! I literally just whipped this up on my phone in a few minutes so Ill proofread & edit it sometime later after I hit the gym right now.

To recap on the joke, if I haven’t made it yet WTF is making it??? IF I died right this instant I’d be remembered FOREVER because of all the work & solutions I’ve put out since having The Revelation to Save The World. 2012 Amun Ra Sun God Star Of Stars Elder of The Universe #GodMode

Love Y’all Blessings 4 Eternity

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